24 min ago

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War invades Android


Gameloft has released Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War for Android. The World War II-themed third person shooter was first announced in June 2013, and its release date was finally announced just a couple of weeks ago.

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49 min ago

Yahoo Weather grabs beautiful animations in latest update


Yahoo Weather was already arguably one of the most gorgeous weather apps you could get your hands on. Starting today, however, things are about to get prettier. Yahoo has updated its Android weather app with new animations for a whole host of different weather conditions.

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These Samsung Galaxy Note 4 anti-glare screen protectors are only $4.95 today!

Shield your Galaxy Note 4's display from annoying fingerprints and scratches while preventing glare at the same time with these precision cut protectors from Ventev! Including two per package, these screen protectors are simple to apply and leave absolutely no sticky residue when removed. Get yours today and save 62%


2 hours ago

Check out our brand new best phones guides!


You guys may have noticed a flurry of carrier-themed guides for best phones crossing the front page of Android Central lately. We wanted to round them all up for you here and give a bit of insight to our thinking when putting them together.

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2 hours ago

Hangouts Dialer now actually identifies itself as a dialer app

Hangouts Dialer

With a simple app update, Google has just fixed one of the biggest gripes with the Hangouts Dialer — it's now actually identifying itself to the system as a dialer app. Prior to today's update, you couldn't quite fully replace your normal phone app with Hangouts because if you ever needed to initiate a phone call from another app — like a restaurant in Google Maps or a phone number in a text message — it would always kick you out to the phone app, with no choice to choose Hangouts.

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2 hours ago

The BLU Studio 7.0 is a budget-conscious 7-inch smartphone


BLU Products has introduced the BLU Studio 7.0, a smartphone with a 7-inch display with affordability in mind. It runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and is available now on from Amazon for $149.99 unlocked. The BLU Studio 7.0 is compatible with U.S. GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.

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3 hours ago

Microsoft's Xim photo sharing app now supports Chromecast


Microsoft has released an update for its recently-launched smartphone photo-sharing app Xim that adds support for displaying those images for a number of TV set-top boxes and sticks, including Google's Chromecast.

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4 hours ago

Acer Iconia Tab 8 mini-review

Bright little tablet for a bright little price

Big tablet on a small budget

With the Nexus 7 on its way out and the new Nexus 9 sporting a higher price-tag and size than many users are willing to put up with, folks are now looking for tablet options that fit into their lives and their budgets a little better. Acer aims to check all the boxes and then some with the $199 Acer Iconia Tab 8 — which can be found for almost half that price. While to some this will fit the bill nicely, there are a few more boxes checked that aren't as desirable. The question is do the good boxes offset the bad?

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4 hours ago

Santa Phil Day 3: Win a Nexus Player and game controller!

Nexus Player

The Nexus Player has a tough hill to climb. For one, it's tripling the price of the Chromecast while duplicating the functionality. But it also does a lot more. Namely, you get apps — full Android apps, tailored to the TV experience — on the big screen. It's still early in the Nexus Player's life, and we'll definitely see more of this experience built into TVs in 2015, and probably other boxes as well.

But I've been enjoying the hell out of the Nexus Player. Now it's time for one of you to do the same.

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5 hours ago

SimCity BuildIt now available worldwide for Android


Electronic Arts has now made its latest urban simulation game, SimCity BuildIt, available worldwide for Android in the Google Play Store after first announcing the game earlier this year.

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6 hours ago

Fleksy 5.0 gives you more control over your keyboard with extensions and new themes


Popular third-party keyboard Fleksy has launched a major update today with version 5.0, expanding the capabilities of the keyboard, and letting users personalize it in new ways. Fleksy now lets you extend the keyboard, while also adding several new themes to their lineup.

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6 hours ago

Todoist adds Android Wear support for ultimate task management convenience


Todoist, the popular task and project management application, has today announced support for Android Wear devices for the first time. Now, owners of Android Wear powered smartwatches can have total control over their Todoist task lists, reminders and notifications without the need to take their phone out of their pocket. Android Wear support joins Android, Chrome and Gmail in Todoists list of supported Google platforms.

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7 hours ago

Get Linkin Park's 'The Hunting Party' for free on Google Play this week


Google has selected Linkin Park's The Hunting Party as the album of the week, allowing those in the US to download the album for free. As the band continues with its tour, fans will be able to grab all songs contained in the release from Google Play for absolutely nothing.

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8 hours ago

OnePlus launches external battery pack, wants you to come up with a name for upcoming ROM


OnePlus is marking its one-year anniversary by launching the OnePlus Power Bank, a 10,000 mAh external battery pack that is designed to go with the OnePlus One. The external battery pack can charge the OnePlus One three times over, and the presence of dual-USB connectors allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

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8 hours ago

Google brings Songza-powered Play Music Playlists to the UK


Curated playlists are offered by multiple streaming services and Google has rolled out a similar feature on Play Music in the UK. Concierge playlists for Google's music service have been available in the US and Canada, but it's a welcomed move to expand on availability and offer the feature to British music lovers.

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