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Pocket Casts brings podcasts to your ride with Android Auto

Pocket Casts on Android Auto

The first in our tour of the apps that are available for Android Auto starts with one of our favorite podcast players.

Android Auto

Pocket Casts has been one of our favorite podcatchers for quite some time, employing an excellent mix of form and function. And it's one of the initial apps available with the launch of Android Auto. As we explained in our intro post — Getting Started with Android Auto — this isn't a separate app built just for using in your car. Rather, Android Auto adds a few hooks to leverage the existing code base and rendering it specifically for use on a 7-inch, distraction-free UI in your car. If you don't use Pocket Casts — that is, if it's not already on your phone when you plug it in, then you won't see it on the head unit. That's the way this all works.

So ... How is Pocket Casts for Android Auto? Let's take a quick look.

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3 weeks ago

Weekly poll results: will you be buying a G4?


The G4 is here, in all its leather-clad glory, and while the phone certainly strikes a pose, did it strike fear into the hearts of its competitors?

LG has tried to reposition its flagship and attract some of the users that Samsung lost when it cast aside removable batteries and microSD card slots in the Galaxy S6. And while it will take some time for us to dig into the phone's experience and see how it fares in everyday use — or what passes for everyday use in our editors' lives — that hasn't stopped many of us from forming an opinion on the last major flagship of the spring.

So, has the LG G4 captured hearts and minds this week?

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3 weeks ago

AC Editors' Apps of the Week: Disney Infinity 2.0, Illustration Faces 2, Amazon Local, and more!


Our weekly app picks

Appday Sunday is upon us and as we do every week, we have a handful of great apps to share with everyone. This week we have a good mix of apps for phone and watch alike, from old standard-bearers and new favorites developers.

Give these a look and then take a minute to tell us all about the apps you are using and love so we can give them a try. We all find some of our favorites right in the comments on these posts!

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3 weeks ago

From the Editor's Desk: Excitement from within ...


It's not often that we have a consensus on things around here. That's by design, actually. Dissent and argument are important in this line of work. Nobody's ever always right about something. Nobody's ever always wrong. But it's been fun this past week to see our internal reaction to the new LG G4. As I wrote a week ago, it's foolish to go into the launch of a phone — even one as highly publicized as the G4 — thinking you already know everything. And while we had a pretty good idea of what this phone would be on paper, getting into our hands was the truly important part.

And not to spoil the review — Alex is working on it, but we'll all have a hand in parts of it — but I think it's safe to say we've nearly echoed our level of excitement for the GS6 with this phone.

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3 weeks ago

New IFTTT channel brings great new functionality to the Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo just got a lot more useful thanks to a new channel and support from the IFTTT team.

IFTTT, the popular automation service, has added a new channel that allows you to do even more with your Amazon Echo. Previously the Echo was a bit limited in what it could do, integrating with very few services out of the box. The IFTTT team's latest channel, Amazon Alexa, brings some new functionality that users are sure to love.

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3 weeks ago

A look inside Dolphin Browser


It's the biggest mobile browser that isn't a mobile version of one of the big browsers, and if you take the time to learn how to use it nothing else will do.

Web browsers are so much more than just portals to the Internet nowadays. In many ways they are platforms all on their own, complete with features and add-ons to keep people using that browser as much as possible. While the folks at Mozilla, Opera, and Google are able to wield cooperation with their Desktop counterparts as a big feature, the folks responsible for Dolphin browser have always been mobile focused. As a result, their product is the result of years spent listening to users and implementing tools to optimize that mobile browsing experience.

Lets take a look inside Dolphin Browser and see what makes it special.

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3 weeks ago

First look: Android 5.1.1 on the LG Watch Urbane


The LG Watch Urbane is now starting to hit the wrists of those looking for something that's ever closer to a watch-looking smartwatch. And that means we're also starting to get our first look at the latest version of Android Wear, based on Android 5.1.1. And here we do precisely that.

This is quick look at the new setup process of Android Wear on the Urbane. For the most part it's exactly what you're used to if you've ever paired an Android Wear smartwatch — it's just that things look a good bit nicer. The bigger change thus far is the new menu system, and the addition of a Wifi connection. We'll get into that more in future posts.

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3 weeks ago

Android Central 234: LG's Big Week!


Audio-only stream below

We've got a ton going on this week, starting with anything and everything about the new LG G4, fresh off its unveiling in New York City. We're very much linking this phone, folks, and we'll walk you through why.

Plus, the LG Watch Urbane is shipping with its new version of Android Wear, and we'll answer more of your questions live, on air.

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3 weeks ago

The 10 best Android browsers


Android has a ton of ways to browse the web, but it's up to you to choose which works best for your needs.

Web browsers are the one app you just sort of always expect to be there, which is often a good thing and a bad thing. Everyone knows accessing the web is a critical part of almost every device today, but a surprising number of users rarely use something other than the browser that was included with their phone.

While we're usually big fans of only fixing things that are broken, there are some truly impressive browser options out there for Android users to enjoy. So many, in fact, we decided to gather up ten of the best to help you decide whether or not what you're using right now is really the best option for you.

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3 weeks ago

Saturday Night Live launches an official Android app to let you stream your favorite sketches


As it prepares to wrap up its 40th season, Saturday Night Live has launched an official app on Android.

Within the app, you'll be able to stream an extensive backlog of clips, never-aired videos, and share your favorites to Facebook (if that's your thing).

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3 weeks ago

We're looking for 30 awesome readers to join us at the ASUS ZenFone 2 launch!

LG ZenFone 2

It's nearly, time, folks. ASUS is set to launch the ZenFone 2 in this part of the world on May 18, and it's doing so with an event in New York City. And we've got a seat with your name on it. Or, rather, we've got 30 seats with 30 names on them.

Now we just have to pick 30 of you fine folks to join us. Interested in hanging out for an evening in the greatest city in the world?

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3 weeks ago

Naztech 10400mAh Universal Power Bank review


With the ever growing number of devices that people are carrying around with them, there is more need than ever for ways to keep said devices charged.

Some people, like myself, carry around at least one usb power brick with them so that they can charge their devices throughout the day. This effort is useless if you are somewhere without outlets or if you want to charge on the go. Thankfully with the use of the Naztech 10400mAh Universal Power Bank you can charge up to 5 separate devices at once and still have enough juice to recharge your devices again later.

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3 weeks ago

Huawei P8 video walkthrough

Huawei P8

The P8 is the Chinese manufacturer's flagship phone for 2015, with an impressive steel unibody, a 5.2-inch 1080p screen and a custom-made 64-bit processor. It's the company's best phone yet, but as we discovered in our review, there's still some work to do on the software. For a quick overview of everything the P8's got going on, you'll want to head on over to our video walkthrough of the device, right after the break.

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3 weeks ago

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge production showcased in new video


Samsung's latest video showcases the craftsmanship that goes in to each Galaxy S6 edge.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge was a bold design choice from Samsung, and their latest video shows off how they made the design possible. From the 800-degree Celsius heat used to bend the glass for the screen, to the aerospace grade aluminum, and the nano-meter precision, Samsung is very proud of the overall design.

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3 weeks ago

What is Samsung Quick connect on the Galaxy S6, and what can it do?


Quick connect is one of those features that Samsung really wants you to use, but nobody does.

Whether you're familiar with Quick connect only because your carrier has decided to plant it permanently in your notification shade or because you've gone looking for it, we won't blame you if you don't know what it actually does. This semi-ambiguous utility has been present on the past few generations of Samsung devices, and it's an all-in-one app to display content from your phone to devices that support protocols like WIfi Direct and Miracast.

And while you may not have given it a second glance before, Quick connect is one built-in utility you might actually want to use — let us explain how it works.

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