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NVIDIA had a huge presence at PAX East 2013, and one of the big titles they were showing off on Project SHIELD was Conduit. This was a game that was originally launched on Wii a few years ago, and they've since managed to port the sci-fi first-person shooter over to Android.

Though it obviously plays great on Project Shield, I also got to play some of Conduit on a regular ol' smartphone, and the controls are actually very smartly implemented. It's still the classic on-screen dual-stick layout, but the look cursor on the right side automatically initiates firing as soon as you move the reticule over an enemy. This keeps the gameplay moving forward, and not bogged down in figuring out where the fire button is. Also, you lob grenades with a quick double-tap of the screen. 

Though the game itself is fun enough, I think the real story here is that console developers have a clear path for developing on mobile as on-device horsepower and cloud gaming options continue to expand.

The first two levels are available for free right now Google Play, with the rest of the game unlockable for five bucks. Any takers?


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The Conduit HD hauls first-person shooting from the Wii to Project SHIELD


It's great to see console ports coming over to Android phones and tablets. Hopefully more developers will decide to do this.

I'd love to see Wii games like No More Heroes, Madworld, and Nights (wii and saturn versions) ported over. Dreamcast games like Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, Shenmue, and Crazy Taxi.

Capcom needs to bring over the Phoenix Wright games over. They've mostly avoided Android in the USA for some reason. I'm sure there are a ton more games that would be great but this is my personal wish list.