Android Central PodcastOK, folks. Here we go! The Greatest Android Podcast in the World returns this afternoon, live and in living color! We're sneaking in one last show before we hit the road for IFA in Germany, so we'll preview what to expect next week. Plus we've got the LG G2 in our hot little hands, we'll see if we're still in love with the Moto X — and we'll have more of your e-mails!

So join Phil and the gang — and, of course, the chat room — live at 9 p.m. BST / 4 p.m. EDT / 1 p.m. PDT for the live broadcast. You should be there. You will be there. You must be there. After all, you are what makes it the Greatest Android Podcast in the World.

Join us on our live page, or you can even watch the broadcast from the official Android Central App!


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Coming up at 4 p.m. EDT: The return of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World!


Any way to get this to play on chromecast? Or is that still a no go (my POS PC can't handle streaming a tab to my chromecast so that's out)

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I don't have a Chromecast (because Google hates the British) but since it's a Hangout on Air nowadays, could you not watch it in the YouTube app on your Android device and do it that way? Or is there something that stops Hangouts being cast? 

Ya'd be "greatest"er if you guys would get your video feed squared away. The ONLY podcast in the world that can't seem to fix it. :p