If you're running CyanogenMod nightlies on your Android device, you'll notice a little something new in this evening's builds. Aptly named Chronus, it's a widget that's a conglomeration of the clock, weather. and calendar, and it's fully customizable. The idea of more information in one widget isn't anything new, but this one looks like it is very well done. Hopefully the clock typography is one of the custom settings.

It will sit happily on either your home screen or lock screen, and display differently based on the size. On your phone, the lock screen widget is like the standard Android clock widget, meaning that you'll need to swipe down to see it all, but on the home screen you can set the size as you would expect. Tablets display the full size lock screen as they do with the standard Android clock.

This is why open-source wins. Google releases a bare-bones version with all the necessary information for folks to take it and create something great from it. For now, you'll need to run a CM nightly to have this one, but we expect someone to pull it out and publish on Google Play for all devices if possible. Be sure to grab tonight's build for your device and check it out.

Source: +David van Tonder


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CM nightlies start the year with a new widget - 'Chronus'


Since I won't be able to get my hands on 4.2 anytime soon for my LTE Galaxy Nexus, I'll take CM 10.1 once they have a stable release candidate available. I'm loving CMs work, though.

I've been running CM 10.1 nightlies on my Verizon Gnex since the first day that 10.1 hit for Toro and haven't run into anything that isn't stable. Don't let the "nightly" scare you, this rom runs great.

Hmm...can't see the widget in the list for the i9300 12/31/12 0_o
Never mind, it's called Lock Clock, enable the weather and calendar in Settings > (Interface) System > Lock clock widget

CM have always been nice ROMS but I feel that they are awesome for devices no longer supported or not running the latest Android OS, but for the later Nexus devices for me Rooted Stock does suffice.

Having said that I would love this widget and the CM notifications especially if available via Google Play.