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3 years ago

MiKandi's NSFW 'Tits & Glass' launches as the first Google Glass porn app


It was a matter of time, of course, before we saw the first porn apps come to Google Glass. And Android porn pioneer MiKandi, true to its word, has launched the obviously not-safe-for-work "Tits & Glass" app for Google Glass.

The app lets you do two things -- submit your own POV-style photos and videos (candid photography, nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean) and view photos and video. The app is preloaded with content that serves as a preview for what's in the decidedly adult MiKandi Theater. You'll be able to comment and vote on images -- and see them all floating in mid-air.

How hands-on an experience you have is, of course, up to you. Regardless, everyone around you will wonder just what the hell that person with the funny looking glasses is smiling at.

To get the app, you'll have to visit (again, folks, if we haven't made it abundantly clear, this is NSFW) and sideload onto your Google Glass.

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3 years ago

Verizon finally announces it'll carry the HTC One


'Later this summer' is all we've got to go by for now

In what really shouldn't be all that much of a surprise, Verizon has finally acknowledged that it will carry the HTC One at some point this summer. No word yet on how much it'll cost (figure flagship-level pricing), when, exactly you can get it ("later this summer" is as official as we've got) or what sort of tweaks Verizon could have had one. (Red, perhaps? We're not holding our breath, but this thing would be bad-ass in black with red accents.)

The HTC One marks the manufacturer's major release for 2013, with nearly identical versions on the other three U.S. carriers having been released for about a month now.

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3 years ago

Can mobile gaming kill the consoles? - Talk Mobile


Five years ago if you’d told anybody mobile devices stood even the chance of challenging dedicated home gaming console, you’d have been laughed out of the room. After all, the state of the art of mobile back then included the Apple iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Storm, Palm Treo Pro, and HTC G1. Comparing them to the powerhouses that were the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, as well as the not-powerful-but-still-enormously-fun Nintendo Wii would have been ludicrous.

3 years ago

Vine launches on Android with exclusive features


Six-second video app hits Google Play with new zoom feature

Twitter-owned video-sharing app Vine is launching on Android today, seven months after the initial iOS-only release. The app allows you to create and share six-second square-shaped videos and follow fellow Viners through your own tailored feed. Essentially, it's Instagram for video.

In addition to all the editing and social networking features of Vine for iOS, the Android version of the app is getting something unique -- zooming support. The Vine team also promises further updates in the weeks ahead, including front-facing camera support, search, mentions, hashtags and Facebook sharing.

After a brief delay, the app is now live on Google Play at the link above. You'll need a device running at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Anyone been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Vine on Android? How are you getting on with the Android version of the app? Shout out in the comments.

Source: Vine

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3 years ago

Canada finally able to escape three-year contracts, caps data overages at $50/month


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today announced that starting December 2, 2013, those of us up north will be able to cancel our contract after two years without penalty, that domestic data overage charges will be capped at $50/month ($100 for roaming), and that devices will be able to be unlocked after 90 days (or immediately if bought outright). The new code also stipulates that buyers will have 15 days to return any device so long as it's within certain usage limits, have the power to accept or decline mid-term contract changes, and that they'll have a contract they can actually understand. These changes are all a result of public hearings that happened back in February. 

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3 years ago

Get the newest version of the Android Central App before anyone else


Join our beta test group and move yourself to the front of the line

We love beta testing. We love playing with things that might break, will break and need some testing. To that end, Google recently introduced proper beta testing of applications through Google Play, and we're going to start using it.

Want to get the latest version of the newest Android Central App before anyone else? Want to help us test things out and squash bugs? Here's how to order:

It's that simple. We'll start with the beta builds in the coming weeks. Thanks for your help!

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3 years ago

Huawei Ascend P2 now available on Three UK


Free from £23 per month, or £299.99 on Pay As You Go

Three UK sends word that it's launched Huawei's latest mid-to-high-end handset, the Ascend P2. The data-centric operator is selling the Ascend P2 on-contract starting at £23 per month. That gets you unlimited data, 500 minutes and 5,000 texts on a 24-month plan. Alternatively, Three's also selling the P2 on Pay As You Go for £299.99 plus a PAYG top-up.

That money -- or monthly commitment -- will get you a reasonably speedy handset, powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 4.7-inch 720p display. On the connectivity side, the P2 supports Three's current 42Mbps DC-HSDPA, as well as 4G LTE, due to be rolled out by the operator later in the year.

The Huawei Ascend P2 is available now from Three's online store, and will be launching in brick-and-mortar Three outlets from tomorrow.

More: Three UK

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 announced


The 10-inch form factor returns, but the top-end Tab 3 is still a mid-range device

Samsung’s second Tab announcement today brings news of the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, which as you may have guessed is a 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 3 line. Spec-wise, there’s not much to separate the Tab 3 10.1 from the 8-inch variant announced alongside it. You’ve got a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM (less than the 8-incher, oddly), 16 or 32GB of storage backed up by microSD expandability.

It’s also running the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean along with the most recent iteration of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. And you’ve got Wifi, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity options available, as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

Disappointingly, Samsung has opted to stick with a 1280x800 display resolution on the 10-inch Tab 3, meaning you’ve got the same pixel count as the Tab 3 8.0, only spread over a much larger area. So we’re dealing with a mid-range Android tablet here, and Samsung will likely choose to compete on price rather than specs when the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 reaches British shores later this year. There’s no word of any official release date or price just yet, however.

Check past the break for more images and the official spec sheet.

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3 years ago

Samsung announces 8-inch Galaxy Tab 3


8-inch variant brings upgraded specs and a slightly larger screen

Not to be left out of the fun following this morning's ASUS tablet announcements, Samsung has taken the wraps off two new Galaxy Tabs this morning, the first of which is the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. The device shares a lot in common with the earlier 7-inch Tab 3, with modest upgrades including the obvious boost in screen real estate.

The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU with 1.5GB of RAM, runing on an 8-inch 1280x800 LCD display. Connectivity-wise, you’ve got Wifi-only, 3G and 4G LTE options alongside Wifi a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. Internal storage comes in 16 or 32GB flavors and is expandable via microSD. The specs point to a solid mid-range Android tablet, in a familiar Samsung-designed chassis.

When it comes to software, you’re looking at Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, up from 4.1 on the 7-incher. That also means you get the latest version of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, as evidenced by the newer widgets in the promotional shots.

There’s no word on pricing for the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 just yet. A UK release is promised for “later in the year,” but that doesn’t narrow things down much. While you wait, you can check past the break for a few more photos and the official spec sheet.

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3 years ago

ASUS MeMO Pad HD7 announced: A slight upgrade to the low-end offering


Bumps in CPU, storage, display and camera with the same bargain bin pricing

As part of its Computex 2013 keynote presentation, ASUS rolled out a small but notable update to its recently announced MeMO Pad -- this time adding "HD7" to the name and making important improvements. While it retains much of the same design (and most of the same name), the MeMO Pad HD7 tweaks the design a bit to make it both thinner and lighter than it's predecessor -- down to 10.8mm thick and 302g in weight. On the display side ASUS bumps things to "HD" with a 1280x800 IPS display, up from the original 1024x600 panel.

On the inside, ASUS says the MeMO Pad HD7 is running an ARM Cortex A7 quad-core CPU, but didn't specify a clock speed or manufacturer. It did specify that the tablet will have both Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS, however, along with the addition of stereo speakers and a 5MP rear camera (keeping a 1.2MP shooter up front). Pinning this device at the low-end are some appealing prices too: 16GB for $149, 8GB for $129. The MeMO Pad HD7 will be released in a few different bright color options, with no specific sales dates given at this point.

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3 years ago

ASUS Transformer Book Trio announced, runs Android and Windows 8


ASUS' latest dockable device boasts dual CPUs and three usage modes

ASUS has announced the latest member of its Transformer family, the Transformer Book Trio, at its pre-Computex press conference in Tapiei. The Trio is a dockable laptop/tablet hybrid device running both Windows 8 and Android "Jelly Bean." To take advantage of both operating systems, the Transformer Book Trio packs two CPUs -- a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 U4500 for Windows and an Atom 2580 for Android. It's also got two banks of storage available -- a 1TB traditional hard drive and 64GB of flash storage. Other notable specs include a 1080p IPS display.

Being a Transformer device, the Trio can be docked and used as a tablet or a laptop. But it also boasts an additional usage mode -- the docking station can be connected to a monitor to create a full desktop PC experience. So it looks like the Atom chip lives in the display, while the Core i7 likely resides in the dock.

No word on pricing or availability just yet, but considering you've essentially got a full-powered laptop PC along with an Android tablet, we imagine the Trio won't come cheap.

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3 years ago

ASUS announces the new Transfomer Pad Infinity at Computex 2013


A respectable bump in internals and design to the previous model

ASUS is currently giving its keynote presentation at Computex 2013 in Taipei where it has just rolled out the first of a few new Android devices, the refreshed and redesigned Transformer Pad Infinity. Although the device was only quickly flashed on-stage, it seems to fall in line with the same design as the original -- which makes sense as it shares a name with the previous version of the tablet. We're looking at a standard 10-inch tablet body with a keyboard dock that folds down in a clamshell like a laptop. As for the specs, here's the breakdown of what we know at this point:

  • 10-inch 2560x1600 IPS display with 178-degree viewing angle
  • 1.9GHz Tegra 4 CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage, expandable by SDcard
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi
  • USB 3.0 port
  • 4K video output over HDMI

The story here seems to be all about the serious bump up in specs from the previous version, and less about the external hardware. With specs like that we're not going to complain either. We'll be bringing you more information -- such as more detailed pictures -- as soon as they become available.

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3 years ago

ASUS Fonepad Note announced with 6-inch 1080p display


6-inch Intel-powered tablet unveiled at Computex

At its Computex 2013 press conference in Taipei, ASUS has just announced a new 6-inch smartphone/tablet hybrid device. The Fonepad Note is a 6-inch device with pen input, powered by an Intel Atom Z2560 CPU, with 2GB of RAM and a 1080p iPS display. Like the HTC One and many Samsung Galaxy Tabs,  the Fonepad Note has front-facing stereo speakers. It's also packing an 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front-facer.

In terms of connectivity, it looks like you're topping out at DC-HSDPA (42Mbps) speeds. On the software side, ASUS is boasting customized pre-loaded apps that take advantage of the bundled stylus.

No word on availability just yet, but we imagine the Fonepad Note will be headed primarily to Europe and Asia in the months ahead.

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3 years ago

We need your comments... Leave a bunch on this article for your chance to win the device of your dreams!!


We're testing out the new cross-site commenting system we're going to be using for Talk Mobile articles across Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and WPCentral. This post is our first public test. Help us stress test it! Leave comments, help us find any bugs, and we'll reward you with the chance to win $600 towards the device of your dreams. Keep reading for all the details!

3 years ago

Ubuntu bug number 1 closed as Microsoft no longer holds a majority market share on computers


The new definition of computer has caused Android and iOS to control market share, leading Mark Shuttleworth to close Bug #1 in Ubuntu's bug tracker

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, has marked the very first bug on Ubuntu's LaunchPad bug tracking site as "Closed -- Fix Released". In this case, Android is a big part of the fix. As Shuttleworth explains in the final comment on bug #1

Personal computing today is a broader proposition than it was in 2004: phones, tablets, wearables and other devices are all part of the mix for our digital lives. From a competitive perspective, that broader market has healthy competition, with IOS and Android representing a meaningful share 

Microsoft still is the OS of choice on the desktop, both at home and the workplace. But the new definition of computer -- which not everyone agrees with, including yours truly -- combined with the sheer number of Android and iOS devices out there has changed the landscape.

I'm not so sure that bug #1 was really a bug to begin with. I've no love for Microsoft's products nor their business practices, but the free market has chosen, and both developers and users choose Microsoft when it comes to productivity on their workstations more often than the competition. We think everyone should have a choice that's done well, and one that fits their needs.

Of course others, like Shuttleworth, think differently and clearly when smartphones and tablets (as well as televisions and even appliances) are counted alongside the traditional desktop or laptop computer, Microsoft is now a distant third in terms of marketshare. Our advice? Don't get caught up in the details and appreciate the fact that you do have a choice. In either case, be sure to read Shuttleworth's comment if you're a fan of computing and software.

Source: Launchpad Comment  1834; Bug 1

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