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3 years ago

ZTE Boost Max review: A big phone with a smaller monthly bill


One of the most expensive phones on Boost has a huge screen and solid build quality, but comes up short in the wrong places.

Being a Sprint MVNO, options for bringing devices to Boost Mobile is inherently limited. You're basically stuck with approved older Sprint devices that can be unlocked and moved over, and Boost's own lineup of phones. Knowing its target market of budget-minded prepaid buyers, Boost does its best to strike deals with manufacturers to get a wide range of devices on the shelves and keep the off-contract price low.

Coming in with a 5.7-inch display and an off-contract price of $299, the Boost Max is the prepaid carrier's first (physically) huge phone that's set to put a dent in your pocket, but not your wallet. At this price without a contract you won't get barn-burning internals or the best camera prowess available, but if you're hungry for a larger screen and are set on keeping the monthly payments low, you now have an appealing choice.

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3 years ago

HTC M8 leaked in case shot


Dark grey handset with on-screen buttons pictured in latest leak

Just as we're hearing news of the launch events for HTC's next flagship smartphone, Twitter leaker @evleaks has posted an purporting to show the successor to the HTC One contained in a case of some kind.

As expected, the "M8" appears to be a somewhat curvier version of its predecessor, complete with front-facing speakers and on-screen buttons. The band below the screen, home to capacitive keys on the M7, now serves only to display the HTC logo. Due to the nature of the leak we can't make out much else of the device, but we can clearly see out a volume rocker on the right edge, a power button in the top right corner and an opening for some kind of slot on the right edge. On the display we're seeing the same HTC Sense 6 image that leaked a couple of weeks back.

The image would certainly appear to show HTC's next big thing, but there's a lot we still don't know about the "M8" — one of the biggest mysteries being its apparent dual rear cameras. We'll be live from HTC's launch events on Mar. 25; until then share your speculation in the comments!

Source: @evleaks

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3 years ago

Nokia X looking increasingly likely for Mobile World Congress


Nokia slipping out its own teasers for alleged Android device

Nokia X; at this point we'll be more surprised if we don't see it at Mobile World Congress on Monday. The device more commonly known as Normandy, alleged to run some construction of Android and tagged as a potential Asha replacement is now even being teased by Nokia itself. That's a giant, green X.

Posted on Nokia's Conversations blog is a reminder of its forthcoming press conference – that we'll be at, naturally – in Barcelona. There's plenty of green about, and four black crosses meeting at the same point. X marks the spot. Of course, for a few more days the rumor and speculation will continue, but soon enough we'll have everything we need to know. 08:30 local time it all goes down on Monday, February 24. Join us.

Source: Nokia

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3 years ago

An Android device and a DSLR can be really good friends


With just a USB OTG connector your Android device can be a great addition to your camera gear

Cameras generally scare me, but I do like exploring as many avenues as possible in pursuit of a good workflow. I recently picked up a new Canon 600D camera, and like all good nerds immediately started to look about for cool stuff I can do with it. Since I'd picked up a Canon, one of the first Android apps I looked at was the pretty excellent DSLR Controller by Chainfire. And, in hooking it up, I came across something that took me a little by surprise.

With no additional apps or tinkering, the Moto X I'm currently using asked me what app I wanted to use with the USB device. Two of the options were for photo import. This might be common knowledge to some of you guys out there, but it surprised me, so I figure I can't be alone.

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3 years ago

Samsung lays out which devices will get Android 4.4.2 KitKat


Samsung this morning announced which of its devices are planned to receive an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The list doesn't appear to contain any real surprises, but it's good to have some confirmation.

Here's how it breaks down for devices in the U.S.:

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3 years ago

HTC Advantage: A new level of commitment for Android customers


New HTC America initiative promises free screen replacement, software updates for two years, free storage for HTC One series phones in the U.S.

Amid decreasing sales and continued financial worries, HTC America this morning announced HTC Advantage, a program that swaps out broken screens, and commits to keeping the software on its current line of HTC One smartphones (including the HTC One Mini and One Max) up to date.

The promises are twofold, and simple:

  • If you crack your display in the first six months you own the phone, HTC will fix it for free.
  • HTC will provide timely updates for two years from the date the phone launches, both for major revisions of Android as well as improvements to its own Sense software.

In addition, HTC is giving either 25 or 50 gigabytes of free storage with Google Drive for two years.

Piqued your interest yet? Read on for more details.

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3 years ago

HTC's next big thing is coming March 25


New York and London events for 'M8' unveiling

Here we go! HTC has confirmed that its next flagship phone (the rumored "M8") will be arriving at events in London and New York on Mar. 25, with "save the date" invites now going out.

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3 years ago

Samsung unveils upgraded flash for Galaxy S5 camera


Upgraded Samsung flash 'will be used in the next Galaxy smartphone'

With less than a week to go before the expected Galaxy S5 launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung has today handed us one small piece of the GS5 hardware puzzle. In a post on the Samsung Tomorrow blog, the company has revealed a range of new LED flash parts for upcoming smartphones. The components include reflector-integrated packages, side-view LEDs and a flip-chip flash LED. And according to Samsung, one of the reflector-integrated flash LEDs — the 3432 1.8t — will be included in "the next Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be introduced later this month." That'll be the Galaxy S5, then.

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3 years ago

Leaked Intel roadmap points to new mobile chips announced at MWC


Expected introduction of new SoCs for both phones and tablets in Spain

Intel is headed to Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, but before all that an apparent leaked roadmap gives us an indicator of what to expect. The document obtained by VR Zone shows two new chips for smartphones and tablets that will be discussed for the first time at MWC. One will be geared towards Android tablets, and the other is said to be a 64-bit variant of its Bay Trail-T.

Intel has had a tough time breaking into the Android space with its mobile offerings, and the roadmap shows a forthcoming refresh to many major products. We've seen Intel devices pretty sparingly running Android in the past couple of years, with ASUS and Lenovo among the biggest current partners.

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3 years ago

HTC FootballFeed app updated ahead of UEFA knockout stages


A major UEFA partner, HTC launched its FootballFeed app for Android on Google Play last November, allowing fans to keep track of European leagues on their smartphones in a BlinkFeed-ike grid. Today, in anticipation of the Champions League and Europa League knockout stages, the app's been given its first substantial update.

The new version adds support for Estonian, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, bringing the total supported languages up to 25. There's also a new "live dashboard" allowing fans to track ongoing games, as well as a standings page showing teams, fixtures and scores in the knockout stages of both leagues.

As before, HTC FootballFeed is available for free on Google Play for all Android devices running 4.1 Jelly Bean or above.

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3 years ago

KitKat update pushing out to HTC One Max and One Mini in India


As yet unseen update pushing out alongside the dual-sim version of the HTC One

Indian HTC One owners are in for a treat, as HTC India has announced that Android 4.4 KitKat is pushing out from now to the dual-sim variant. Not only that, but the HTC One Max and One Mini are also seeing the update to KitKat. Reports suggest similar updates in other countries in Asia such as Malaysia as well.

Only a couple of days back during its Reddit AMA, HTC stated that updates for the One Max and One Mini are in the works, but that we should be seeing them in March and April respectively. Presumably then, that applies to U.S. devices, but they sure weren't bending the truth in saying the updates were in the pipeline.

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3 years ago

Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in India


Trimmed down Note 3 gets another official launch following introduction in Eastern Europe

Samsung has been holding a Forum event over in India, and one of the big pieces of device news to come away from it is the launch there of the new Galaxy Note 3 Neo. First introduced in Poland in January, the Note 3 Neo a trimmed down version of the regular Note 3. With a smaller, lower resolution display, less potent internals and lower spec camera, the Note 3 Neo also comes at a reduced price over its full-fat sibling.

It isn't yet known exactly when the Note 3 Neo will go on sale in India, but to buy folks will be looking to part with INR 40,900.

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3 years ago

Martian Watches bringing the Notifier, new features to Mobile World Congress


First seen at CES, Martian's latest smartwatch also heading to Europe

The folks at Martian Watches have dropped us a line outlining some of the plans for the company at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. Turns out its latest watch, the Notifier, will be coming to Europe after an introduction in Las Vegas at CES.

In addition to a more global reach for the Notifier, Martian is also going to be demonstrating some additional new features for its existing range of smartwatches. The Martian watches are different to some other smartwatches, in the sense that they look like a regular watch while still offering connected capabilities.

In any case, we're on the ground in force in Spain next week, so keep it locked to Android Central for all the best from the show. If you're curious about the Martian Notifier, head on past the break for a first look from CES with our buddies over at Smartwatch Fans

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3 years ago

ZTE to launch Grand Memo II LTE, show off new MiFavor 2.3 UI at MWC


Few details given, naturally, but we're set to see a brand-new 6-inch device and software suite

Getting out ahead of the impending flood of news out of MWC, ZTE is giving folks a better idea of what it will be showing off at the show in Barcelona. While we don't have all of the specifics just yet (some secrets are better kept until the show), we know ZTE will unveil its latest big device, the Grand Memo II LTE, with a 6-inch screen to replace the aging orginal Grand Memo. It will also show off its latest Firefox OS device, the Open C.

On the software front, ZTE will unveil the latest flavor of its interface for Android, called MiFavor 2.3. No details are given at this point about the new software, but we hope it brings a more unified experience across its devices, as the previous iterations of software have been rather disjointed depending on the phone you were using — even devices that were developed simultaneously.

ZTE already put its biggest devices for the first half of the year on display at CES back in January, so this show will likely be a bit slower for the manufacturer, but it looks like we'll be in for at least a few surprises next week.

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3 years ago

HTC's either about to do something really smart, or really dumb

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