6 days ago

Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham — and the Most Important Question Of The Day


Let's face it: Donald Trump is a name I try to avoid whenever possible, and Lindsey Graham — the Republican senator from South Carolina — isn't a name I expected to type on Android Central anytime soon. But here we are.

See, Trump being Trump ended up with Trump doing what only Trump can do. And what Trump did in this instance was spit out Graham's phone number — his real number, apparently — during a speech today. The "why" doesn't matter. Fact is he did it.

And that leads us to the Most Important Question Of The Day:

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6 days ago

Possible Moto G (2015) specs revealed in product listing


Ahead of Motorola's July 28 event, where we're expected to get a look at some upcoming smartphones, Swiss retailer Digitec has posted a store listing for the third-generation Moto G, giving us a peek at what we may see from Motorola next week.

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6 days ago

Grab a white Sony Smartwach 3 for less than $150 from Amazon


Amazon is currently offering more than a 40 percent savings on the white Sony Smartwatch 3, dropping the price to only $147.95. The biggest savings come on the white model, though all of the colors are currently on sale. You can grab a black one for $170.11, or the lime one for $159.95, all rather significant savings from the normal $249 price tag on the smartwatch.

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6 days ago

Goodnight Lad — an augmented reality bedtime story

Goodnight Lad

I don't usually bring my smartphone in for a bedtime story, but a recent Kickstarter reward I received gave me reason to consider it. Goodnight Lad is a young children's story where every page is extended through the use of augmented reality. You install the app, point your phone at the page, and the main character and his friends spring to life for your child.

It's a clever use of AR, not because it's a kids story, but because the experience is so complete. Each page can be read to your child through the app, and the Kickstarter included outfit changes and cards to extend the story and share with friends. The app itself is nice and easy to use, and it locks on to the AR targets on the page nice and fast. It's by far the most compelling and enjoyable AR experience I've seen in a while, right down to the interactive menu on the first page.

The book is now available for $20, though currently the extra cards from the Kickstarter don't appear to be available. There's a demo in the app if you're not quite sold on the idea yet, which you can check out through the Google Play Store. I wouldn't go so far as to call this the next big thing in bedtime stories, but for $20 it's a nice way to shake things up and have some fun while reading a book.

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1 week ago

Google acquires Pixate to help developers make better mobile app prototypes


Google has bought yet another small tech company. It revealed that it has acquired the Palo Alto, California-based Pixate, which was formed in 2012. Pixate creates tools for developers so they can make quicker and easier prototypes for mobile apps.

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1 week ago

Google Drive gets a new plug-in for Microsoft Office


Google has made it even easier to open your Microsoft Office, Word, and Excel files that are stored in your Google Drive account with a new plug-in. Using this plug-in, you can open your documents stored in Drive, then save them back to Drive once changes are complete. Not only can you edit existing Drive documents, but you can edit local files and create new documents, then save them to Google Drive as well.

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1 week ago

ZTE announces the Axon Phone, Axon Watch, and Spro 2 Smart Projector for China


ZTE has launched a set of new devices in China: the Axon Phone, Axon Watch, and Spro 2 Smart Projector.

The company says that the Axon Phone for China is similar to the model announced for the US, though with additional features specifically for China. The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner. The 32GB version of the Axon Phone costs 2,699RMB, while the 128GB version costs 3,888RMB, and both models can be pre-ordered now.

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1 week ago

Nokia reportedly will sell HERE Maps division to Audi, BMW and Daimler


Nokia's quest to sell off its HERE Maps division may have come to an end. A new report claims that the company is close to signing off on a deal that will sell the maps division to German-based car makers Audi, BMW and Daimler for over $2.71 billion.

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1 week ago

The Google Now Launcher, revisited

Google Now Launcher

How does Google's predictive card-equipped launcher measure up in 2015?

On June 28, 2012, we asked when Google Now would eventually become your home screen. On November 1 the following year, we got our answer. One of the big new features on Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5 was a re-vamped launcher that incorporated Google's predictive search and assistant app in its own panel off. The Google Now Launcher, as it was later named, followed HTC BlinkFeed as one of the first Android home screen setups to offer additional information as well as an assortment of icons and widgets.

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1 week ago

Best waterproof pouch cases for Android


Stay calm and cool this summer with a waterproof case for your Android smartphone and tablet.

As things heat up this summer, most of us are making plans to cool off by taking frequent dips in our pool, or visiting nearby lakes and beaches. No matter where you end up, there's the constant reminder that your Android is in jeopardy the closer you get to water. And let's face it: most cases out there aren't designed to handle the sand, waves and salt. We've rounded up 5 waterproof cases for Android devices that allow you to get your summer splash on without the risk of water damage.

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TETHYS Waterproof Case

$9.99 Buy Now

This waterproof Android case comes in 2 different sizes to accommodate a variety of devices measuring up to 5.3-inches and 6.1-inches for a comfortable fit. Using a sturdy swivel lock system at the top, this case keeps everything you toss inside bone dry, whether you're floating on the surface or taking a dive. The front of the case is made of a completely clear TPU that allows you to use your touchscreen — perfect for checking missed calls, texts, or emails without exposing your device to the elements. The back features a smaller 2-inch window that leaves room for camera, as well as a 1/4-inch opening for an armband (not included). A lanyard is bundled with the TETHYS waterproof case which can be attached to the top. It's not ideal for talking on the phone nor does it float.

KONA Waterproof Case

$11.99 Buy Now

Fitting devices up to 6.3-inches, the KONA waterproof case sports a completely clear design from front to back and uses a swivel-lock system to keep water intrusion at bay. This pouch is much more basic as far as features go, but does have the ability to float and be used underwater in depths of up to 100ft. There's a premium clamp lanyard included, and the case is backed by an impressive 5-year warranty if you experience any wear after extended use.

MoKo Waterproof Tablet Case

$8.95 Buy Now

If you're planning on taking your tablet poolside, consider grabbing the MoKo waterproof tablet case — it fits devices up to 8.4-inches. The durable TPU casing with a snap and lock seal keeps your tablet and other items inside dry at all times. It's IPX8 certified up to 98ft, so you won't be restricted if you want to take some underwater photos. There's even a handy carry strap on the back along with an included lanyard that attaches to the top closure. The MoKo waterproof tablet case also comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

JOTO Waterproof Case

$8.99 Buy Now

For a more customized fit and look, the JOTO waterproof case accommodates devices up to 6-inches and features a TPU border around the edges. Both the front and back of the case share a completely clear window that makes it easy to utilize your touchscreen, take pictures, or record video above or under water. The case is IPX8 certified up to 100ft. and is secured shut by a snap and lock closure at the top, similar to the MoKo and TETHYS waterproof cases. The JOTO case floats while in the water and comes with a durable lanyard to wear around your neck or secure to your wrist while enjoying a swim. You can pick up this waterproof case in different color borders ranging from black and white to blue and magenta.

Aquapac Large Whanganui Waterproof Tablet Case

$41 Buy Now

Last up is Aquapac's largest waterproof case available, the Large Whanganui. This case is ideal for just about any tablet or for storing a variety of items inside like sunglasses, medkits, maps, money, you name it. It features the Aquaclip seal that uses 3 levers to twist open and closed when needed, and comes with its own shoulder strap for easy portability. Not only does the Large Whanganui float, but it's also completely submersible with an IPX8 rating. The front is clear for touchscreen use, while the back is more of a light gray — not camera friendly, although slightly transparent.

What are your favorite waterproof cases?

Are you already prepared to keep your Android devices safe from water this summer? We're interested in hearing what waterproof cases you're currently using or planning on picking up to keep your gadgets dry. Sound off in the comments!

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1 week ago

Catch Phil live tonight on TWiT's All About Android show


Tonight, starting at 5 p.m. PDT — that's 8 p.m. for those on the East Coast — you can catch our own Phil Nickinson live on the TWiT's All About Android show. It wasn't long ago he was on site talking Google I/O with the folks, and tonight he will be dialing in to talk even more Android.

You can expect a whole lot of talk about the latest news, hardware, apps, and much more. The livestream will be available right here, so be sure to tune in later tonight.

More: Check out Phil on AAA 215 from May 26, 2015

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1 week ago

AT&T suspends Android 5.1 update for 2013 Moto X


The Android 5.1 update from AT&T that was rolling out for the 2013 Moto X has been suspended for unknown reasons. AT&T has posted an update on its software update page, revealing that it has paused the push, and is working to resolve the issues.

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1 week ago

Save 40% on Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors for Galaxy S6

Today you can score BIG savings on this durable tempered glass protector for Galaxy S6 through Amazon using coupon code: S6NATION. Our first impressions were great: easy installation and clear, durable protection against scuffs and scratches. Free 2-day shipping is also available for Prime accounts if you're in a rush.

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1 week ago

Verizon reports increased earnings for Q2 2015, welcoming 1.1 million new customers


Verizon has published its earnings report for Q2 2015. The US carrier performed rather well in the second quarter of this year, pulling in $32.2 billion of revenue. The company continues to battle competitors to retain customers, but did manage to see its churn rate drop to just 0.90% – the lowest in three years.

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1 week ago

Facebook, Google and other tech giants back Samsung in patent court battle against Apple


We're certain patent battles are the last thing you'd like to read this morning, but things are getting interesting in the case between Apple and Samsung. The latter party has managed to garner support from various top tech giants, including Google, HP, and Facebook, who have filed a "friend of the court" briefing at the start of July, protesting against the decision to fine Samsung $548 million.

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