2 years ago

Dress up your Android for Christmas


One of the best things about toting around an Android phone is the way you can make it yours.  Wallpapers, widgets, icon sets, even system apps can all be customized just about any darn way you please, and Christmas is a great time to do it! We dug around and found a few things you could use to get your Android phone into the Christmas spirit, check 'em out after the break.

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2 years ago

This is not the Samsung Galaxy S III



Now you know how I hate to burst anyone's bubble, especially this close to Christmas. But -- oh, who am I kidding. I love to do that. Especially this close to Christmas.

This is not the Samsung Galaxy S III. It's not a leaked render. It is, however, a nicely done concept render, and it managed to fool a few people today, judging from the amount of tips in our inbox. But, no, folks, it's not the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has not been announced, has not been leaked, and is not seen in the picture above.

Repeat: That is not the Samsung Galaxy S III.

We all straight now? It's a fan render that was posted to some Russian "Samsung Phone Owners' Club" group, then reposted on a couple other sites and picked up before Concept-Phones published an update. Whoopsie. Again, not real. Move on.

Non-source: vkontakte.ru; non-via: concept-phones

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2 years ago

Ashley Madison for Android: A bad app for doing bad things


It's tough to listen to satellite radio these days without hearing an advertisement for Ashley Madison, an online community that boasts having more than 12 million anonymous members looking for some degree of companionship. The difference between Ashley Madison and other dating sites is it openly caters to people looking to have discreet affairs.

I'm happily married, and having an affair with someone online isn't exactly on my agenda anytime soon, much to the relief of my wife and kids. But I also can't escape those damn commercials. And since Ashley Madison has an Android application, I figured it was in my professional duty to check it out. A few thoughts, after the break.

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2 years ago

Three UK to roll out 42.2Mbps HSPA+ in 2012


Hidden away in today's festive message from Three UK was the news that the carrier is planning to roll out 42.2Mbps HSPA+ speeds across its network over the next year. Three says it's already deployed 21.1Mbps HSPA+ across "the majority" of its 3G network, and adds that it plans to extend HSPA+ to all 3G coverage areas by early next year.

Other UK networks haven't made quite as much noise about HSPA+, though we have noticed quiet roll-outs of the tech in certain areas by T-Mobile UK and Vodafone. Currently HSPA+ is only available on a minority of handsets sold in the UK, with notable examples being the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus, which support up to 21.1Mbps.

Looking ahead, Three says its main challenge for 2012 is to ensure that the repeatedly delayed UK LTE spectrum auction goes ahead, freeing up valuable airwaves for 4G rollout in the coming years. Yeah, when it comes to LTE in the UK, we're still talking years, not months. In preparation, Three says it's planning to run its own 4G LTE trials at some point in the near future.

Source: Three UK (1, 2)

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2 years ago

Stock Talk 02: Apple value, RIM results, Android uptake


Chris, Ed, and Rene talk Apple value, RIM's latest results, the uptake of Android, webOS going open source, Microsoft's mobile chances, HTML5 platforms, the future of LTE, and the year ahead. This is Mobile Nations Stock Talk.

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2 years ago

HTC Flyer's price dropped to £199, sale season starts early


Really wanted a tablet for Christmas but the high prices put you off? Well Dixons online in the UK could well have come to the rescue by dropping the price of the HTC Flyer to £199 for the wifi only version. 

While shipping with Gingerbread, it's important to remember before dismissing the idea that the wifi version of the Flyer will be getting a Honeycomb update like it's 3G brother. That's quite a lot of tablet for £199. Hit the source link below for more info. 

Source: Dixons

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2 years ago

NORAD tracks Santa and you can, too, with the official app


Norad tracking Santa started back in 1955, pretty much by accident when a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck & Co. advertisement accidentally printed the number to the Continental Air Defense Command center as the number to call in order to get in touch with Santa. Ever since then the Continental Air Defense Command center now known as NORAD has been tracking Santa every Christmas creating a tradition for many folks.

This year, a new Santa tracking app has been released and is now ready for download. With it, you can track Santa's progress as he travels across the world delivering presents to good boys and girls.

Plus, you can play the included Elf Toss game that is actually quite fun. You have to help the Elf's toss presents to Santa all while avoiding the holes in the ice -- otherwise, you may lose some presents and they won't make their way. Just remember -- Santa hasn't left the North Pole yet but when he does, this app will let you know. Download is past the break for you all.

And on Christmas Eve, you also can search for "Santa" in Google Maps and track that way.

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2 years ago

Engadget Distro arrives for Honeycomb tablets


Our pals at Engadget (hey, pals!) have their sweet little Engadget Distro, which curates its content in magazine-like fashion. And it's now available on Android. It was previously released only for iOS, so it's great to see an Android version. If you're a fan of Engadget or tech news in general, you'll want to check this app out. It looks great on Honeycomb tablets.

The app features are:

  • Weekly, curated content from Engadget, the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology
  • Share Engadget Distro content via Twitter, Facebook, and email
  • Download Engadget Distro Issues and read them offline
  • Navigate between Engadget Distro articles via swipe or in the convenient Article Viewer
  • Find specific Engadget Distro pages via the Issue Page Viewer
  • Browse Engadget Distro Issues via the Bookshelf or Cover View

Engadget Distro is a free app from the Android Market that is available for tablet devices running Android 3.0+. Please find links to the Market after the break. Engadget has even included the .apk for devices that claim to not support it, so you can find that here as well:

Engadget Distro APK

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2 years ago

Samsung's Korean blog explains why the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab didn't make the ICS cut


And so begins the long list of Android devices that won't officially be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung's "Samsung Tomorrow" blog, in Korean, has explained why two of 2010's top devices, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, won't be getting official updates to ICS. The short version: older hardware and a slew of customizations, including Samsung's own TouchWiz.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, folks, seeing as how Samsung just announced its initial round of ICS updates, and neither the Galaxy S nor the Galaxy Tab were on it. And neither device made our list of ICS update predictions, either. It sucks, but not every phone will receive and official update.

Your best bet will be the custom ROM route, and we guarantee you, you will see them.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (translated)

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2 years ago

Dropbox v2.0 with Ice Cream Sandwich optimizations goes live in the Android Market


Having previously slipped a preview of the Dropbox update with optimizations for Ice Cream Sandwich, we all knew it was coming but we didn't know when, exactly. As it turns out, the latest update for Dropbox is now available in the Android Market and ready to be downloaded. Aside from the new UI and Ice Cream Sandwich optimizations, Dropbox has a few other tricks built in:

  • Favorites: quick offline access to files
  • Bulk upload photos and videos
  • Rename files and folders
  • Single-tap access to all file and folder actions
  • Improved gallery view
  • Upload from and export to local storage
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

Whether you're a hardcore Dropbox user or just a casual user, this update is one not to skip over. You'll find some more screenshots and the download link past the break for you all.

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