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2 weeks ago

Android 7.0: Security benefits that truly matter


Google has made some major changes in Android N that enhance security.

Updated August 13, 2016, with information about the final Android Nougat features and APIs.

There are a lot of code changes coming in Android N. Some of them we can see — like the new notifications — and others we can't (but are still a big deal). We see the same thing with every update. There are refinements and changes in the interface, but under the hood adjustments and changes are made to make Android run better, and safer.

Google has improved security in Android Nougat in a handful of different areas. Some are designed to harden Android itself, while others are tools for developers to use so it stays that way when we install apps. Let's take a look at the changes themselves.

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2 weeks ago

Will you be upgrading to the Galaxy Note 7?


Will you be upgrading to the Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung's latest flagship comes out on August 19, and the Galaxy Note 7 is shaping up to be one of the company's best phones ever — and possibly one of the best Android phones ever.

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2 weeks ago

Meizu EP51 review: Well-balanced, stylish wireless headphones


The quick take

Meizu's EP51 earbuds are surprisingly well-built and well-balanced, and are priced just right. They may be difficult to find, but they're worth tracking down.

The Good

  • Design and build quality
  • Balanced sound
  • Fits nicely
  • Impressive carrying case

The Bad

  • Middling microphone quality
  • Average battery life

In the Box

  • Meizu EP51
  • Carrying case
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Silicone tips
  • Documentation

Meizu EP51 Technical Specifications

Category Features Dimensions 16 x 23 x 25mm Weight 15.3 grams Frequency Range 20Hz – 20KHz Impedance 16 Ohms Sensitivity 87dB±3dB Maximum Power 10mW Battery 60mAh | Standby time: 400 hours | Charging Time: 2 hours


The impressive design of the EP51 isn't surprising. I quite like the design and build quality of Meizu smartphones, and the headset carries on the tradition. For its price point, it is nicely constructed, with aircraft-grade aluminum, and weighs a light 15 grams. It's solid and looks slick, with subtle Meizu branding.

The wing tips on the silicone ear buds are designed to fit snugly and they don't fall out even when walking quickly or running. The aluminum ends of the earbuds house magnets which keep the earbuds locked together when stored or when worn around the neck to avoid them sliding and dropping to the ground. They also sport a water resistant coating that protects the headset against sweat, but the company doesn't recommend using them in the rain — and neither do I.

The sound is balanced, although you won't get booming bass from these small drivers.

The red cable is pretty good, but I would have preferred a thicker braided one, but you're not going to find that embellishment at this price point. The cable houses the independent volume control buttons, the built-in microphone, and the Micro-USB charging port. My only gripe is the rubber cover on the charging port doesn't fit flush on the port, which got worse over the course of my testing. It might be an isolated issue, but it's a shame to see on an otherwise nicely-built headset.

Overall, the Meizu EP51 is well-designed and stylish, and can easily compete with many of the more expensive earbuds in the market.


The sound quality on the Meizu EP51 is amazing considering its price, and it even provides decent noise isolation. The sound is balanced, although you won't get booming bass from these small drivers. Even at maximum volume, there is no crackling or distortion of sound, and at 16 Ohms they're not difficult to power from even the most paltry of phone amplifiers.

The silicone ear buds are designed to fit snugly and don't fall out even when walking quickly or running.

The call quality is mediocre — the company saved some money by including a low-quality microphone — although that's the case with most budget and mid-range headphones. The wireless reception is great, matching the usual Bluetooth 4.0 range of 10 meters before the signal starts to fade out.

Battery Life

At 60 mAh, EP51 packs in a tiny battery that's a tad underwhelming. Meizu claims six hours of music time, and while the battery life is dependent on volume, I was able to get 6 hours easily on a regular basis. It's good, but I would have preferred a little more. According to Meizu, it takes 2 hours to fully charge the EP51 from a dead state, but often, it took a little less than that.

The Bottom Line

For its price (which ranges from $28 to $42 at the time of writing, depending on the retailer), the Meizu EP51 is a very good pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds, offering great value for the price. It sounds really good, and the buds fit well, but the highlight is that it looks very modern. If you're looking for a mid-range wireless headset, the Meizu EP51 is a great option that I'd highly recommend. It's not perfect, but it packs a punch and is more premium than what you pay for it.

See at Amazon See at Gearbest

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2 weeks ago

Best cases for the OnePlus One


What is the best case for the OnePlus One? Let's take a look at some of the great choices.

Whether you want to keep your OnePlus One protected, add a thin layer of grip to the phone, or turn it into a wallet, there are cases for all of your needs. Hunting down cases can be a daunting task, but don't worry — Android Central is here for you. Everyone's preferences are different, some are looking to keep their phone the same size while adding a bit of protection, and others want full protection to prevent drops from damaging it.

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2 weeks ago

You can now pre-order the new Samsung Gear VR!

Better Field of View and a sleek new color can soon be yours.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is the first USB-C phone in their lineup, which gave the company all the excuse they needed to refresh the Gear VR headset. The new model sports a data port that can swap between microUSB and USB-C, so it will work with every Samsung phone with the Oculus Store onboard.

Read More over at HR Veads!

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2 weeks ago

Android Central 301: Your ex-girlfriend's EarPods


Audio-only stream below

This week, Andrew, Russell and Daniel talk about the LG V20 and whether it has the legs the G5 didn't. Plus, an IFA primer and we answer your Twitter questions!

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2 weeks ago

'Fuchsia' operating system project is interesting, lacking details that make it matter


The Fuchsia project looks to be a promising new operating system but it's not going to replace Android anytime soon.

There's a bit of chatter on the nerdier side of the internet today about a mysterious repository of code hosted at Google's Git called Fuchsia. Fuchsia is a new operating system being developed by folks like Travis Geiselbrecht (BeOS, iOS, and webOS) and Brian Swetland (Android, BeOS, and HiptopOS) as well as current Google software engineers like Petr Hosek. The limited information provided at thew code repository doesn't tell us much.

Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)

So we went digging.

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2 weeks ago

Bose QC35 review: So nice, I bought it twice


Ridiculous comfort, insane noise cancellation and huge sound: the Bose QC35 Bluetooth headset is a hyperbole hater's nightmare, but a traveling music lover's dream.

The QC35 was pushed on me by an aggressive salesman at San Francisco International while I was waiting for a flight back to Boston; I initially found the price too rich for my blood, but that all changed the moment I flipped that noise-cancelling switch. Six hours of blissful flying between two screaming babies later, I was sold for life – and I even bought the QC35 a second time when I lost my first set in a hotel room.

As iMore's Serenity Caldwell can attest, it's just that good. Check out all the high points — and a few of the lows — in MrMobile's first Bluetooth headset video, the Bose QC35 review!

Make with the socializing!

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2 weeks ago

Android 7.0: What is Direct Boot, and how will it improve your experience?


Direct Boot mode allows apps to communicate and interact with us before we have unlocked our phone after a reboot. This is more important than you might think.

We all hate it when our phone reboots. Sometimes we mean for it to happen and sometimes we don't, but a reboot means we aren't logged in, preventing many background tasks from working. It's even worse if you use your phone as an alarm clock or reminder.

Android 7.0 Nougat can help through its Direct Boot feature.

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2 weeks ago

Aukey is offering its Quick Charge 2.0 chargers for as little as $5


Aukey is currently offering a bunch of its Quick Charge 2.0 accessories for as little as $5 at Amazon. Whether you need a new charger for the home, car or one to travel with, there is something for you. The company has its single port and three port wall chargers on sale, as well as a car charger. You'll save between $5 and $7 on the purchase with a simple coupon code.

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2 weeks ago

Find your phone: the ultimate guide to Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a great utility that lets you track your phone remotely.

Chances are you've heard of Android Device Manager. The service lets you remotely track, lock, and erase the data on a lost or stolen phone. It's one of those services that you wish you'd never have to use, but you should set it up just in case. It never hurts to be prepared.

Here's what you need to know about Android Device Manager, and how you can set it up on your phone.

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2 weeks ago

Samsung teases new Gear S3 smartwatch in IFA event invite


Samsung is set to unveil its latest smartwatch at IFA, the Gear S3.

Samsung has made it pretty obvious what it is going to announce during its IFA conference on September 1st in Berlin: a new Gear S smartwatch.

After announcing the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month, the company is turning its attention to refreshing its wearables line — among other things — for the notable German trade show, which happens at the beginning of September each year. That the company would do such a thing should come as no surprise: it revealed the Gear S2 during IFA last year, which turned out to be one of our favorite announcements at the show.

In his review, Andrew Martonik said that the Gear S2 did a lot right, and was Samsung's best smartwatch to date:

With the Gear S2 it finally has a lot of things right — the watch looks nice, has a good screen, is built well and is now a proper size for most wrists. The Tizen-based operating system doesn't have as many restrictions as before and now works properly with non-Samsung phones, which is huge. Unfortunately the software still feels a little rough around the edges, and tries to do far too much considering the screen size it has to work with.

Hopefully Samsung can fix some of those lingering issues with the software this year, and get some more developer partners on board. It's also unclear whether the company will, as it did last year, reveal two separate versions of the watch.

We'll be at IFA covering all the announcements as well, so stay tuned for more!

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2 weeks ago

Best action games for Android

Best action games for Android

Get your blood pumping with these action-packed games for Android

The action game genre is such broad category, so we had to make sure that this list covered as many bases as possible. Whether you like first- or third-person shooters, fighting games, hack n' slash, or old school top-down shooters, you should find your new favorite game here.

Expect this list to be updated as new games are released, or hidden gems are discovered. And if you think we've made an egregious error by not including your favourite game, let us know in the comments!

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

 Blackout Blackout

Modern Combat is the premier first-person shooter franchise for mobile gaming and for good reason. The latest entry, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, features some of the finest graphics you'll find for any game on Android.

There's a six-chapter single-player campaign to play through, with a decent amount of gameplay variety — from urban shootouts, to gunship segments, to underwater sneaking. If you're more interested in multiplayer, Modern Combat has got you covered there as well. There's five multiplayer modes to choose from: Free For All, VIP, Squad Battle, Capture the Flag, Zone Control and Team Battle.

What's the difference between Squad Battle and Team Battle? Squads are a new feature in Modern Combat, and they operate the same way as clans do in other FPS games, so Squad Battles are ranked matches between you and your squadmates and other Modern Combat squads. Team Battles is just another name for the team deathmatches you're already quite familiar with.

If touchscreen controls for mobile FPS give you fits, you'll be happy to know that Modern Combat features Bluetooth controller support. For the best FPS experience on Android, look no further than Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Download: Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Free, IAPs)

Injustice: Gods Among Us

 Gods Among Us Gods Among Us

Fans of DC Comics are sure to get a kick out of Injustice: Gods Among Us. It's a free-to-play fighting game that features all your favorite heroes and villains from the DC Comics universe.

It's a port of the console game for PS4 and Xbox, so if you come into this game having played those versions and expect the exact same experience you're going to be disappointed. For the rest of us just looking for a fun fighting game with familiar characters, Injustice delivers. You build out a team of three fighters and use the mobile-friendly control scheme to tap and swipe your way to victory. The graphics are superb and while there's much less freedom than in traditional fighting games, it's still an action-packed experience.

Plus, the latest update has added updated characters from the latest Suicide Squad movie, so if you're a fan of that movie you now have an extra reason to get this game. Just make sure you've got plenty of space on your phone, because the install file is huge.

Download: Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free, IAPs)

Grand Theft Auto

GTA 3 Chinatown Wars

If you're a console or PC fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, then why not extend your fandom to Android?

Rockstar Games has five great GTA titles for you to choose from and you really can't go wrong with any of them. Play through Liberty City Stories, San Andreas, Vice City, GTA III, and Chinatown Wars and get your shoot-'em-up, blow-'em-up, car-stealing fix on mobile!

Chinatown is your classic top-down GTA, while the other three are the third-person-shooters we've all come to love. On that note, these games are NOT for kids. The Mature rating in the Google Play Store isn't lying.

So, if you want full Grand Theft Auto games right on your phone, hit up the Google Play Store and go to town. Just remember that, since these are the full games you now and love, they will occupy a ton of space on your device.

Download: Grand Theft Auto ($6.99 - $9.99)



There's something so simple and fun about a well-made old school shooter. When Geometry Wars went from an Xbox mini-game to a stand-alone cult classic hit in 2003, it gave new life to the genre. Ever since, then there's been a slew of knock-offs and imitators attempting to replicate the same frantic action. But JoyJoy emerges as perhaps the best we've found for Android.

JoyJoy does a great job of bringing that crazy action to your mobile phone, with simple controls, multiple upgradeable weapons, and the best difficulty settings I've ever seen in a game. It starts at Relaxed mode, which is perfect for beginners or when you want to sit back and mow down waves of enemies. From there, it ramps up significantly, with expert-level modes like Lightning, which makes the enemies faster yet weaker, or Armoured, which makes the enemies very tough but less numerous.

With its frantic gameplay, deep weapon upgrading system, and challenging difficulty scaling, JoyJoy is an absolute must-play.

Download: JoyJoy ($0.99)

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3DPixel Gun 3D

First-person shooters are tricky to adapt to mobile platforms, and fraught with compromises. If the graphics look good, the controls are crap. If it controls like a dream, the gameplay is short and boring.

Pixel Gun 3D is one of those rare games that will hook you in with its stylized visuals, frantic gameplay and decent controls. It's got a moderately challenging single player campaign that will help you learn the ropes of playing the game, but the real game takes place in the multiplayer arena. Pixel Gun 3D offers deep customization for your avatar, and a plethora of weapons to choose from. You start out with team death match and must level up to unlock other multiplayer modes, but it is so worth it.

Perhaps the coolest multiplayer map is the 'Deadly Games', which you unlock at level four — a Hunger Games inspired mode where everyone starts unarmed in the middle of the map with one weapon straight ahead of them. Once you collect your weapon, it's fight or flight based on what you get. Super intense!

The developers have added in-app currency systems for buying new weapons and upgrades which might make things tough when you're just starting out. If you don't get disheartened by that, Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best gaming experiences on Android.

Download: Pixel Gun 3D (Free, IAPs)

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force ReloadedSky Force ReloadedSky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is, simply, one of the finest games on Android. Featuring frantic gameplay, dazzling graphics, and a deep upgrade system it will have you coming back and playing for hours on end.

The story picks up after the events of Sky Force 2014 with General Mantis' daughter picking up the cause of her fallen father. Most stages feature an epic boss battle with her in a massive warship, but first you have to shoot and navigate your way through intense waves of laser-blasting tanks, turrets, and helicopters. New missions are unlocked by collecting medals, which are earned by saving all the humans, destroying all enemies, and staying untouched through a mission.

Once you've collected all four medals, you unlock a harder difficulty — first Hard, then Insane, and finally Nightmare mode — with a new set of medals to collect. This leads to some grinding to collect stars and medals before you can unlock the next mission, but it hardly feels like a chore given how challenging and fun this game is to play.

Download: Sky Force Reloaded (Free, IAPs)

Star Knight

Star KnightStar Knight

Star Knight made our list for best games of 2016, so of course it's one of the best action games as well. It's a challenging action platformer with plenty of things to unlock and upgrade as you make your way through its multiple worlds.

And it's got very nice good learning curve, too. While you're able to upgrade your weapons and unlock powerful skills to help you on your way, the enemies get tougher and tougher as you progress. In terms of difficulty, it sometimes feels like a 2D side-scrolling version of Dark Souls. There are some parts where one false step means instant death, and each world ends with a seriously tough boss battle.

But instead of being frustrating and discouraging, it only spurs you to play smarter on your next go. With good controls, beautiful imagery, hours of gameplay, and a low entry price, Star Knight is a game you shouldn't sleep on.

Download: Star Knight ($0.99, IAPs)

Alto's Adventure

Alto's AdventureAlto's Adventure

Beautiful visuals, intuitive controls, and endless playability.

Alto's Adventure is a game you should have been playing yesterday. You play as Alto, a snowboarding llama farmer who must race down the mountain to collect runaways. This endless side scroller features smooth gameplay and simple controls: tap to jump, tap and hold to do a backflip. Landing tricks — backflips and grinds across buildings and bunting lines — gives you a speed boost to help blast past obstacles. Collect coins and spend them on upgrading power ups that will assist you on your next adventure. But as soon as you get the hang of things, you'll blow past an elder — a shadowy figure on a horse that will try and chase you down (think the Snow Monster from Ski Free… except you can actually outrun the elder).

Alto's Adventure includes objectives, which are challenging but fun and greatly enhance the replayability. Overall, it's a fairly relaxing gaming experience, with tight physics and a great sense of speed.

Download: Alto's Adventure (Free, IAPs)

Nonstop Knight

Nonstop KnightNonstop KnightNonstop Knight

Some games claim to provide "nonstop action", but perhaps no game delivers better than Nonstop Knight. It's a streamlined action RPG wherein you play a brave little knight who lives to fight.

It would be unfair to directly compare Nonstop Knight to a game like Diablo, but it certainly feels like a casual, stripped-down version of the iconic RPG series. As you progress through the levels, you collect coins, gems and tokens which are all used to upgrade your item inventory, skills, and stats.

But instead of having to explore the dungeons yourself, your knight races around seeking the next wave of enemies (even when you aren't playing the game). You help him on his mission by strategically tap your skill icons during battles to destroy your enemies faster and get more coins. While overly simplistic at first, as you start unlocking different upgrades and progressing, it quickly becomes addictive to see how far you can go.

Once you seem to have hit a wall at a boss that's simply too strong, you can choose to Ascend, which resets your knight and all the weapons and armor you've collected, but also allows you to perform permanent upgrades to your knights base stats. The question then becomes, Is it time to ascend, or can you will your way passed this boss with the right combo of special attacks?

Download: Nonstop Knight (Free, IAPs)

Clash Royale

Clash RoyaleClash RoyaleClash Royale

From the makers of Clash of Clans comes Clash Royale. Battle human opponents in real time via frantic card-based battles where you must take out the enemy's Crown Towers while defending your own.

As you'd expect, this game really relies on the social aspect of joining a clan, which helps you to upgrade both your King Level and your cards so you can dominate your opponents in the arena.

Clash Royale falls into the category of mobile games with time-delayed unlocking of chests and an emphasis on in-app purchases. Fortunately, there's no time restrictions for battling.

While spending exorbitant amounts of money on gems and chests is likely the only way to rise to the top of the global rankings (somebody worked it out that it would take something like seven years of constant playing to unlock and fully upgrade every card in the game), the gameplay is so well-designed and balanced that you can have hours of fun playing this in the lower level arenas just playing against similarly-skilled opponents.

Download: Clash Royale (Free, IAPs)

What did we miss?

What's your favorite action game for Android? Let us know in the comments!

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2 weeks ago

Essential accessories for the OnePlus One

OnePlus One

What are the best accessories for the OnePlus One? Let's take a look at some of the must-have add-ons for your phone!

Whether you recently picked up a OnePlus One or have had one for a while, there are a number of great accessories that you should have in your collection. From cases to screen protectors, extra ways to charge your phone and more, odds are that your accessory collection could use some expanding. Luckily, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get some cool accessories for your OnePlus One, so let's take a look at some of the ones you should consider picking up.

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2 weeks ago

Pokémon Go glossary: All the terms you need to know!

Pokémon Go terms to know!

What are some Pokémon Go terms?

As Pokémon Go takes over your life, be sure you're talking the lingo with your fellow trainers. Here are the important terms that are used throughout the Pokémon Go universe.


A battle is a fight between your Pokémon and a wild, rival, or friendly Pokémon. In Pokémon Go, you can only battle at Gyms.

When you reach a rival gym, you have the chance to battle other teams' (blue, yellow, or red) Pokémon for an opportunity to claim the Gym itself.

For every rival Pokémon you defeat in battle, you lower the Gym's Prestige and once you reduce it to zero, you can capture the Gym for yourself and your team!

Combat Power (CP)

A Pokémon's Combat Power will determine how strong it is during a battle against another Pokémon. This is how you measure a Pokémon's attack strength.

Defender Bonus

A Defender Bonus is a daily reward you can get for defending a Gym. You can get rewards like PokéCoins and Stardust. These Defender Bonuses can be claimed at the shop in the game.


Eggs are items that you can find throughout the game that will hatch into Pokémon. Pokémon Eggs can be found at PokéStops, and once you walk a certain distance with the egg in an incubator, the egg will hatch into a Pokémon!


Evolution is what happens when your Pokémon levels up and becomes a stronger version of itself!

By using Candy, you can evolve and change your Pokémon into a more advanced species of Pokémon.


Candy is important! It can be used to evolve and strengthen your Pokémon throughout your adventures!

You can get your Candies by transferring Pokémon to Professor Willow, by catching Pokémon, or by hatching Pokémon Eggs.

Experience Points (XP)

Your Experience Points (XP) is how your progress is measured throughout your Poké-venture. By upping your XP, you can advance to higher Trainer levels.

Fainted Pokémon

When a Pokémon is completely depleted of Hit Points (HP), it will faint. You can use Revive or Max Revive to bring your fainted Pokémon back into the game.


Gyms are specific locations where you can go and battle the Pokémon of rival teams. You can also go to Gyms owned by your team to train your Pokémon by battling against the Pokémon assigned there by other members of your team.

When you're playing, you'll see that Gyms belonging to your team are known as "friendly" Gyms, while Gyms that have been claimed by other teams are known as "rival" Gyms. Gyms that have not been claimed, however, are known as open Gyms – so what are you waiting for? Go claim a Gym!

Hit Points (HP)

Hit Points are how a Pokémon's health is measured. When a Pokémon has zero HP, it faints and can no longer be used in battle until you revive it with a Revive or Max Revive item.


Incense will attract wild Pokémon to your location because of its aroma.

At the beginning of your adventure, you are given two. You can also buy one incense in the shop for 80 PokéCoins.


Once you get an Egg, you place it into an incubator. This will let it hatch into a Pokémon as you walk.

You can upgrade your incubators as you play, which will decrease the total distance it takes to hatch an egg.

Lure Module

Lure Modules work like a stronger version of Incense by coaxing Pokémon to your location. All players can see a Lure Module, and everyone can take advantage of an active one, even if they aren't the original person to set it up.

By using a Lure Module, you can attract wild Pokémon to a PokéStop for a limited time. Then all you have to do is catch them!

Lucky Egg

Lucky Eggs can double the amount of XP you earn for all actions for around 30 minutes.

You can either buy Lucky Eggs in the shop, or you can receive them as a reward while you level up. For example, getting to level 9 will earn you a Lucky Egg.


You get awarded medals as you get gameplay achievements throughout your adventures. There are a few different types you can get, including...

  • Jogger: Walk x kilometers
  • Kanto: Register Pokémon
  • Collector: Capture Pokémon
  • Scientist: Evolve Pokémon
  • Breeder: Hatch Eggs
  • Backpacker: Visit PokéStops
  • Battle Girl: Win Gym Battles
  • Ace Trainer: Train x times
  • Pikachu Fan: Catch Pikachu
  • Fairy Tale Girl: Catch fairy Pokémon
  • Black Belt: Catch fighting Pokémon
  • Punk Girl: Catch poison Pokémon
  • Schoolkid: Catch normal Pokémon
  • Bird Keeper: Catch flying Pokémon
  • Dragon Tamer: Catch dragon Pokémon
  • Hiker: Catch Rock Pokémon
  • Ruin Maniac: Catch ground Pokémon
  • Psychic: Catch psychic Pokémon
  • Hex Maniac: Catch ghost Pokémon
  • Bug Catcher: Catch bug Pokémon
  • Swimmer: Catch water Pokémon
  • Gardener: Catch grass Pokémon
  • Kindler: Catch fire Pokémon

Poké Balls

Poké Balls are what you use to catch wild Pokémon! They can be picked up at the shop or found at PokéStops.

There are different types of Poké Balls throughout the game. Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls are high performance Poké Balls with a better chance of catching wild Pokémon.


PokéCoins are the currency in the Poké-world! Trainers can exchange coins for premium items in the shop. People can also buy PokéCoins in the shop.


The ultimate Pokémon guide! The Pokédex is where you will find information about all the Pokémon you have caught or encountered in your adventures!


PokéStops are specific locations that you can go to gather items like Poké Balls, Eggs, and Potions.

A PokéStop will change its shape when you get close to it. To interact with a PokéStop, simply touch it and spin the Photo Disc to get items.


Potions are used to heal your Pokémon. When you use a Potion, you restore your Pokémon's Hit Points (HP) so they can battle again.


By using a Candy and Stardust, Trainers can power up their Pokémon. This will increase their CP and HP.


Prestige is how a Gym's progress is measured as different teams try to claim it. Prestige is earned when Pokémon train at the Gym.

To advance a certain Gym to higher levels, you have to increase a Gym's Prestige. The higher a Gym's Prestige, the more Pokémon can be added to defend it.

Razz Berry

While Razz Berry's cannot be purchased and can only be found at PokéStops, you can feed them to wild Pokémon to make them easier to catch. Razz Berry's will appear in later levels of the game when more difficult Pokémon begin to appear.

If a wild Pokémon has a high CP level or is rare, the player can use a Razz Berry to increase the chances of the Pokémon actually staying caught in a Poké Ball.

To see what Pokémon you currently are able to find around you, tap the strip in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open the Sightings menu, which shows you what Pokémon are within 70 meters of your current location.


You get Stardust by hatching Eggs, catching Pokémon, and earning the daily Defender bonus. It can be used to Power Up your Pokémon.


When you're at a friendly Gym, A.K.A. a Gym run by your team, Trainers can battle Pokémon that have been assigned there by other members of their team. This will increase the Prestige of the Gym and their Experience Points.


Trainers are the people who adventure, explore, play, and battle in the world of Pokémon Go: You!

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon that have not been caught are called wild Pokémon.

How do you play?

How far along are you in Pokémon Go? What's your favorite part of the game? Sound off in the comments below!

Pokémon Go

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