9 hours ago

Google releases Android 5.1.1 Factory Images for Sprint and US Cellular Nexus 6


Nexus 6 owners on Sprint and US Cellular who don't want to wait around for the latest Android 5.1.1 update to land on their device can now manually flash the update, right from Google.

The latest build of Android 5.1.1 for US Cellular and Sprint customers is LMY47Z, and it can now be downloaded and installed on the Nexus 6.

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10 hours ago

We're live from Google I/O 2015!

Google I/O at Moscone West

The time, it has arrived. We're live from Google I/O 2015 this week in San Francisco. South of Market, at Moscone West, to be exact.

What to expect this week? Well, by now you've no doubt dived into our Google I/O preview. That just barely scratches the surface, though. We'll be liveblogging the keynote at 9:30 a.m. PDT. And then the sessions begin, which is where the real work begins, with developers getting the inside scoop of what's new, and the best way to go about doing things throughout the Google/Android/Chrome ecosystem.

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10 hours ago

getgeeked is coming to San Francisco and Android Central is a partner!


In case you haven't heard, getgeeked is coming to San Francisco on June 11 — and we're absolutely thrilled that Android Central is the lead media partner for the first West Coast event! So thrilled in fact, that we've teamed up with getgeeked and Lenovo to give away a Yoga Tablet Pro 2 to kick things off.

More on that giveaway coming later. For now, let's talk about getgeeked and the upcoming event!

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10 hours ago

Microsoft brings its Office Lens document scanner app to Android


Microsoft's Office Lens app, which lets people can documents and other items and convert them with multiple file formats, has launched officially for Android.

Microsoft continues to expand its Android support with today's official launch of its Office Lens app. The app was previously released for Windows Phone and the iPhone.

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10 hours ago

Google I/O 2015 Keynote liveblog (May 28 — 9:30 a.m. PDT, 12:30 p.m. EDT)


We're coming at you live on May 28 for the keynote address from the 2015 Google I/O developer conference! And while we've already previewed what we think is coming you never really know what to expect until the lights drop, the music starts and Google's Sundar Pichai takes the stage.

We'll be there. And you'll be there. It's going to be magical. Or something. At the very least it'll be awesome.

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11 hours ago

Xiaomi to officially launch the Mi Store on June 1 for the UK, Germany, US, and France


Xiaomi is now ready to officially launch its Mi Store in the US, UK, Germany, and France beginning on June 1.

After what appears to be a successful test in of their store in the US, UK, Germany, and France, Xiaomi is ready to launch its Mi Store officially on June 1. The company will start off with various accessories in stock, such as battery packs, headphones, and its rather cheap fitness band.

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11 hours ago

How (and when) to use manual mode on the LG G4 camera

G4 camera

The LG G4 takes excellent pictures. Using manual mode in the camera can take things a step further for those times when you want or need a bit more control.

You might have seen some of the amazing pictures the people with early access to the LG G4 have been taking. The camera hardware is great, the software seems to do a really good job of turning out images, and the camera app is easy to use and feature-packed. We think that LG has lived up to their promise of delivering an awesome camera on their latest Android flagship phone.

One other thing that LG has done right is include a slew of manual controls (using the new camera2 API) built into the camera app. They've put them behind a simple — but effective — interface and made them accessible to anyone, pro and amateur alike. While many of us are used to fiddling with things like exposure settings and white balance, it really is something for the novice to try, too.

Lets talk about how — and when — to use them.

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12 hours ago

Watch our own Phil Nickinson on All About Android 215!

Michael Wolfson, Phil Nickinson, Jason Howell, Ron Richards and Daniel Tyson

One of the highlights anytime we make it out to the San Francisco Bay Area is having the honor of swinging by the TWiT studios up in Petaluma to see some pals and the work they do at This Week in Tech up close and personal. And such was the case again this week as we crowded 'round the table for episode 215 of All About Android, joining hosts Jason Howell and Ron Richards, along with fellow guests Michael Wolfson and Ausdroid's Daniel Tyson.

And if that seems like a lot of us for one pre-Google I/O show, you're right. And it was incredible.

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12 hours ago

Stroll scratch free with Tech Armor's easy-install HD screen protectors for Galaxy S6

Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protectors

A newb-friendly application and quality display protection that doesn't turn your display grainy. We approve.

There are numerous screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S6 available across the web, offering different levels of protection and installation techniques. Tech Armor's HD Clear protectors, however, keep the beautiful resolution of your display while shielding from common enemies like keys, dirt, and other abrasive elements. Best of all, you get 3 protectors in each package, saving the extras for when it's time to replace one. Hit the break to check out what's included along with a quick and easy installation video.

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13 hours ago

Fleksy adds millions of stickers with its new Imoji keyboard partnership


The popular Flesky keyboard got a big update today, adding the new Imoji Sticker Keyboard, which lets users communicate using millions of stickers.

If you love stickers, then you are really going to go nuts with the update to the Fleksy. It adds the Imoji Sticker Keyboard, which brings millions of new stickers to Fleksy.

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13 hours ago

Cyanogen OS Privacy Guard — keeping apps from seeing your data

Cyanogen OS Privacy Guard

One of the best features in Cyanogen OS lets you have your cake and eat it too

Personal security, especially when it comes to privacy on mobile devices, is all about the balance between convenience and usefulness. We use dozens of apps every day, each of which ask for access to an enormous amount of personal information in order to function. For many, it's an imperceptibly small sacrifice to make for access to the services provided by the app, especially when the alternative is not using the app at all.

Cyanogen OS includes a feature that acts as a reasonable middle ground, called Privacy Guard. Instead of having to choose between not using the app and offering your data as payment, Privacy Guard lets you deny the app certain kinds of information without interfering with functionality. Here's how it works.

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15 hours ago

Why I'd buy the LG G4 over the Galaxy S6

LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6

As I've written before, this was supposed to be the year the Samsung Galaxy S6 — and specifically the edge model — spends a good deal of time in my pocket and in my hand. And for a few weeks that was the case. The outstanding screen and camera pretty much made it a no-brainer.

Then came the LG G4. I'd used 2014's LG G3 for a bit, but it never really stuck with me. The new QHD display was finicky with oversharpening, and LG's software was a non-starter for me. This year, that's changed a bit.

To be clear, you can't really go wrong with either one of these phones. But I've made a choice, and it's been a pretty easy one to come to. So here's why I'd pick the LG G4 over the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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16 hours ago

Xiaomi's $15 Mi Band now syncs with Google Fit


Xiaomi pushed out an update to the Mi Fit companion app for the Mi Band fitness tracker that allows the sharing of data to Google Fit.

The compatibility with Google Fit makes the Mi Band — which went on sale in India earlier this year for just $15 — a much more attractive proposition for customers looking to track their daily activity. The Mi Band offers call and text notification alerts delivered through the trio of LED lights on its surface, and is IP67 certified.

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18 hours ago

LG G4 now available at Carphone Warehouse, black leather option exclusive to retailer


Carphone Warehouse has commenced sales of the LG G4, with the retailer offering the device on monthly plans starting at £35 a month.

The Black Leather variant of the LG G4 will be exclusive to Carphone Warehouse in the U.K. The leather option makes the device feel much more premium, and is definitely worth the upgrade. In addition to the Black Leather version, Carphone Warehouse is stocking the brown leather option as well as the plastic-clad grey model.

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1 day ago

This week's sidebar poll: what are you looking forward to most at Google I/O?


It's the most wonderful time of the year... It's the hap-happiest conference of all! Google I/O is just two short days away.

Google I/O is a bit like Christmas. Everyone gets together to drink, talk shop, and drink. Everyone waits in anticipation for Santa — Sundar Pichai — to come out and give us all our presents. Now, I/O makes a lot of parents — developers and bloggers — panic it's a chaotic time of travel and frantically trying to scoop together as much as possible to make sure the big day is perfect for their kids — users. And no matter what is announced on that stage, the only thing every kid wants on Christmas is to play with it. Right. Now. And while we have a pretty good idea of what some of our material design-wrapped presents are going to be, it's always fun to dream about what we're gonna get. And we Android fans have a lot to dream about this year.

So, what did you ask Santa for?

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