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3 years ago

Who won the trip to NYC for the Talk Mobile launch party? Find out now!


Did you get your RSVP in for the Talk Mobile launch party in New York City next week? It's going to be a spectacular event, with all the Mobile Nations editors and a ton of fans and some very special guests all together under one roof to celebrate. This is the first time we've done a cross-site celebration like this, and we have no doubt that it's going to be a night to remember. We have DJ Mia Moretti lined up for some sweet aural stimulation as well as good food, strong drinks, and thousands of dollars in awesome prizes to be given away throughout the evening!

Aside from the lucky fans that managed to snag a spot at the party by RSVPing online, we had a contest to send one lucky reader and a guest to NYC for the party, with paid airfare and hotel, and it's time to announce who that person is!

Drum roll please...

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3 years ago

'4G ready' Xperia Tablet Z hitting Vodafone UK for as little as £99


Two different data plan prices save you a good amount of money up-front

Vodafone UK just announced today that it will be carrying a cellular data-enabled version of Sony's latest tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z, in both black and white for £199 on a £28 per month data plan or £99 on a £32 plan. As a price comparison the 16GB Wifi-only model of the Tablet Z is currently retailing for £399, and those plans will get you a respectable 1GB or 2GB of data per month to use on the glass-laden waterproof device. Just as a quick refresher, the Xperia Tablet Z is a 10.1-inch 1920x1080 resolution tablet with a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM and both 8MP rear and 2.2MP front cameras.

The carrier hasn't yet flipped the switch on its LTE network -- hence the "4G ready" branding -- but the tablet will indeed support the upcoming network as soon as its available. Vodafone is making a strong effort to have customers on LTE devices in preparation for the upcoming network launch, but we're not sure how many people are going to bite on a tablet like this before the LTE network is ready with a relatively expensive plan.

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3 years ago

Qualcomm announces new quad-core Snapdragon 400


Designed for high-volume units, the Snapdragon 400 gets a quad-core counterpart

Qualcomm has had a busy day, and they recently announced the new additions to the Snapdragon 400 line. We've seen the Snapdragon 400 used in the HTC First and were impressed with it's mix of performance and price, so today's news should get everyone's attention.

The new 8926 quad-core variants will not only deliver even more processing power. The chips also house support for LTE and HSPA+42 networks, TD-SCDMA support for the Chinese market and dual-SIM configurations with dual standby and dual active functions. This is in addition to Miracast wireless connectivity, Qualcomm's VIVE 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth, FM, NFC and QuickCharge. The 8926 has been certified as compatible with both Android and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

Expect to see a new reference device from Qualcomm later this year, and the chip itself should be available in bulk for manufacturers by the end of 2013. The full press release is after the break.

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3 years ago

Subscribe now to Talk Mobile via Google+, RSS, YouTube, and iTunes!


In addition to being available right here on Android Central, now you can also catch up on all the Talk Mobile roundtable videos via your subscription services!

The roundtable videos are the ones where Phil Nickinson of Android Central, Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, and yours truly, Rene Ritchie of iMore get together and, moderated by Cali Lewis and John P. of GeekBeat.TV, start the conversation about the issues in mobile that matter the most.

The videos will enter the feeds shortly after they go up in flashy new super features. Of course, we'd love for you to watch them right then, on the page and in proper context, along with all the supporting articles and videos. But, if you're on the go and need your quick fix, or at home with your feet up looking for a stream, we want you to have that option too!

So here they are! Subscribe now and leave a rating, it'll help us get featured and that means we'll all have the chance to continue the conversations with more awesome people just like you!

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3 years ago

Zynga lays off 18-percent of workforce to focus on mobile


520 employees to leave the company as it also closes three offices across the country

Gaming development behemoth Zynga is trimming down its workforce today by a dramatic 18-percent in order to refocus its efforts on mobile and touch screen gaming. In a company-wide memo obtained by Kotaku, CEO Mark Pincus explains that in order to focus in on Zynga's strengths the tough decision to cut jobs was necessary. While Zynga's original strategy of providing web games via platforms like Facebook took off initially, the company understands that the future is mobile. And although it seems tough on a large number of employees right now, Pincus explains that he is glad it is taking place "from a position of financial strength" rather than retreat.

You can call into question whether Zynga is actually financially strong at the moment, but the good side of this is that the company will be providing generous severance packages to the employees effected by this layoff. As for the future of Zynga, we can rest assured that it will continue to pump out some of the most popular games on mobile today. The full employee memo can be found at the source link below.

Source: Kotaku

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3 years ago

Platform numbers for May 2013 are in: Android 4.x on 59% of devices


Jelly Bean climbs as older versions fall, continuing the trend we're used to

The platform version numbers for the month of May 2013 are in, and there are still a lot of versions of Android out in the wild. It comes as no surprise to anyone who keeps track of this sort of thing, but devices running versions of Android from 1.6 up to the latest 4.2.2 are represented, and the numbers of each are holding true to the trends they always have.

Jelly Bean's slice of the pie is slowing getting bigger, while the rest slowly get smaller, and when a new version comes out we get to do it all over again. But the important number -- devices running Android 4 or higher -- is showing up in healthy numbers.

These really only matter to developers, who have a different set of APIs to use based on the platform version. All the good ones, the ones users want as well as the ones that make for better apps, are for Android 4.0.3 and up. As of today, that means 58.6-percent of the 900,000,000 "official" Android devices ( that's a staggering 527,400,000 devices) have access to them. 

Of course, the flip side is that 41.4-percent of the devices don't have access to them. And that's a real problem, especially if you're one of the have-nots. Google has some great ideas to address this for the future, but it's going to take time to get rid of all those Gingerbread phones.

Source: Google

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3 years ago

Feedly bringing search, better speed and new partners before Google Reader officially dies


Feedly aiming not only to be a Google Reader replacement, but to pick up where Google left off and make RSS better

In exactly four weeks (July 1) Google Reader will be officially dead, and Feedly is showing that they are determined to not only fill the void left behind, but to own the space. They're looking to pick up where Google left off, and using their user-voice site where users like you and me can express feedback, give ideas and get our questions answered they're doing it the right way.

Today they have announced their short term roadmap, filled with things that they say will be ready before Google Reader goes offline. Things like an online presence that doesn't require an extension or browser add-on, faster service from a new army of servers they've picked up, support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone and more. All excellent changes which will help everyone during the transition from Reader to Feedly. But what really caught our eye was their announcement of new partners.

Part of what made Reader so nice, especially on mobile, was that there were so many great apps to get to your content. Feedly plans to create the same ecosystem, and their free API will allow developers big and small to get on board. They've already been working "behind the scenes" with a list of partners: the developers of Reeder,Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader. 

If anything, Google Reader showed us that sometimes, someone besides Google does it better. We're excited to see Feedly following the same path, as well as the way they are listening to users about future features and changes. And of course, we're relieved that the news will continue to flow as well or better than it always did with an exciting new service. 

Source: Feedly

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3 years ago

New-look Gmail Android app rolling out now


Looks like we didn't have to wait too long after all for that fancy new Gmail app for Android. The new app -- Version 4.5 for you folks playing at home -- kills the action bar at the bottom and moves things up top, and introduces the left-anchored drawer for things like accounts and labels. You've also got the much-desired pull-to-refresh, and conversations how have a new look as well. 

Spend a couple minutes with the app and it you'll be quick to find that it's worthy update, though you will be stretching for the top of your phone when you're working with individual e-mails, instead of easily reaching the archive and delete buttons at the bottom. We'll have to see how much of an annoyance that is over time.

The update's propagating now, so head on into your local Google Play Store to snag it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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3 years ago

Lenovo's Intel-powered K900 smartphone hits a couple new countries


Lenovo and Intel today announced that the K900 -- one of the few Android smartphones we've seen this year with an Intel processor -- is now available in Thailand and Malaysia. China picked it up a few weeks ago.

We got our first look at the K900 at Mobile World Congress in Spain in February, and this thing is quite the beast.

Eight more countries will get the K900 later this summer, Lenovo says.

Source: Press release

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3 years ago

MiKandi's NSFW 'Tits & Glass' launches as the first Google Glass porn app


It was a matter of time, of course, before we saw the first porn apps come to Google Glass. And Android porn pioneer MiKandi, true to its word, has launched the obviously not-safe-for-work "Tits & Glass" app for Google Glass.

The app lets you do two things -- submit your own POV-style photos and videos (candid photography, nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean) and view photos and video. The app is preloaded with content that serves as a preview for what's in the decidedly adult MiKandi Theater. You'll be able to comment and vote on images -- and see them all floating in mid-air.

How hands-on an experience you have is, of course, up to you. Regardless, everyone around you will wonder just what the hell that person with the funny looking glasses is smiling at.

To get the app, you'll have to visit (again, folks, if we haven't made it abundantly clear, this is NSFW) and sideload onto your Google Glass.

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3 years ago

Verizon finally announces it'll carry the HTC One


'Later this summer' is all we've got to go by for now

In what really shouldn't be all that much of a surprise, Verizon has finally acknowledged that it will carry the HTC One at some point this summer. No word yet on how much it'll cost (figure flagship-level pricing), when, exactly you can get it ("later this summer" is as official as we've got) or what sort of tweaks Verizon could have had one. (Red, perhaps? We're not holding our breath, but this thing would be bad-ass in black with red accents.)

The HTC One marks the manufacturer's major release for 2013, with nearly identical versions on the other three U.S. carriers having been released for about a month now.

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3 years ago

Can mobile gaming kill the consoles? - Talk Mobile


Five years ago if you’d told anybody mobile devices stood even the chance of challenging dedicated home gaming console, you’d have been laughed out of the room. After all, the state of the art of mobile back then included the Apple iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Storm, Palm Treo Pro, and HTC G1. Comparing them to the powerhouses that were the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, as well as the not-powerful-but-still-enormously-fun Nintendo Wii would have been ludicrous.

3 years ago

Vine launches on Android with exclusive features


Six-second video app hits Google Play with new zoom feature

Twitter-owned video-sharing app Vine is launching on Android today, seven months after the initial iOS-only release. The app allows you to create and share six-second square-shaped videos and follow fellow Viners through your own tailored feed. Essentially, it's Instagram for video.

In addition to all the editing and social networking features of Vine for iOS, the Android version of the app is getting something unique -- zooming support. The Vine team also promises further updates in the weeks ahead, including front-facing camera support, search, mentions, hashtags and Facebook sharing.

After a brief delay, the app is now live on Google Play at the link above. You'll need a device running at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Anyone been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Vine on Android? How are you getting on with the Android version of the app? Shout out in the comments.

Source: Vine

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3 years ago

Canada finally able to escape three-year contracts, caps data overages at $50/month


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today announced that starting December 2, 2013, those of us up north will be able to cancel our contract after two years without penalty, that domestic data overage charges will be capped at $50/month ($100 for roaming), and that devices will be able to be unlocked after 90 days (or immediately if bought outright). The new code also stipulates that buyers will have 15 days to return any device so long as it's within certain usage limits, have the power to accept or decline mid-term contract changes, and that they'll have a contract they can actually understand. These changes are all a result of public hearings that happened back in February. 

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3 years ago

Get the newest version of the Android Central App before anyone else


Join our beta test group and move yourself to the front of the line

We love beta testing. We love playing with things that might break, will break and need some testing. To that end, Google recently introduced proper beta testing of applications through Google Play, and we're going to start using it.

Want to get the latest version of the newest Android Central App before anyone else? Want to help us test things out and squash bugs? Here's how to order:

It's that simple. We'll start with the beta builds in the coming weeks. Thanks for your help!

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