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4 years ago

Disabling bloatware on the S3, Best pre-paid options? [From the Forums]


Just in case you missed out on some of the Android news today, now is the time to go ahead and get yourself fully caught up. Here on the blogs and in the Android Central Forums there is plenty to talk about. Have some questions? Need some help or just looking to chat Android? You know where to go, check out some of the threads below to get started.

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4 years ago

How to: Use your USB flash drives with the Nexus 7 [root]


One of the few negative points with the Nexus 7 for some, is the lack of any sizable on-board storage. Indeed, looking at a couple of the latest big name game titles such as Max Payne or the Amazing Spider Man further compounds the frustration. With games going well in excess of 1GB -- and even approaching 2GB -- there isn't a great deal of room left for music and videos. 

Make no mistake, we're not here to discuss the lack of microSD card. It is what it is. But, what we are here to discuss, is a way of using a USB mass storage device such as a flash drive, with your Nexus 7. Hit the break and have a look.

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4 years ago

Apple's earnings call is a sign that the lawsuits can never stop


Apple had its quarterly earnings call today, and while looking through the news a thought hit. The financials are proof positive that the lawsuits against Android OEMs and partners can never stop. I'll admit that it sounds like I'm wearing a tinfoil hat, but if you read through the data you'll find one thing that can't be ignored -- Apple makes all of their money on mobile. Apple sells very few (relatively) laptops and desktops when compared to any of their competitors, sales of the iPod are waning, yet they keep making billions from the iPhone and iPad.

Don't be fooled by the images you see online, with rooms full of MacBooks. That's part of the tech bubble effect, and if you were to put 100 "real" people with a laptop in a room, 95 of them would be running Windows. Or 96 if you count Bootcamp. Apple surely enjoys a high profit margin on the OS X hardware they sell, but it's a niche product. That's unlikely to change in the near future. Apple's money and popularity comes from their mobile offerings -- even Steve thought so.

Back to the original thought here -- Apple can't let its hold on the mobile market slip away. Android may have a higher smartphone market share and are slowly creeping up in the tablet arena, but sales of the iPhone and iPad keep growing as well each quarter. Apple has to keep it that way, and they see how easy it would be to lose their spot in the hearts and minds of the public.

Google, and to a lesser (but not to be ignored) extent Microsoft, is slowly gaining ground on the content side. In the U.S., you can get books, magazines, movies, TV shows, music and applications for your Android products right from Google Play. It's really easy, your purchases instantly sync across multiple devices, and things are competitively priced. The real difference between Google Play and iTunes is in the content -- Apple just has more. As this gap grows smaller and smaller (and it will, Google wants your money bad enough to spend their money), there will be a point where new users will look at device features and capabilities for the deciding factor. Long-time users of either platform are less likely to switch over, as your content doesn't follow you from iOS to Android (or vice versa), but new users who aren't invested have a choice. At one point, iTunes was Apple's cash cow -- the amount and quality of the content was what many users used to make their purchasing decision -- but that will change. Even Apple can't keep Hollywood studios and music labels from wanting those Googlebucks, and eventually other countries will cave and licenses will be negotiated. It may cost Google everything it has in its war chest, but it will happen.

When the content is equal, and users look at what the device they are going to spend $700 on, features and ease-of-use become the deciding factor. Folks on the Internet will argue mindlessly about lag or quibble over pixels, but the general public sees things like widgets and pop-up video players on big screens and they are impressed. Fanboy arguments aside, looking at a Galaxy S III beside an iPhone 4S, the iOS simplistic beauty is lost on many consumers. Lost to giant weather widgets and saturated 4.8-inch SAMOLED screens. The more features Apple can have stripped away from Android devices, the better the iPhone and iPad look -- and operate.

We hate (as in hate) the smartphone wars and software patent mess that goes on across the global courts. We would love to see innovators battle each other only with innovation, because we all win with awesome new features on both platforms. But that's just never going to happen. Apple can't let it happen, and when the "next big thing" comes along to take on Android (and it will) Google can't let it happen. Money makes the world go 'round.

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4 years ago

Gameloft unveils five new free-to-play casual games for Android


Gameloft has announced that they will be expanding their Let's Play brand with five more games launching this summer on Google Play. Let's Play is geared towards casual mobile gamers in a free-to-play (read IAP-heavy) format. The new games will be:

  • Cosmic Colony: The action unfolds on a mysterious planet where players must create and organize their colony and make it prosper. Surprising events and space missions await players of all ages as they become space pioneers.

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4 years ago

Google's Nexus Q now billed as 'in stock' and shipping in 3-5 days on Google Play


Google has changed the availability status of the Nexus Q from "coming soon" to "in stock" (completely passing over the OMFGWTFBBQ stage we saw with the Nexus 7 models), with the qualifier that the device will be shipping out in three to five business days. With that said, we still haven't received any shipping notice about the Q we have on order, so we're still a little leery of any claims with the word soon in them. With the hearty price tag on the Q, it's a pretty good bet that we won't see the shipping and fulfillment nightmare we saw with the Nexus 7, as folks just aren't lined up to spend three hundred bucks on a cannonball that plays your Google Music.

Anyhoo, if you're thinking of picking one of these up, now is your chance while they are in stock and available. Your three Benjamins will get you a solid and well built musical orb with unlimited potential in the right hands. And it makes a sexy lightshow when you reset it.

Source: Google Play

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4 years ago

Roaming in Europe - the definitive UK network guide


In the past, traveling from the UK to mainland Europe could've landed you with a massive, unforeseen roaming bill. The EU recently imposed roaming price caps on European carriers, though, and as such, the major UK networks have been stepping up with a range of new roaming deals offering everything from inclusive minutes and data to reduced per-minute rates and even unlimited data in certain cases.

But there information from each individual carrier is often tricky to track down, and it's not always easy to know which network offers the best rate for your individual needs. That's why we've scoured the 'tubes for all the latest roaming rates and deals from the UK's leading mobile networks, and put them all in one place, along with a little guidance on which network might have the best roaming package for you.

If you're making the trip from the UK to Europe this summer, you'll definitely want to check out our definitive UK network roaming guide after the break.

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4 years ago

How to set lock screen and security options on Galaxy S3


With NFC and all your personal information, its time to keep your Galaxy S3 safe from potential thieves and peeping neighbors. 

It is much more convenient not to use security options on your Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) or other Android phone. However, this is sort of like playing Russian roulette with your data and personal information.

Imagine if you lost your phone and someone was able to access everything inside. What would you lose? What would the “ripple effects” be? Could your bank information be compromises? Your credit? In today’s day and age we just can’t take a chance of our sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Fortunately, the Galaxy S3 offers some easy and powerful built-in tools to help keep you phone, your information and your peace of mind safe and secure.

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4 years ago

Nexus 7 display goes dark at boot? Check the auto-brightness


This is one of those simple things that'll leave you kicking yourself, but that doesn't make it any less important. Noznarf in our Nexus 7 forums writes:

Just got my Nexus 7 yesterday and i've encountered a problem already. I charged the device for a couple of hours and was excited to start it up.

As soon as i started the device, I got the Google logo, followed by the Nexus symbol, and then just a black screen. I've tried rebooting in recovery mode to no avail.

When I press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds the Google screen will show, then some 10 seconds afterwards you gets the multi-coloured Nexus symbol and then nothing happens again.

The fix is simple enough, as dparrothead1 points out. You're not stuck in a bootloop. There's nothing wrong with the display. All you have to do is struggle through the setup and fix the auto brightness in the settings. Nicely done.

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4 years ago

Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE review


The Droid Incredible 4G LTE is a solid phone on Verizon with a ridiculously long name.

It's easy to dismiss Verizon's new Droid Incredible 4G LTE. It's easy to look at the specs on paper, glance over at the HTC One line, shake your head and move on. After all, DInc 4G LTE, in addition to having a ridiculously long name that reads more like a spec list than anything else (seriously, Verizon -- stop it), isn't a member of the HTC 2012 Cool Club, whose ranks include the One X, One S and One V.

The Incredible (we're going to call it that from here on out -- have we mentioned how ridiculous its full name is?) lives in a sort of middle region. It's an obvious successor to the DInc 2, which we reviewed last year. But for as good as its hardware is, it's missing a few features that would otherwise put it on the top shelf. On the other hand, in shines in a few places where other phones don't as well.

So keep on keeping' on for our full Droid Incredible 4G LTE review.

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4 years ago

New renders pop up for the rumored LG Spectrum 2 on Verizon


It was only a couple of weeks ago that we found photos and a service manual leak for the rumored LG Spectrum 2 on Verizon. Now some renders have popped up for the second version of one of LG's flagship phones in the United States.

The Spectrum 2 will be packing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.7-inch IPS display, 16GB of storage, 1GB RAM, Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and a 8MP rear-facing camera.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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4 years ago

Dungeon Hunter 3 adds multiplayer support


Gameloft's free fantasy hack-and-slash game, Dungeon Hunter 3, now lets players team up or duke it out online with new co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. 

As usual, you chose one of multiple standard classes, and defend against waves of monsters for as long as your weapons, armor, and powers will allow you. 

As with most of Gameloft's free titles, this one's rife with in-app purchases, but I never found them particularly intrusive in the time that I put into Dungeon Hunter 3. To start slaying some dragons with buddies, hit up the download link below. 

Download: Dungeon Hunter 3 (Free)

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4 years ago

Qmadix Xpression Cover case for Galaxy S3 review



The Qmadix Xpression Cover gives you a way to protect your Galaxy S3 from damage as well as a way to make it more personalized and unique.

The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is both a beautiful phone and a phone that feels a bit vulnerable to damage if dropped. The challenge with the Galaxy S3 is to find the right combination of protection without adding too much bulk and inhibiting the style of the device.

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4 years ago

Onkyo Remote for Android updated for greater compatibility


Just a quick heads up for those of you with Onkyo receivers that the Onkyo Remote Android application has been updated for improved compatibility with a few models. Here's the breakdown:

  • Home Media Function added for the TX-NR414/515/616
  • Added compatibility for the TX-NR1010, TX-NR3010 and the TX-NR5010.

You can check out our full look at the Onkyo Android app here.

Download: Onkyo Remote for Android

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4 years ago

AT&T posts Q2 results: 1.3 M net adds, 5.1 M smartphone sales


AT&T posted their second quarter 2012 financial results today. 5.1 million smartphones were sold; subtract the 3.7 million iPhone activated, and you should get a pretty clear idea of how many Android devices were sold. There were 1.3 million net subscribers added. Here are the broad strokes.  

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4 years ago

Xperia Go survives ice cream, football and the wheels of a car


With more ruggedized smartphones coming to market comes the opportunity to test them in a variety of visceral and cringeworthy ways. Last year we saw the Sony Xperia Active to head-to-head with a stanley knife and the wheels of a Jeep and live to tell the take, and this year its successor has been put through its paces in a similarly grueling ordeal.

German site A1​ decided to test the Xperia Go's rugged chassis and IP67 water and dust resistance to its limits by pitting it against an increasingly tough series of challenges -- first strapping the phone to a soccer ball football and kicking it around a field, next dunking it in ice cream, before burying it in sand and then running over it in a car. Finally, Sony's latest, toughest smartphone was cleaned off with a high-pressure fire hose. Sure enough, just like the Xperia Active before it, the Go looked none the worse at the end of its ordeal.

Check out the video in its entirety above.

Source: A1; via: Clove

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