2 weeks ago

NVIDIA takes Samsung and Qualcomm to court over patent infringements


NVIDIA has announced that the company is taking both Samsung and Qualcomm to court for infringing on 7 patents covering computer graphics. The popular GPU manufacturer is asking the International Trade Commission and US district court in Delaware to enforce product bans to the US and request compensation. This move is a serious push in NVIDIA licensing its patents and technology.

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2 weeks ago

Motorola confirms UK availability and pricing for Moto X, Moto G and more


Motorola announced various new products at IFA 2014 this morning, including the flagship smartphone Moto X, affordable Moto G, Moto 360 and some other Motorola devices.

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2 weeks ago

Moto 360 hands-on redux

Moto 360

A few more thoughts on the sexiest Android Wear smartwatch

It's been a couple months since we first got our paws on the Moto 360, and it was pretty much universally declared the best of the bunch. The square LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live simply looked plain next to this round wonder. Since then we've seen new arrivals from ASUS, Sony and another from LG. And we also now have in our possession a fully functioning Moto 360, unshackled from the demo mode we've all grown tired of seeing.

On one hand, we pretty much knew what to expect. The Android Wear software hasn't changed a bit since Google I/O in late June. But at the same time, this is new territory. Round territory.

And we've got a few more thoughts on the Moto 360.

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2 weeks ago

Our first pictures from the new Moto X


Motorola has just unveiled the new Moto X, and one of the first things people are going to want to know is if the camera has improved over the original. With an increased resolution of 13MP, an interesting dual-LED ring flash and some small new software features, things are sounding good — but how do they look?

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2 weeks ago

Motorola's late summer product launch: Moto X, G and 360

Moto X, G and 360

Motorola's late summer product refresh in upon us. With a flurry of announcements today the company has refreshed its Moto X and Moto G, while at the same time announcing availability of the much-anticipated Moto 360 and a new accessory in the Moto Hint.

  • The long-awaited new Moto X is finally here. It bumps the screen up to 5.2-inches, adds an aluminum frame and gives you the option of having a real leather back. What's not to love? Well, waiting until later this month may be the only problem.

  • Speaking of getting a new device, Motorola has announced a phone trade-in program that could get you $300 off your new Moto X purchase. Time to start saving.

  • Just as important internationally, the new Moto G is also here. It's hitting the same $179 unlocked price as last year, but with solid upgrades in a few different areas. It's even available starting today.

  • Our long nerd nightmare is finally over — the Moto 360 goes on sale starting today. And at just $249 with a choice of three leather bands, we think more than a few folks will be grabbing a credit card today at noon ET.

Motorola's been busy, to say the least. And this is just the beginning of its latest products. Be sure to check back with us as we go through all of the finer details of the Moto X, Moto G and Moto 360.

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2 weeks ago

The new Moto X — hands-on!

The new Moto X

One of our favorite phones gets bigger, stronger, and hopefully has fixed the camera

Motorola Mobility doesn't look doesn't look like a company that's been bought and sold twice in the past couple years. It doesn't look like a company that's still waiting to find out if Lenovo is its new master, or if Google (which all but admits it was about the patents) will continue to control it. No, as Motorola hosted scores of journalists at its new downtown Chicago headquarters, it looked very much like the Motorola we became reacquainted with in 2013 — the maker of one of our favorite Android phones (and its extremely popular siblings).

And now, it's bringing us the new Moto X.

Yes, that's the name. No Moto X+1. No Moto X2. Just Moto X. And that very much feels right. Motorola has taken what we loved about the original Moto X and improved it. It's taken our biggest criticism to heart, it says — that'd be the overhyped camera — and worked on it. And it's done all this in a package that mostly appears to stay true to the spirit of the original, and the direction Motorola has taken in its rebirth.

So let's dive in and take a look at the brand-new Moto X.

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2 weeks ago

Hands-on with the new Moto G

Moto 360 (2014)

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Motorola released the original Moto G back in November 2013 as a mid-range counterpart to the Moto X in an effort to round out its device portfolio. It was clear that the Moto G provided an excellent value at just $179 unlocked — a real go-to phone for any value-minded smartphone buyer around the world, particularly internationally.

Just over three months later, Motorola announced that the Moto G was the best selling smartphone in its history, and not by a small margin. Motorola has consistently expressed that the Moto G is an important part of its refreshed product strategy, and even doubled-down on the value segment with the Moto E.

Coming around on 11 months since its release, it's tough to see why Motorola would want to mess with such a great device. And with this, the new Moto G, Motorola has stuck with its proven recipe and improved it in just a few key areas. Read along and see our first impressions of the latest generation of Moto G.

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2 weeks ago

Trade in your old phone for up to $300 off a new Moto X from Moto Maker


Motorola wants you to trade in your old phone for a new Moto X

Motorola has a nifty little trade-in program all set-up for buyers of a new Moto X from the Moto Maker site. When you buy a new custom Moto X, you can send in your old phone and get a Motorola Visa Prepaid Card back in the mail.

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2 weeks ago

Moto X availability

Moto Xs

The wait is almost over. For Moto X fans, it's been rough seeing HTC and LG and Samsung and the rest show us new phone after new phone, while we waited to see what sort of goodies Motorola would bring with the Moto X refresh.

I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

You'll be able to buy your new Moto X in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia sometime later this month. It will set you back $99.99 with a new two-year ball and chain through "select" carriers in the U.S. For those looking to buy off-contract, it will be available unlocked and off-contract in the U.S. for $499.99 at motorola.com.

While we all wanted to see it right now, I think we can wait a couple weeks. Maybe. You know I'm buying one — who is with me?

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2 weeks ago

Moto G availability


The Moto G, Motorola's best selling smartphone of all time (they need a fancy gold belt to go with that) has been updated to something bigger, stronger and faster. You want to know where to buy one. We want to tell you.

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2 weeks ago

Moto 360 availability

Moto 360

We've been looking longingly at the Moto 360 forever (or since we saw it at Google I/O) and the biggest question everyone has is: when?!

Now we have an answer. The Moto 360 will be available in black leather and a limited edition gray leather (with suede finish) in the US today noon EST. You can buy it direct on Google Play or Motorola.com, as well as online at BestBuy.com and select Best Buy stores. The cost is $249.99 US with your choice of three different colors of leather bands.

But wait, there's more! The 360 will be available later in the fall in the two metal options for $299.99 US. If you buy the leather-banded version today, you'll also have an option to buy a metal band for $79.99, or purchase another leather band for $29.99 later in the fall.

Who is buying?

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2 weeks ago

Moto G (2014) specs


We've got an all new Moto G on it's way, and it looks to be a great update to the 2013 model — Motorola's best selling smartphone ever. Bigger screens and the latest version of Android (with a promised update to Android L) make the Moto G a favorite all over the world.

While specs are never the defining part of any smartphone, here they are for your approval:

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2 weeks ago

Moto X (2014) specs


Motorola has finally made the new Moto X official. And that's the official name, in fact, just "Moto X." It's bigger. It's faster. It's got a better camera.

And these are the complete new Moto X specs:

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2 weeks ago

Chrome for Android updated with Material Design


Chrome 37 is now available in the Google Play Store. Today's update is notable for bringing over a new look and feel the Material Design refresh we saw recently in Chrome Beta.

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2 weeks ago

Motorola Mobility has something to reveal at 2 am Eastern time Friday


Motorola Mobility will start revealing some new "stuff" they have in the works at 2 am Eastern time early on Friday morning. That's 1 am Central time, midnight in the Mountain time zone and 11 pm tonight if you are in the Pacific time frame.

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