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Android Central Podcast Episode 46


Audio-only stream below

Phil and Mickey return from CES to face a flurry of FUD, growing hate over slow Froyo upgrades, and to try to make sense of all the new smartphones coming our way.

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4 years ago

Life isn't fair; neither are OS updates -- why a recent study doesn't predict the future


There's been much hubbub made this week over a study by Computer World that tracks which phones have been upgraded to Froyo, and how long it took them to receive the update.

Here's a little secret though: That's all it does.

Don't get us wrong, it's nicely done, with easy-to-read charts, and raw data that even this math flunky can understand. But it doesn't predict the future.

Squint at it all you want -- you cannot look at the raw data or bar graphs and predict if your phone is more likely to be upgraded, or which carrier is more likely to upgrade a phone in the future.

Crazy talk, we know. But we'll explain after the break.

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4 years ago

LG Axis now available from Alltel Wireless



If you're an Alltel customer, chances are you haven't really been feeling the Android love from them. But that's not to say they aren't working on correcting that for you. Aside from the HTC Desire and Wildfire that is already available from Alltel customers can now pick up the LG Axis. The LG Axis sports 3.2-inch touchscreen, QWERTY sliding keyboard, a 3MP camera with Auto-Focus and runs Android 2.1. No, it's not exactly at the top of the list when it comes to specs and such but given its pricing of only $89.99 after a $50 mail in rebate I'm sure some new to Android users wouldn't mind it. Just keep in mind the HTC Desire is currently only $10 more. Full press release from Alltel can be found after the break. [Alltel]

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Mini breaks cover


It looks like Samsung is gearing up to announce a new Galaxy smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Mini -- also known as the S5570 -- takes on a whole new look from its older brothers. This Froyo phone sports a smaller form factor with a 110.42×60.76×12.68mm build. But the 240×320 screen resolution is nothing to go crazy over, though. Other features regular like Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n are included as well as bluetooth and microSD slot. No word on a release date or carrier. We're pretty sure Mobile World Congress will reveal some more info about this little nugget. [Samsung Hub]

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4 years ago

Telenav updates Android version to 6.2, available on AT&T today


Telenav 2.2

Telenav, makers of popular cross platform turn-by-turn navigation software, has updated their Android application to version 6.2.  Many improvements come along for the ride, including improved responsiveness, 22 million new points of interest (all searchable inside the app), a new quick search bar, better voice recognition, and new multiple route suggestions.

While we applaud Google for excellent turn-by-turn navigation via Google Maps, ask anyone who uses Telenav and they will likely tell you they love it.  It's a very well written and great performing application, and today's improvements should only make it better.  Especially interesting is the multi-route suggestion -- enter your destination and Telenav will tell you up to three different routes to reach it.  As Todd Witkemper of Telenav reminds us in their video demonstration (after the break!), there will always be certain roads you don't like to travel, so having a choice of route from the beginning is a very nice touch.  And choice?  I'm always for more of it.

Telenav 6.2 is available today as an Android Market update for the Samsung Captivate, the HTC Aria, and the Motorola Backflip, branded as AT&T Navigator 2.2.  Telenav also tells us that Android devices on other carriers will soon be able to upgrade their version as well.  Follow the break for the full press release, a series of pictures of the new UI,  and a video from Telenav showing off the cool new features.

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4 years ago

Looks like Google TV's getting another update


Google TV update

Word on the street (and in the Android Central Forums) is that the Logitech Revue is in the midst of another update to Google TV. Sounds like nothing too major as far as the UI is concerned, but the build is dated Dec. 15, if that's any indication. If you see something different, be sure to sound off in the source link. [Android Central Forums] Submitted via the Android Central app

Update: It's for security fixes.

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4 years ago

Motorola Atrix coming to Bell soon, website is live


Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix was undoubtedly one of the biggest announcements at CES. We learned essentially everything about the device except where else other than AT&T it will be available and how much will it be.

It has shown up on Bell Canada's website and listed as coming soon, so Canadian consumers hoping for the Atrix can rest easy. It will be available in the coming months, laptop dock and all. The price is still unknown, but we'll keep you apprised if we hear anything else. [Bell] Thanks David!

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4 years ago

Samsung Fascinate 3G+ (Telus) Froyo source released


Fascinate 3G+

Samsung has released the Android 2.2 source code for its Fascinate 3G+ for Telus. Anyone interested in poking around Sammy's code can head over to its Open Source Release Center and enter the model number "SGH-T959D."

It's always great to see manufacturers contributing back source code (especially since they have to under the open-source rules), and hopefully this will help the development of third-party firmware for other Galaxy S phones. In particular, this release may be of use to anyone working on ROM's for the Samsung Vibrant, which is very similar to the Fascinate 3G+. [Samsung Open Source Release Center]

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4 years ago

HDMI mirroring, Droid X gallery fix and Gingerbread for the Thunderbolt when? [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

We've been digging a lot of tips out of the forums as of late so thank you all for that. Over the past few weeks we've been seeing a lot of folks signing up and helping out in there and that's something we love see. Lets see some more of it. If you're new to our forums and looking to get started check out some of the threads we dug up today.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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4 years ago

Is the Motorola Atrix 4G coming to AT&T on March 1?


Motorola Atrix launch date?

The Motorola Atrix 4G (check out our hands-on) on AT&T easily is one of the hottest phones to come out of CES, with its dual-core processor, the very cool laptop dock and the even cooler HD dock, which basically turns your smartphone into a mini-desktop computer with Firefox browser.

But one thing we didn't get out of CES was a launch date. It's possible we have that now, thanks to a leaked internal AT&T screen showing March 1, 2011, and the SKU of 65230. (There's a much bigger pic showing all this and a whole bunch of specs after the break.)

We say this launch date is "possible" above because AT&T routinely launches phones on Sunday -- March 1 is a Tuesday. That doesn't mean it's not the date, but it also breaks from tradition. That said, it also matches what Android Central Forums member BloodiedWraith mentioned a day ago. Right now we'll leave this as "possible," but it's starting to look good. Thanks, anon!

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4 years ago

YouTube app updated to make finding music videos and artists easier than ever


The stock YouTube player got a healthy little update recently. As noted on the YouTube blog the launch of VEVO on Android was also celebrated with the inclusion of VEVO videos within the YouTube app itself. In order to make use of the videos though your device needs to be running Android 2.2 or higher. Most of what has changed is simple UI enhancements to offer better ways of finding and discovering music videos and artists:

  • Music videos are now clearly marked with a ‘music note’ badge
  • While enjoying the video you can read ‘artist bio’
  • It’s easy to discover more tracks from the same artist using ‘artist tracks’ tab
  • You’ll find similar cool bands on the ‘related artists’ tab

The YouTube team has also outlined the fact that you'll start seeing some more ads within the app as well. The basis for that of course is like with most things, money. Stating that mobile advertising is set to surpass $1 billion in 2011. Content providers are more apt to offer up and include their content to YouTube if money is to be made. With over 200 million mobile views a day, that's a lot of ad potential for partners. You can grab the latest YouTube update from the Android Market, download is after the break. [YouTube Blog]

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4 years ago

Shazam and Spotify team up for new partnership


Let me start this off by saying without Shazam, I'd likely never remember the names of songs and artists that I listen to on a daily basis. For some reason, that stuff just doesn't have staying power for my brain. Today, Shazam announced a new partnership with Spotify, the premium music app available in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Shazam users will now find that tagging music from within Shazam will now offer them the option to listen to the song in Spotify for both free and premium verisons of each application. This of course makes finding and now listening to new music easier then ever. Sadly though, it's not going to be made available in the US or Canada until Spotify manages to launch in those countries. Maybe they should work on those partnerships a little more. The full press release is available after the break for anyone looking to learn more. [Shazam via WPCentral]

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4 years ago

Mysterious new 'Nexus S' model sighted, gives weight to Android 2.4 possibility


 New Nexus S Model

A recent FCC filing for what seems to be an updated model of Samsung's Nexus S has given some credibility to the possible existence of Android 2.4.

Engadget recently noticed the listing for the Samsung GT-i9023, the outline of which appears to perfectly match the current Nexus S. Coincidentally, the Nexus S also happens to have a very similar model number - GT-i9020. In addition, Engadget notes that the GT-i9023 also recently passed Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance certification, so this is definitely a real device.

What makes this story interesting, though, is that it gives weight to a video recently recorded by German tech site BestBoyZ which seems to show a Nexus S running Android 2.4. The baseband version displayed on that phone begins "i9023," which would seem to refer to the new Nexus S model. This is still well within the realms of speculation, but if the GT-i9023 is indeed refreshed Nexus S hardware, then it suddenly becomes pretty reasonable to think it might be running a refreshed version of Android too.

The Nexus S isn't the first device to be caught apparently running Android 2.4. At last week's CES, Sony Ericsson's upcoming Xperia Arc was snapped with "Android version: 2.4" on its "About" screen, though this was later dismissed as a "misconfiguration" by the manufacturer.

You can check out the video of what seems to be the new GT-i9023 model Nexus S running "Android 2.4" after the jump. [FCC via Engadget]

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4 years ago

Asus clears up rumors about no Honeycomb on Eee Pads



Asus, along with several other manufacturers, announced a line of Android-based tablets during CES. Shortly thereafter, rumors began running rampant that not only would these Tablets not be shipping with Honeycomb, but that Asus had also pushed back the expected launch date to Q3. Fortunately, Asus has come out and spoken with Tech In Syle and cleared up some of these nasty rumors.

The Inquirer was alleging that John Swatton, an Android marketing specialist for Asus, told them that because Google had not yet announced the requirements for Honeycomb, they could not definitively say that it would be the OS of choice for it's upcoming line of tablets. Asus responded to these claims, stating that they are untrue and the subject of misinterpretation of information. Asus said that because Google has not officially released the specifications for Honeycomb, Asus and other manufacturers are simply going on possible guidelines for the OS, NOT that it will not be launching with the device, and that it is just a matter of waiting on Google's release schedule. Asus also denied rumors that the companies release schedule has changed to Q3 2011, and said it still expects to launch the devices as per the original announced schedule; April, May and June. 

Then there was a claim that because the tabs won't have phone functionality, they will not be able to run the Android Market; and Asus will have to develop it's own marketplace. The company also debunked this rumor, saying that not only did it show at CES that its MeMo 7-inch tablet will have phone functionality via Bluetooth, but its other larger devices will ship with the Android Market. Asus explained that unlike Froyo, Honeycomb is built from the ground up for tablets, thus eliminating the restrictions for the use of the Android Market that currently exist in versions of Android prior to Honeycomb. Not to mention anyone with a WiFi connection will be able to access the Android Market.  

It's good to see Asus coming out and clearing up a lot of this misinformation so swiftly, and we hope that this clears any confusion up that there may have been. All is well thus far ladies and gentleman, so sit back and relax. [Tech in Style]

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4 years ago

Fascinate's DL09 update rolling out in earnest - how's it going for you?


Verizon Fascinate update

We're now more than a week into Verizon pushing out the DL09 update to the Samsung Fascinate, so it's time to check in. How's everybody doing? Just peachy? Great. If you've missed it, there's some great discussion going on in the forums about the update. As well as the "Where the hell is Froyo?" thread. And then there's that (bad) rumor that Froyo's never coming. Anyhoo, more than enough Thursday morning fodder for your Fascinate folks. Cheers!

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