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Adding numbers to speed dial

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Mixed bag for T-Mobile's Q2 numbers



T-Mobile released its second-quarter earnings report today. Check out these numbers:

  • Revenue is up to $4.7 billion this quarter, and increase from $4.63 billion in Q1, but a decrease from Q2 2009's $4.77 billion
  • 6.5 million users have 3G phones, up 25% from Q1 2010
  • T-Mobile's HSPA+ service covers 85 million Americans with 4G-like speeds
  • There was a decline of 93,000 in the number of total subscribers, compared to a gain of 325,000 in Q2 2009
  • Total customer numbers now stand at 33.6 million
  • About 200,000 prepaid customers were lost in Q2, while just over 100,000 contract customers were added

So, a mix of good and bad for America's No. 4 wireless provider. As contract customers have (on average) higher monthly bills, the net loss of those prepaid customers isn't quite so bad. Also, these numbers don't reflect the launch of the Samsung Vibrant, which by all indications has sold quite well for T-Mobile. Plus, TMO is supposed to be announcing their first fully HSPA+ compliant device soon and a rumored dual-core Snapdragon phone might be coming, both of which should give them something to brag about. Full presser after the break.

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Pantech is the latest manufacturer to switch from AMOLED to LCD


The limited quantity of AMOLED screen technology is no secret and it is causing manufacturers to change their production strategy; HTC recently announced its addition of  S LCD to its AMOLED phones.

Now Pantech, Korea's third largest manufacturer, has done the same. An executive from Pantech said that Samsung Mobile Display, which is  the only supplier of AMOLED screens, is having trouble keeping up with demand from Samsung's products, which are first in line for the technology.

Samsung's recent Galaxy S is being prioritized as they want to sell more than 10 million of them. Pantech said that they would consider AMOLED again in the future, but not until supply issues are resolved. [OLED Display]

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Nexus One now officially a dev phone


We're still trying to get over the death of the Nexus One as a consumer phone, but at least Google planned on continuing to make it available to developers. And now it's official, available to devs for $529. You'll need to be a registered developer to get one (actually, you can buy up to 10), but at least the N1 will continue to live on. [Google Dev Blog]

Update: Yeah, you'll be buying the one with T-Mobile 3G.

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Rogers announces the Captivate as 'coming soon'; Flipout available now


Rogers has announced the you'll soon be able to get your mitts on the Samsung Captivate (see our hands on HERE), and if you're into tiny flippy things the Motorola Flipout is available for purchase now.  Rogers' RedBoard blog says that the Captivate will be available in the coming weeks (no specific date just yet) and they seem to be excited about having a top-of-the-line Android phone available north of the border.  So are we!

The Flipout, on the other hand, is available now from Rogers for $29.99 (CDN) on contract, or just $345.00 (CDN) if bought outright.  The Flipout is one of those oddballs that we would love to play with for a while -- the design could be the greatest thing since sliced bread, or a total wash.  We have to reserve judgment until we get to fondle one for a bit.  Anyone out there excited for either of these?  Holler out in the comments and in the forums! [Rogers via Twitter and RedBoard]

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Popular wallpaper apps deemed safe, Google says


The developer of a series of Android wallpaper apps whose work was called into question last week over security concerns has been cleared by Google and is back in the Android Market.

We're only a week removed from the Android security saga that began at the Black Hat conference, and it looks like we have resolution that should put some of your fears at ease. It all started when Kevin MaHaffey, CTO of security firm Lookout, singled out Android wallpaper app developer "jackeey,wallpaper" and called it "a questionable Android mobile wallpaper app that collects your personal data and sends it to a mysterious site in China, (and) has been downloaded millions of times." VentureBeat was there and ran with the story, under the scary headline "Android wallpaper app that takes your data was downloaded by millions."

Later that day, Lookout amended its initial concerns, saying "there is no evidence of malicious behavior," though the data the apps were collected remained "suspicious." VentureBeat updated its story, which by this time was spreading like wildfire.

We contacted the developer, who explained that the data was collected "so I use the these to identify the device, so they can favorite the wallpapers more conveniently, and resume his favorites after system resetting or changing the phone." In other words, to remember user preferences. We published the developer's response in its entirety last Thursday.

That brings us to today. Google stepped in and took a look at things. And it found that indeed the apps weren't malicious or a threat to security, telling Computer World's JR Raphael "The developer's applications have been reviewed and the suspension has been lifted." The Android team did, however, point out to the developer that the method in which it was storing user preferences was unnecessary.

So in the end, this was a case of bad coding, not malicious intent. What can be done about this in the future? It'd be great if there were some sort of system to inspect apps before they hit the Market. Maybe not with walls as high as the app store, but something to check basic security and functionality up front. We're all about the Android Market being open to all. But with Android and the Android Market growing as quickly as they are, caveat emptor may not be the best policy any more. [Venture Beat, Computer World]

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Samsung Gem shows its face with Verizon branding


The Samsung Gem is yet another Android device that may be making its way into the Android world by the way of Verizon Wireless. Very little, if anything has been shown about this device so far, and all we really know is that it has Touchwiz.on an unknown Android version. And as for when we may see the Gem? Intomobile says it's expected at the beginning of September, followed by the Fascinate (see our hands-on) later in the month. [via IntoMobile]

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 reviewed [the competition]


We know more a few of you wised up and came over from BlackBerry, and, truth be told, we're looking at the BlackBerry Torch (aka the Torch 9800) with a wee bit of envy. After all, who wouldn't want to try Android on a vertical slider? Anyhoo, our pals at CrackBerry have done a bang-up job with their Torch 9800 review, and even put it up alongside the Samsung Captivate, AT&T's top-shelf Android device. So head on over and check it out, and tell 'em Android Central sent ya.

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Google CEO says 200,000 Android devices activated every day


When last we heard from Eric Schmidt back in late June, the Google CEO was dropping the bombshell that some 160,000 Android devices were being activated every day. Fast forward to, well, now, and that number has hit an even 200,000, Schmidt told reporters Wednesday at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, Nev. And that's doubled since the 100,000-device figure Google gave us at its IO developer conference in May.

And for those of you worrying about if Android actually costs Google money, Schmidt say mobile search ad revenue "easily pays for all Android development." So it's got that going for it, which is nice. [@gaberivera via Unwired View]

Update: Video from TechCrunch after the break.

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More (yes, more) about the Droid 2


We know, the Motorola Droid 2 specs have been leaked in nearly every way, shape or form at this point, but it just doesn't seem to end. A flyer from Verizon has been leaked, confirming most of what we had already known, but either way confirmed information is always welcome. From the flyer we can see that the Droid 2 will ship with Android 2.2 out of the box, so no waiting on the Froyo OTA like the Droid has to. The device will have 8GB of on-board memory along with an 8GB microSD card, will feature the Droid X-like skin, unified inbox, Swype and many more great features we have come to love. One very interesting stat that they claim is 40 percent boost in webpage loading times, but there is no data showing what the competitor in this was. All this information is great and all, Verizon, but can we just have the device now? [via Engadget]

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