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6 years ago

ROMS, ROM developers and ROM users [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

Customization options really are one of the finer, loved points of Android. Being an Android user allows for a wide variation of customization options. Some like the multitude of different applications which change the look and feel of your device while others like to dig deeper and change everything by loading up custom ROMS. Since many folks here love ROMS, hop on into the forums and check out some of what users have been posting. If you're a ROM developer, set up shop and share your goods. 

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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6 years ago

Droid does trigonometry with a slew of TI calculator emulators


ti86 1  ti 86 2

If the stock Android calculator isn't quite enough to fit you needs, have no fear.  App developer Doug Melton has ported the AlmostReal TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 emulators to Android.  I've been monkeying with the TI-86 version for a few days, and have to say the job is very well done.  Support for TI-Basic is included, so hours of geek fun can be had writing those small programs many of us love to tinker with.  It even works as a calculator, too!

You can grab the TI-86 version (my personal choice) after the break, or visit Doug's AppBrain page to see the other choices, as well as a few other apps he's written.  Thanks Doug for the beta copy, and thanks everyone for sending this one in!

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6 years ago

Yes, Verizon's New Every 2 is finished ...


Verizon NE2

Verizon today confirmed the WSJ story that confirmed the news we broke to you two weeks ago in the first place -- the New Any 2 upgrade program is no more. Still don't believe us?

New Every Two was a marketing program available to customers who signed up for a two-year plan of at least $34.99 per month. Enrolled customers were eligible for a $30 or $50 credit toward a new phone depending on their monthly access tier.

New lines of service will no longer be enrolled in the New Every Two program. If you are currently enrolled, you may redeem your New Every Two benefit one more time for up to six months after fulfilling 20 months of your two-year term.

So there you have it. Let's all move on now, shall we? [Verizon]

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6 years ago

Permanent root or temporary -- Which is for you?



Android Central forums member ItsAllAndroid brings up some really good questions -- which root method (temporary or permanent) is easier, and what are the advantages of permanently rooting your phone?  For some of us, the obvious answer is to perma-root and go, but not everyone is comfortable with the methods, or potentially canceling the warranty on their $500.00 Android phone.  Let's take a look at each method, and maybe it will help you make your decision, after the break.

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6 years ago

Mr. Android recovered! [Cancel BOLO]


After yesterday's BOLO was issued for the missing Mr. Android, Amber Conky from Covington saw the news coverage and called to report that she had indeed found Mr. Android outside of her apartment, just sitting right there next to a dumpster. Although Mr. Android was a little roughed up he was otherwise, unharmed. Staying true to the reward offering, Amber will receive the promised $1,000 for finding Mr. Android. [WLWT]

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6 years ago

Notion Ink Adam will ship, they have the pictures to prove it


Notion Ink -- the company many felt was never going to be able to produce that tablet that it had been promising for a a year now -- has seemingly laid some of the rumors to rest. Having now received blessing from the FCC, Notion Ink is ready to ship their first batch of Adam tablets and they have posted up the pictures of their fully stocked warehouse to prove it. As noted on their blog, Notion Ink previously advised February simply because they were unsure of how long the FCC would take to approve Adam. Having made its way through the process quickly, Adam will now ship at the end of January. [Notion Ink]

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6 years ago

Kongregate Arcade brings more than 300 games to Android


What happens when you take some of the hottest flash based games off the web and jam them into a storefront like experience? You end up with the newly released Kongregate Arcade app for Android. Available now in the Android Market, Kongregate Arcade looks to be a "one stop shop" for your gaming needs. As noted in their press release:

"In creating the Kongregate Arcade, we wanted to solve the game discovery problem that all Android owners have shared," said Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate. "It was important to reinforce our mission to provide gamers with great free games anytime, anywhere, and to broaden the reach of the Kongregate community across multiple platforms. The arrival of Kongregate Arcade is the perfect next step in that strategy."

Over 300 games are already loaded into Kongregate Arcade with more on the way each week. Kongregate Arcade is something to check out for sure if gaming is your thing. Keep in mind though, you will need to be running Android 2.2 or higher and you will need to have Flash 10.1 installed as well as have an internet connection available. Full press release and download is after the break for you all. Thanks I_Am_Incredible. [JoyStiq]

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6 years ago

Disney to launch Android smartphone in Japan


 Disney Android Smartphone

A head-on collision between Android, Disney and Japan was always going to produce something a little out-of-the-ordinary. Disney Mobile has announced the succinctly-named Disney Mobile smartphone, Disney-branded Android device which seems to be based on the Sharp Galapogos 003SH. The phone, which for the moment is exclusive to Japan, runs Android 2.2 Froyo and sports a "large" 3D LCD screen alongside a 9.6-megapixel camera. Disney is even offering a choice of choice of "cool and cute" branded cases alongside the mouse-themed device. Just what I always wanted!

The chances of this phone ever seeing the light of day in the West are pretty slim, but at the very least we can hope that someone manages to port that awesome home-screen clock widget across to other devices. In the ridiculously unlikely event that you're reading this from Japan and are actually in the market for such a phone, you'll be able to pick up the Disney Mobile smartphone this February. [Disney Mobile via Google Translate]

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6 years ago

Verizon employees getting training on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt


Verizon HTC Thunderbolt training

The bad news: We still don't know when the HTC Thunderbolt will be available on Verizon. The good news: If the above pic is any indication, it looks like training has begun. So it likely won't be too long now before you'll be able to get your hands on that hunk-a-hunk-a-burning LTE goodness. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with our hands-on.

Update: Yes, it's noted that the TB will rock simultaneous voice and data on LTE. Pretty cool, eh?

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6 years ago

Xperia Arc camera improvements showcased


In its latest product blog post, Sony Ericsson shows off some of the new camera features to be found in its upcoming Xperia Arc. Sony's Rikard Skogberg gives a video walkthrough of the camera app in the Gingerbread-powered phone, introducing its new Exmor R back-illuminated sensor technology. This, together with the Arc's f/2.4 aperture value, is designed to improve the quality of pictures taken in low-light environments.

Later, in a final Inception-like twist, Skogberg reveals that the video itself is being recorded on a second Xperia Arc, showcasing the device's HD video recording capabilities. Check out the video for yourself after the jump. [Sony Ericsson Product Blog]

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6 years ago

LG Ally about to get Froyo update


LG Ally Froyo

Waiting for the LG Ally to get Froyo? Looks like your wait's about up, as Verizon's prepping the Android 2.2 update in short order. The update (VS740ZVD) will bring you the various improvements we've covered in our Froyo Features series, so check them out for the whole nitty gritty. And try not to look your friends with Fascinates in the eye. They're a little twitchy right now.

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6 years ago

Is the Nook Color the Android Tablet for you?


By now, you've probably heard about all the Android mad scientists hacking their Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor's into full-fledged Android tablets. If you haven't donned the Einstein wig yourself and are curious whether this hack-job is for you, read on ...

People often ask why they should go the Nook modding route when there are devices out there that are--you know--actually meant to be tablets?

As the current Android Central Nook Color Adviser, my official answer is:

"Buy the Nook! Buy the Nook!! Then come to Android Central for all your NOOKcolor modding questions!!! Be sure to tell your friends, too!!!!"

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6 years ago

GameBox Android console announced



Gaming firm Envizions has announced the Android-based GameBox console, which promises to deliver a cloud-supported home console experience on the Android platform. Similar to Envizions' cross-platform GameBox service, the new console will allow gamers to play native and cloud-based games, saving their progress to the cloud as they go and letting them resume from any supported device.

"Gamebox provides a cross-device environment that benefits players and developers. It supports both application-based games designed for high-definition televisions and networked-based games that are streamed over the cloud. Initially, developers worldwide will be able to distribute games via the system. In the near future, they will be able to stream games to users by system update."

Other promised features include social networking integration and gesture-controlled input. Specific information on the new console is sketchy at the moment, though. Specifications and release dates have yet to be revealed, though Envizions is already on the lookout for developers. In the near future, developers interested in working with the GameBox console will be able to pay $9.95 per month for access to storage, support, SDK's and distribution tools. [GameBox]

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6 years ago

Sprint notices you're using data, is adding $10/month fee to all smartphones



When the HTC EVO 4G was announced last summer (and later with the Epic 4G and Shift 4G), along with it came an extra $10 fee that Sprint swore up and down wasn't a 4G tax. It wasn't, and it still isn't, and starting Jan. 30, everyone with a smartphone will be subject to the "$10 per month Premium Data add-on charge."

Note that if you're not currently using the EVO 4G, Epic 4G or Shift, but are using another smartphone (defined as "devices with robust operating systems bringing the full function of mobile applications and programs to life including Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, and the Instinct family of devices"), you're not going to be paying the extra $10 until you upgrade or activate another smartphone. In other words, you're grandfathered in.

In the press release announcing the change, Sprint says that its smartphone customers use, on average, 10 times more data than users of feature phones. (As well they should.)  [Sprint, 2]

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6 years ago

T-Mobile Vibrant 4G shows itself


T-Mobile Vibrant 4G

Behold, the T-Mobile Vibrant 4G, apparently. It largely looks like the original Vibrant, though it appears to be sporting a front-facing camera and is supposed to hook into TMo's HSPA+ "4G" network. Oh, and it's rumored to launch with Android 2.3, once Touchwiz is ported to it (which BGR explains is the reason it's unskinned in the pic above). Otherwise, same 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, and we'll wager it has the same 1GHz Hummingbird processor (though a slight speed boost wouldn't be out of the question). It's still rumored to be headed our way Feb. 23. [BGR]

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