5 years ago

AppBrain introduces new sorting features, and there was much rejoicing


 New AppBrain front page

Anyone who browses the Android Market from their phone knows one universal truth: it's a mess. Outside of search, there really is no easy way to find great apps that might be floating just under the surface. No longer content with simply making installing apps to your phone directly from your browser insanely easy, AppBrain is looking to change all that nonsense by adding some major new features to their site.

The new sorting bar at the top allows quick access to popular and top rated apps. Clicking on any of these links will then allow you to further sort the list by category (games, social, etc) as well as free or paid apps. You can even sort the list to only turn up newly released apps to make sure you stay on top of the latest great apps. There are tons of more options, so click past the link and check it out. While you are there, check out my apps here. [AppBrain]

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5 years ago

Android Market hiccups, back up for you yet?


 Android Market Error

Looks like a good many of us had problems with the Android Market overnight, either seeing limited connectivity or just flat-out not being able to do anything. Lots of variables get thrown into the mix here -- carriers, phones, ROMs -- so share your experience in the comments, and let us know if things are back up for you this morning.

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5 years ago

Motorola Droid 2 review


A worthy successor to the phone that launched 1,000 Androids

Motorola Droid 2

Without question, the the Motorola Droid -- and Verizon's marketing blitz behind it -- is what really put the Android smartphone on the map. It's safe to say millions have been sold, and you've been hard pressed to watch an hour of television without hearing the unmistakeable call of "DROOIIIID" announcing the arrival of yet another commercial.

And now we have the Droid 2. Launched with little fanfare compared to its older brother and its cousins in the Droid line -- the HTC Droid Eris, HTC Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid X -- the Droid 2 keeps with the look and feel of the original while adding some needed improvements.

So join us after the break as we take a closer look at the Droid 2 its place in Verizon's Droid line.

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5 years ago

From the forums: The 'us' edition

Android Forums from Android Central

You guys and gals have been kicking so much arse in our forums lately, we decided it was time to clean up our act a bit to keep up. And so, we did. Now, when you visit forum.androidcentral.com, you'll find it's easier than ever to find what you're looking for, be it the latest discussions regarding your phone, apps, hacks, rumors, you name it.

If you're not registered (you can do so here), you're missing out. It's that simple. We'll see you in the forums!

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5 years ago

Kyocera Zio now available on Cricket


The Sanyno Zio from Kyocera is the first Android phone available to Cricket Wireless customers. The Zio features a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen, 3G web browsing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a 3.2-megapixel camera/camcorder, MP3 capabilities with a MicroSD slot, and 512MB internal memory. The Zio will launch with Android 1.6 with 2.1 not too far down the road. The phone retails for $249.99 and gets its own $55 Android service plan which includes nationwide talk, text, email, web, mms, Android Market access and international capabilities that come with a fee. You can see the Zio in our hands-on from CTIA here.

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5 years ago

X-10 Mini, Mini Pro now in color -- outside looks better than inside


X10 mini, mini pro in color

Sony Ericsson has announced earlier this month that the X10 Mini, and the X10 Mini Pro will soon be available in new colors.  The Mini, (right) will be available with a gold shell, while the Mini Pro (left) will feature a pink sliding case.  I'll tell anyone within earshot that I'm not 100 percent sure I like the trend to giant phones, and these sure do look nice.  Too bad they only updated the case colors -- both the Mini and Mini Pro still run Android 1.6.

For what it's worth, the new colors should be available next month, and an update to Android 2.1 sometime before hell freezes over in Q4 of this year.  SE -- we love your phones.  They feel great, and have excellent call quality.  Please realize that we Android fans need the OS updates more than we need food, and make phones that look this hot run a current version of the software! [SEMC blog]

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5 years ago

Holding the On/Off button


This is specific to Sense UI phones!Note: The picture shows some options specific to HTC's Sense UI

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5 years ago

Hands-on with Android 2.2 on the Droid X


Droid X with Android 2.2 Froyo

You know we couldn't help ourselves. When a leaked build of Android 2.2 for the Motorola Droid X was outed by My Droid World, we had to take it for a spin. You're not going to find too many UI changes over what you're used to on the X. (The lock screen's been changed, for what that's worth.) But there are a number of under-the-hood improvements (many of which we've covered in our Froyo Features series), and Adobe Flash 10.1 is on the ROM, which a lot of you have a hankering for. Let's take a look, after the break.

(Anybody else install this build? On the fence? We've got a forum thread full of what we're finding.)

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5 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 26


Audio-only stream below

Phil and Jerry go it alone with the Epic 4G on Sprint, the Adobe Flash Summit, more Froyo and a bunch of your questions and e-mails. Listen in!

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5 years ago

T-Mobile's G2 spotted in the wild


G2 in the wild

The HTC G2, which was officially announced by T-Mobile a few days ago, has been spotted in the wild. The follow-up to the G1 will be very similar to the soon-to-be released HTC Desire Z (aka the Vision), which was advertised on a mobile site yesterday. 

The phone is likely going to be a 3.7-inch QWERTY device with a 1GHz processor. No word yet on which version of Android it will come with. 

Also, T-Mobile has been hammering the fact that it will be the first HSPA+ phone, which is an exciting and enticing feature. Be sure to let us know if you see any more floating around out there. [Engadget]

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5 years ago

Leaked Froyo for the Droid X emerges


Droid X Froyo

Remember that leaked build of Android 2.2 for the Droid X that was teased yesterdayP3droid at My Droid World has set it free in the wild, for those of you who want to give it a go. Unless you've got a really bad jones for the JIT, you might just wanna stay patient and wait out the official over-the-air update. And you're going to have to be back at stock to get things to work, so be sure to follow the instructions, m'kay? [My Droid World]

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5 years ago

HTC Desire on Vodafone to receive Froyo update on Monday


 HTC Desire

The HTC Desire started receiving its OTA Froyo update at the beginning of August, but users on Vodafone have been growing impatient. Word has come from the mobile carrier that the update will start to roll out on Monday, August 23.

The wait was longer, according to the Vodafone rep, because:

Our priority has been to make sure that the software does what we said it will do. This meant testing took a little longer than anticipated.

The rep also said that the update will be a gradual roll-out over two weeks, so if you don't get yours on Monday, look for it in the coming days. The more phones updating to Froyo the better, so this is great news; even if it did take a little longer. [Vodafone forums] Thanks, D.

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5 years ago

Nexus One too popular even with devs, is now on backorder


The Nexus One has been through a lot -- it's been strapped to a rocket, had mutiple cameos in HBO's hit show "Entourage," it died and came back to life again as Google's main dev phone. But this saga doesn't end there; Google's Android Developer blog put out word that the Nexus One has now been put on backorder by HTC. According to Tim Bray, the inital batch of unlocked phones flew off the digital shelf. But hey -- I guess when you're this popular, everyone wants a piece of the pie (or frozen yogurt). [Android Developers Blog]

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5 years ago

Another beta version of Tweetdeck for Android released



Tweetdeck released its open beta last week and has been very well received. They released a new version Thursday with increased functionality and blogged about how well the client has done since its release. 

According to the blog, the Tweetdeck team was swarmed with 20,000 requests for its first release. These are not idle users who download an app just to say they have it, it's being used -- a lot, saying:

"Even though we haven't officially released the app yet, TweetDeck Android is generating more tweets and status updates than our 3 month old iPad app."

Now that's impressive. This release brings changes to the app that includes:

  • A new column setting page (users may now set individual columns with notifications, sound and vibrate, and LED flashing)
  • A "share" intent now has been added, so whenever you click share in Android, Tweetdeck will be one of the options
  • Support for bit.ly

They also said that they are working to integrate even deeper with the Android OS. Expect many more functions as Tweetdeck matures.

A teaser for future functions:

  • A widget
  • 1.6 support (Donut)
  • Video uploads
  • Better support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Native service columns (for Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare)

You can download the new version here. Enjoy! [Tweetdeck Blog]

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5 years ago

Dell Thunder Android protoype gets a thorough hands on


Dell Thunder

While we drool over all the new phones we hear about, the Thunder prototype units the Engadget got their hands on are certainly near the top of the want list, and they're sharing a really nice preview of what's to come.  Ever since we first heard about the Thunder back in April, the curved glass screen and sleek styling have stood out and even though these are just prototype units, they sure look good.

We do know it has a Snapdragon clocked at 1 Ghz, 802.11n, 8 MP camera (with flash), and a 1400 mAh battery, but things like the final screen resolution and version of Android are still up in the air.

Be sure to check out the video and image gallery. [engadget]

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