CyanogenMod has just released its latest "M" build, CM10.1-m2 based on Android 4.2.2, for several different devices. The M builds are meant to be a bigger step up in stability from just another nightly build, but not quite ready for the mainstream as a "stable" release. Its for this reason that the CM team encourages bug reports on these builds, which can go a long way towards that stable release. Starting today the CM10.1-m2 builds will be available for several devices, including the Nexus lineup, HTC One X / Evo 4G LTE, Galaxy S / S2 / S3 / Note and a few other odds and ends.

If you're interested in moving up to the latest M build and have one of the above devices, head to the source link below and grab your download. If you don't see your device listed just yet, don't worry. They note that CM10.1 nightly builds will continue for other devices until they hit a level deemed acceptable as an M build.

Source: CyanogenMod


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CM10.1-m2 based on Android 4.2.2 now available


you might want to mention what phone you're using.

tethering does work and has been working on the galaxy nexus for quite some time.

Downloaded and installed the Jan M version YESTERDAY MORNING. Ugh. It's running great, so i'm not sure that I need or want the hassle of resetting everything right now.

Guess that's life on the bleeding edge.

Afaik, you don't need to wipe to update to newer versions of the same ROM. Not sure what January to March would be considered.

Does anybody know if it would be safe to upgrade from CM10 to this CM10.1 M2 via the built-in upgrade feature in the CM10 settings? The full wipe is a pain.

I heard it was ok but not sure. It shouldnt harm anything it would be just like upgrading a regular phone right? I honestly dont know either, i kinda asked the same question in a way lol

You'd have to double check, but most likely you'll have to wipe. CM10 is 4.1 where as CM10.1 is based on 4.2. It may or may not work but even if it does, you may experience some glitches.

Ok so i have a S3 sprint version on CM10 but i want to update to CM10.1 how do i update? What bugs does cm10.1 have? I heard about wifi and clock and camera and SMS not working. Is it worth to upgrade?

I'm keeping track of CM builds since i bought SII and now SIII.. I used CM based ROMS but not CM because i didn't ever see a stable built where everything is working. It's community work i know but there are many users including me would pay for a stable CM built. We're donating more to other developers already. They are always a step behind.

For S2 Skyrocket owners, it's been a mixed bag from the 2/28 build onwards. Audio doesn't work for some, bluetooth and some battery issues for others, and that's even if you decide to do a full wipe/reset vs. dirty install. I'm waiting to see if any other owners have gotten the M2 before I upgrade past 2/26.