Clove drops price of Moto X in UK down to £225

Two months ago the Moto X launched in the UK with retailer clove pricing it at £380, shortly thereafter giving it a price cut for to £299. Today, Clove cut things even further, offering the Moto X for just £225 (£270 including VAT). Everything else that we know and love about the Moto X remains unchanged. If you haven't grabbed a Moto X in the UK yet, is this latest price drop enough to tempt you?

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Clove drops price of Moto X in UK down to £225


What's the point of reporting a price excluding VAT? Clove is just trying to pretend the price is better than what they can achieve

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Ahh, but it's not just tax, it's valued added...


...have we just been fooled by a clever marketing ploy!? It's just tax damn you!!! Whhhhy?!!!!!?

Giving a tax free price is nothing new. Here in New Zealand it's common practice of PC and cell phone sellers. Carriers always give the tax inclusive price.

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Companies don't do that in the UK though, clove always have to make their prices look cheaper. Everywhere else, the price advertised includes vat

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It was launched as an after thought months after released with no customisation, Motorola only really cares about the US market sadly. The price didn't help it either compared yet again to the US

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