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5 years ago

More signs the white Samsung Nexus S is soon arriving with AT&T-3G compatibility


By now, the white Samsung Nexus S with AT&T 3G compatibility (that'd be the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands) hitting the U.S. is starting to sound like some other unnamed white device that seemingly took forever to get here. Phil is starting to grow impatient and maybe Samsung has sensed this as they now appear to be putting the final touches on a . We've seen this device time and time again -- be it through online stores, sitting in Bluetooth SIG documents and even on the Samsung website itself previously but it remains not yet available from AT&T or any other direct or in-direct retailer. Anyone still holding out for the white Nexus S besides Phil? Or has its time long past now?

Source: Pocketnow

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5 years ago

Required reading: Skyhook lawsuit sheds light on Google's power over manufacturers


Once upon a time there was a little story about Motorola ditching Google's location services in Android in favor of a company called Skyhook. And just a couple months after that little story came another -- Skyhook suing over unfair business practices after it was shut out and Moto went back to Google's services. And as the lawsuit has continued, a wealth of documents has shed light onto Google's relationships with manufacturers, how it wields control over the platform, and what that all means for you as a consumer.

Nilay Patel of This Is My Next (and formerly of Engadget) does a tremendous job of breaking it down. It's a fascinating look inside some of the decisions that have been made over the past year or so -- and even sheds some light on why Samsung struggled with shoddy GPS for so many months. If you read only one story today, make sure it's this one.

Source: This Is My Next

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5 years ago

LG launches UK smartphone roadshow



LG has announced that it's kicking off a roadshow tour of the UK to show off its current line-up of Android smartphones, including the Optimus 2X and Optimus Black. As well as the opportunity to play with shiny new phones, LG promises free coffee and the chance to win a 42-inch LG LED TV, which is more than enough to lure us along for a quick visit.

Dates are as follows -

  • Manchester Trafford Centre - 12th to 15th May
  • Birmingham Bullring - 12th to 15th May
  • London Westfield - 19th to 22nd May
  • London Bluewater - 26th to 29th May
  • Bristol Cabot Circus - 9th to 12th June

 Source: LG Smartphone Roadshow

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5 years ago

U.S. Cellular releases Froyo update for LG Apex


U.S. Cellular has released Froyo for the LG Apex, that QWERTY slider released last November. The Android 2.2 update brings the goodies we’ve all come to love to the Apex, including enhanced performance, Microsoft Exchange support, and mobile hotspot capabilities. Disappointingly absent is Flash support, which is likely due to hardware limitations on the Apex. Nevertheless, you’ll want to grab the update and finally join the Froyo club. U.S. Cellular isn't offering an OTA update, which means you’ll have to do it manually, and you’ll have to do it on a Windows machine. Hit the source link for the update file, a “what’s new guide,” and a step-by-step through the process.

Source: U.S. Cellular

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5 years ago

HTC Thunderbolt software update now rolling out


HTC Thunderbolt owners, listen up! If you've not already received your OTA update then we have good news for you -- it's now rolling out to everyone. Go ahead, check for updates it should be there waiting for you. As noted, the whole process should take about 2 minutes to complete in which case your phone will reboot and you will be all up to date on the software level.

If you all remember this update, from a few weeks back then you'll know both are one and the same so you can expect better 3G connectivity and GPS along with better organization of SMS and MMS messages. If for any reason you're having issues, don't be afraid to hop into the Android Central forums to seek out some help.

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5 years ago

MOG Mobile Music for Android updated


With all the new music services popping up, the fight is on to win users and in order to do so developers will need to keep their apps fresh and updated. MOG knows this and they've now made available MOG Mobile Music v1.2.2. Some new features and additions to their application include:

  • Favorites: Users can now add artists, albums, songs, and playlists to favorites. They can do this by pressing the menu button ("v") to the left of the item they wish to favorite. Users can also find a "Remove From Favorites" option if they are IN their favorites.
  • Sign-in: Users can now sign-in to MOG on more than one device without being forced to quit or sign-in again. However, subscribers can only stream MOG from one location at a time.
  • Stability and performance: The updated app has significantly improved and is now faster and more stable than before.
  • Home screen album art: This is now a setting, and is OFF by default. Users can go to “settings” to change this feature.

In addition to the new features, plenty of bugfixes have made it into this release which address quality concerns and how the app handles music app a call or notification is received. The app itself is available in the Android Market for free but you will need a MOG subscription to make use of it -- a free trial of their services are available via their web site. Hit the source link for more details or jump on past the break for the download.

Source: MOG

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5 years ago

Gingerbread on the HTC G2 -- again!


Looks like you just can't slow the folks down at 911Sniper. They brought us our first leak of a Gingerbread OTA for the T-Mobile G2, and now they're at it again.

The version numbers look nearly identical, save the last .5 growing up into a .8, but if you're interested in the latest and greatest for the G2, this looks to be the place to be.

How does it work? What fixes or enhancements does it bring? Sound off and let us know.

Source: 911Sniper

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5 years ago

HTC Merge on Verizon today, but Big Red won't actually be selling it


Read our exclusive HTC Merge preview

Well, will you look at that. More than seven months after we first got our hands on the Verizon-branded HTC Merge, it's finally headed to Verizon. But according to this screen shot we just got, it's only going to be available through third-party distribution, so don't look for it in a Big Red store.

Not familiar with the Merge? It first surfaced in the fall of 2010, sporting a great keyboard and world phone capability, meaning you can use it on overseas GSM networks (no LTE on this guy). But it had (and from what we've heard, still has) a fatal flaw -- Bing. It's had its Google location and search functionality stripped out and replaced with Microsoft's Bing. The Merge at one point was slated for a Q4 release on Verizon, but that never materialized.

So instead, we now find it relegated to third-party distribution only. That's not quite the same thing is a death sentence (and the Merge has since been announced on Alltel and Cellular South, which piggyback Verizon's network), but it's still a damn shame for such a nice piece of hardware from HTC. But these things happen.

We're trying to track down pricing and such, but figure it'll be in the $150-$199 range. Any more than that might be pushing it for, considering the pace at which newer (and faster) hardware is being released.

Thanks, anon!

HTC Merge Specs | HTC Merge ForumsHTC Merge Accessories

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5 years ago

LG Optimus 3D initial review and hands-on


Has the whole world gone 3D? Sure looks like it's headed that way. And first out of the gate is LG with the Optimus 3D. We first saw this phone at Mobile World Congress in February, and it'll be coming to AT&T as the LG Thrill sometime this quarter.

We got our hands on an evaluation unit at Google IO, and things are pretty much right where we left off. It's got a 4.3-inch touchscreen and is powered by a TI OMAP dual-core processor, with dual-channel memory. LG trumpets it as the most powerful phone around -- more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S II, they say. Navigating around LG's custom user interface, it feels snappy enough, even for an unfinished device. We're not worried about lag in the least. But it's 3D where this puppy really starts to shine.

So, about that 3D thing. The Optimus 3D has a pair of 5MP stereoscopic cameras on the back (with a flash, too). They work in tandem to record 3D video and take 3D pictures. And of course you need a screen to actually show them, and the Optimus 3D delivers.

It's kind of tough to really demonstrate the 3D effects without actually seeing them. Don't think of it as a holographic experience, where images leap off the screen. Rather, the screen is the focal point, and you get a neat sense of depth within the images. Gimmicky? Maybe a little. Or more than a little. But someone had to be first. And LG has done the right thing by not just giving you a screen on which to watch 3D content, but the means to create 3D content, too. And did we mention you don't need crazy 3D glasses here?

There's a dedicated "3D" button where you might normally find a camera button that takes you to a special menu (in 3D, of course). From there you have quick access to 3D games and apps, a 3D guide, YouTube 3D (you can upload your own 3D videos right to it), a 3D gallery and the 3D camera. Think of it as a three-dimensional quick launcher.

Oh, but there's more. It'll record the 3D video in 720p -- and will do 2D video in 1080p. Yowzers. And it can play back video via the HDMI port, or over DLNA.

Those are the broad strokes, people. But our early impressions are that even if you think 3D is a passing fad, the Optimus 3D is a solid smartphone, in any dimension. We've got more pics and video after the break.

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5 years ago

Galaxy S II overclocked to 1.5GHz, benchmarked, proves our point


Anyone who's used a Samsung Galaxy S II knows the thing is fast. There's absolutely no disputing that. And when that sweet, sweet Exynos processor is overclocked to 1.5GHz, well, get ready to have your ears pinned back. And with said overclocked actually stable at 1.5GHz, you'll be cruising in the fast lane with ease. Pretty cool, eh?

All that said, we just showed you why benchmarks (and Quadrant, particularly) really isn't indicative of a phone's real performance. But a 1.5GHz overclock is a 1.5GHz overclock. Video of it in action is after the break, and the kernel (and source code) are at the source link.

Download: XDA Developers; Thanks, Scott!
See also: How to manipulate benchmarks (and why we're downplaying their importance)

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5 years ago

Google IO Day 2 Podcast


Audio-only stream below

Phil and Jerry talk up Day 2 of Google IO -- Chromebooks, new features to the Android Market, and more on the Android onslaught. Listen in!

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5 years ago

Android eats apple, grab the wallpaper!


Google did have some lighthearted fun poking at Apple during its keynote Tuesday morning (though not nearly as viscous as it was last year). The above image is the same one that was displayed for all to enjoy at Google I/O, and the artist -- Frank Ntukula -- was rather thrilled Google had used his image for their keynote, and we can't say we blame him. Although, Lloyd was rather ticked -- he never got that love.

In any case, we've linked the image in the Android Central forums for you all in case you wanted to make some wallpapers out of it. We'll get some more posted in the wallpaper, ringtones and themes forums later and by all means, share em if you make some from the image as well.

Source: Twitter

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5 years ago

Blurry Droid X2 dummy units have arrived at Costco


Most recently we caught up with the Motorola Droid X2 in a video where it was shown off and subsequently benchmarked. Here we are now -- a couple of weeks later and the dummy units have started to arrive at Costco locations. Yes, it still looks like a Droid X and no, Verizon hasn't announced it as of yet but dummy units arriving at retail locations is a pretty darn good sign we're close to going all official like here. One more pic, next to it's brother, can be found after the break.

Thanks, Mike D!

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5 years ago

Android design team talk about Honeycomb, good app design guidelines


Matias Duarte and the rest of the Android UI designers got together to spend an hour or so to talk about how they went about changing elements for Honeycomb's "Holo" UI, and how developers should go about designing apps to keep things looking fresh and like they all belong together.  It's the little things that make a big difference, like setting up your action bar elements in a sane order, and sticking things that look out of place in the secondary menu.  Things are getting pretty geeky, with code snippets being tossed around, but for you and I, this all means apps that look as good as they run.  This is why they gave all the developers a nice tablet, and are taking the time to give direction -- the folks at Google want nice looking apps as much as we do.

There was a lot of talk about the action bar, and how to use it effectively.  Everything from how and where the icons should go, and a whole new api to go along with it.  Finally, using the Google I/O app as an example (which has been open sourced just for this occasion), the crew showed us all how to translate tabs, the action bar and fragments so that an app only has to be written once to look (and work) well on both tablets and phones. I can't wait to see what Android developers come up with after this one.

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5 years ago

Full-length Chrome keynote video now available on YouTube


YouTub link for mobile viewing

Did you miss the Google IO day 2 Chrome keynote this morning? Google has posted the full length video on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Maybe you want to see the Chrome Web Store going worldwide, or perhaps you're dying to see Angry Birds in the browser; there were many exciting announcements this morning, including Chromebooks' release dates and price.

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