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FYI: We've cleaned up our header a tad!


A quick heads up from our Making Things Easier Department: We've tweaked our header a tad to make things faster, better, and faster. (And also better.) One side-effect of this is that we've moved our log-in button behind the hamburger menu, which has itself moved to the left-hand side of the site. (Where all good hamburgers spend their days.)

If you need it — and I do recommend signing up and logging in, since that's how you can comment and enter contests and interact with our more than 2 million other awesome members — that's where it is. (Oh, and there are fewer ads for those who are logged in. That's always a good thing.)

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Keep it simple with Behance Watch Faces for Android Wear


Sometimes you don't want a watch face that is overflowing with information, you want something simple and stunning. If that's true for you, take a peek at the Behance Watch Faces. You get 6 fantastic faces with one app, and it's filled with artwork that's sure to make a statement.

Behance is part of the Adobe family, and the Behance Watch Faces for Android Wear make that quite evident. There are six separate faces within the app; AG, Classic, Phrase, Pulse, Timecard and Window. Three of the faces rock Analog stylings, while the other three have a digital display. You can also choose between a 12 or 24 hour format, and choosing whether or not you want the date displayed. All of your options are available exclusively through the settings on your smartwatch.

The real feature with these faces are the backgrounds. Each is pulled from the Behance portfolio's of digital artists, and they are all unique and eye catching. Each one is a little bit different, and they are all worth at least a moment of your time. You can fix your favorite one as a background, or let the background shuffle through several of them. Not all backgrounds are available with every face, but several of them are available across all the faces.

The attention to detail on each face is fantastic as well. The backgrounds and information displayed over them complement each other wonderfully. The information you have displayed meshes with the artwork in such a way that it adds to the overall theme, instead of crowding it. You can tell the emphasis was making sure each face appears as a piece of art, no matter what options you choose to enable or disable.

The Behance Watch Faces are a great addition if you've been looking for something simple and well designed. While there aren't many choices, the trade-off is walking around with the time displayed over digital artwork. If you've been craving a simpler kind of watch face, then you should definitely take a look for yourself.

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Save 50% today on Seidio CAPSA TouchView Kickstand Cases for Galaxy S6

This durable hard case packs a slim TPU skin underneath a smooth polycarbonate shell with a fold-out kickstand for reliable impact protection. Keeping your display scratch-free is a built-in screen protector that helps prevent fingerprints and smudges. Yours today for only $19.95!


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Google adds a couple new beta track options for developers


Google today announced two new methods of beta testing that will give developers even more options for testing apps before production release. Here's the deal:

  • Open beta testing basically just removes the requirement that a user join a Google+ Community or Google Group. One click on the opt-in link and a user will be able to use the beta track. Developers can limit the number of users in the open beta, however.
  • Closed beta via email address lets you control the group of testers with their email addresses. (Again, basically another option that doesn't require G+ or Groups use.) Devs can upload addresses individually, or as a batch with a .csv file.

The current methods of managing testers through Google+ Communities (which is what we've been using for our betas) or through Google Groups still remains. Google in its blog post said that some 80 percent of developers are taking advantage of the beta testing scheme in Google Play.

More: Android Developers Blog

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2 hours ago

Google lowers minimum app pricing on Google Play in India to Rs. 10


Google has lowered the minimum purchase price for apps from its Google Play Store in India to Rs. 10, making apps even more affordable to users. As India continues to be a huge area of growth for the company, Google wanted to be sure to new audiences were able to be reached. As Android becomes more popular in the country, the demand for apps continues to grow as well.

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2 hours ago

Yahoo LiveText hopes blending video and texting will make for more authentic conversations


Yahoo has officially announced LiveText, its new messaging app that blends text messaging and live-streaming video to create more memorable experiences. The app was originally soft-launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Ireland, and is now available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France.

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3 hours ago

Silent Circle announces the Blackphone 2, joins Google's Android for Work program


Silent Circle, the company behind the Blackphone, has announced that it has joined Google's Android for Work program, along with its newest smartphone. The Blackphone 2 will be the company's first product for the program, as it looks to offer customizable solutions while still focusing on privacy and security.

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4 hours ago

Win a Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit and more!


Simon has been taking a look at accessories for your summer adventures, and one cool gadget he recently reviewed was the Venture 30 charger by Goal Zero. You'll definitely want to check out the full review, but what it boils down to is that while there is some room for improvement, overall the Venture 30 rugged battery pack is more than capable of keeping your gadgets charged while you're out on the trail.

Now it's time to hook you guys up for your adventures! Keep reading to see how to enter to win your own Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit or Flip 20 Recharger!

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4 hours ago

Kaboom is the latest effort to create self-destructing online messages


As a general rule, it's pretty widely understood that if you want something to stay private you keep it off the Internet. There's never going to be a 100% guarantee that a private message will stay private, because at some point in the process a human being is involved and those folks can't be universally trusted to do the right thing. That doesn't stop companies from giving it a try, and with each revision of this idea we get closer and closer to something that might work in most situations. The latest effort is an app called Kaboom, and if nothing else it's got a nice UI for deleting your message from the Internet when you decide it needs to go.

Essentially, Kaboom is a hosted message service with baked in social sharing and a tool that lets you decide how long a message or photo exists on the Internet before it is removed from the Kaboom servers. You can send a private message with a photo attached and have it disappear in five minutes, or you can post something to Facebook and have the information hidden in the link go away in 24 hours. You get a notification that lets you know when someone has clicked and viewed the message, as well as a button to destroy the message outside of the pre-determined window you initially assigned.

Kaboom also includes the ability to send messages to other Kaboom users, along with a helpful sign-up link for those who aren't already using the service. Since the app can't disable screenshots, your name and phone number are part of the registration process, and photos you take in the Kaboom app still show up in Google Photos, it's not entirely clear why you would do that unless all of your friends were already using this as a messaging service. The links generated by the service are the same everywhere, so it's essentially the same number of steps.

Kaboom is a great tool for streamlining the kill process with messages and photos you don't want to stick around for a while, and as long as you use it in precisely that way and not try to rely on it as an actual privacy tool it can be a useful app in your drawer. It's also free, and you can check it out for yourself starting today.

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4 hours ago

Watch Russell talk OnePlus 2 on Tech News 2Night 391


Our very own Russell Holly got to join the TWiT team and talk OnePlus 2 on Tech News 2Night 391, and you can watch the replay now. We have already shared a number of thoughts about the phone already, but can you ever really have too much discussion? While some are bummed about the lack of NFC support, the demand is still high for this upcoming phone, and Russell breaks it all down for us.

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Pebble Time Steel to begin shipping first week of August, steel bands may arrive separately


Pebble has provided another update in regards to the Pebble Time Steel shipments, and the company has stated that backers should start receiving shipping information in the first week of August. The smartwatches have left the production facility on July 27, and are making their way to the distribution points now.

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T-Mobile revenue surges in Q2 2015 as more customers join team magenta


T-Mobile today released the company's full report for Q2 2015, announcing increased revenue of 14 percent year-on-year. As previously covered, the company also managed to add a total of 2.1 million new customers to the network during the quarter.

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7 hours ago

The Top Gear boys are back together on Amazon Prime


The Top Gear departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May left an explosion sized hole in the TV viewing of people around the world. But the trio are back for 2016 and you'll be able to watch their new creation on anything you can get Instant Video on.

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10 hours ago

Sony posts overall profit of $780 million, mobile sales decline 16 percent


Sony's restructuring efforts — centered around its image sensors and console divisions — are paying off, with the manufacturer announcing a $780 million operating profit for the quarter ending in July. The vendor posted an overall revenue of $14.5 billion, a slight decrease of 0.1 percent from the same period a year ago.

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11 hours ago

Angry Birds 2 is now available on Android


Although there are more Angry Birds games than Slipknot band members, Rovio hasn't made a sequel for the original title that launched all the way back in 2009. That changed today, as the Finnish manufacturer launched Angry Birds 2 on Android, with the game featuring new strategies, levels, characters, tournaments and more.

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