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If you are looking for a way to repurpose that HP Touchpad that you got nice and cheap on the fire sale, you have probably been following the progress of the CM9 project pretty closely. The latest update, Alpha 2, brings better video support  which is a huge plus for many of us. Alpha 2 fixes choppy video that you may have previously seen, and also fixes apps like Netflix and others that rely on HTTP livestreaming to deliver content. If you are currently on one of the CM9 Alpha's you will want to be sure to update to this one, and if you have yet to check it out it may be a fun way to pass some time for yourself.

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CM9 Alpha 2 for the HP Touchpad brings video playback fixes, Netflix support


I think I will stick with CM7 for a while. It's stable and does what I want it to. I'll move up to CM9 later on.

Make the jump to ics trust me it's just as stable if not more stable then CM7. Sometimes I feel like there is more android support for my Touchpad than my thunderbolt ;-)

CM9 is very stable and a massive improvement over CM7. Unless you need the camera functionality there's absolutely no good reason why you would want to stay on CM7 if you have time to flash and install.

I agree with snapdragon0503's comment. CM9 is pretty darn stable, and in my opinion much better than CM7. Unless you need to use the camera to make video calls or something, just upgrade to CM9 now. I've been using Alpha .6 for the last 2 weeks & upgraded to Alpha 2 last night. This thing rocks man! Just upgrade to CM9 already, you won't regret it.

Like the other people replying to ya, definitely make the jump to CM9. Hands down a HUGE improvement over CM7 for the touchpad.

I think CM9 is getting close. But hanging onto CM7 if it's working well for you a bit longer may not be a bad idea.

About a week ago, just before Alpha 1 came out, I tried Alpha 0.6. The touch screen response seemed pretty bad, wifi sometimes would shut off and not reconnect automatically. And there were quite a few reports of battery charging issues (fortunately I didn't have that one). I can't remember everything, but I had a few small bugs too.

When you download the file, "fullofbugs.zip" is the filename suffix. I think it's a fair warning.

I had to go back to CM7. This is definitely A LOT more stable for me. I've been extremely impressed with how stable CM7 has been, probably more so than any Honeycomb tablet I paid 3 times as much for has ever been. I think I'll wait until they get the new 3.0 kernel finished before I try CM9 again.

For someone who has never flashed before, like me, following the wiki to the letter will get me a reasonable chance of success? Thank you in advance!

One of the best guides is right here on this site network. Go to WebOS Central forums and go to the touchpad forums, ncinerate has posted a very very helpful guide in getting CM9 setup on the Touchpad. His directions are (as of the time of this posting) for Alpha 0.6, but just substitute the installer file for Alpha2 instead of Alpha 0.6, and follow the rest of his directions as if you were installing a "Nightly" build.

Or, if you wait till later tomorrow/this weekend, I believe he intends to upgrade the guide for Alpha2 very very soon, if that is less confusing.

[Edit] Direct link:

There aren't any stable builds on that list because there are no stable builds of CM9 for the Touchpad (or any device iirc) yet :) -- These are alpha's so they won't even be on the nightly list.

For those of you on CM7 still, I highly recommend switching to CM9 Alpha 2 or any of the nightly builds. Dalingrin and the others have done amazing work putting this together and it is so much better than CM7 on the Touchpad.

I had Alpha 0 until Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 came out. I upgraded to both of those (Alpha 2 almost immediately after it was released) and haven't turned back. There are a couple minor bugs, but it's so much more stable than CM7 ever was on the TP.

I totally hear everybody's comments about CM9 is better than CM7. I have been stubbornly awaiting the 3.0 kernel mostly due to camera, but also for something nobody has mentioned yet: DPI issues.

Don't the strange DPI settings cause issues with the Market and stuff? Or is this almost a non-issue?

Unless you insist on changing it from the default, it's a non-issue. I find that the default CM9 DPI of 160 is perfect, and it causes no issues with the Market. The Touchpad's actual screen DPI of 132, on the other hand, breaks the Market unless you flash the Market compatibility fix, which makes the Market think the DPI is 160 no matter what it's actually set to.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend upgrading to CM9. Now that Netflix is working again, there's really no reason to stay on CM7, unless you absolutely need the mic for something.

Also, the camera won't be fixed with the 3.0 kernel because the problem is actually with the camera driver. This is why it doesn't actually work in CM7 either; the camera preview works, but it's not usable by any apps.

Thanx for the perspective.

If the ROM has the DPI set to 160 by default, and it works great, why do people want to change it to 132? Does it look *better* or something?

Because they're anal-retentive, I guess. I tried switching to see what it looked like, and it just made the icons small and blurry.

i was going to wait for an official release but since the big missing feature (video playback) was fixed in this Alpha, i thought i'd give it a go, and man am i glad i did. it runs almost as buttery smooth as my GNex and i know it's early but i've only encountered a couple bugs (music gets crazy distorted if you turn the screen off during playback) but none that hinder the experience too much. overall, it makes it leaps and bounds a better tablet than it was with webOS. if you're sitting on the fence, i think it's time to go for it.

I was ready to dump my Touchpad this weekend on Craigslist then I tried Alpha 2 CM9.
Everything seems to work and I love it. Now I am thinking of dumping my Thrive tablet and keeping the Touchpad. Great job to those who make this possible.

Just bought my Touchpad yesterday, installed CM9 Aplha0.6 :D. Great :xxx. Although Touchpad is running without it correct DPI density =DDD

I have had CM7 on my Touchpad for just over a week and it is working pretty good. Wireless seems to drop out once in a while. Netflix streaming video works. Converted some streaming video files and loaded them, for a plane trip soon. That part was a pain. Time consuming. Not sure that I want to change to CM9 just yet though. Been reading up on the update logs to see how it is working. So far, CM7 is working great for me. But, I do plan to change up to CM9 eventually. Thanks for all of the updates and information.