It looks like T-Mobile has settled on a date to launch the Motorola Cliq XT: March 17th. Which is this week! If you can pause your St. Patrick Day's celebration for a bit on the 17th, you should be able to mosey your way down to any T-Mobile retail store to find the Motoblur running, Android powered full touchscreen device that is the Cliq XT. It'll only retail for $99 with new 2-year contract (or $199 with 1-year contract) which is a grand deal for a brand new smartphone. Anyone getting one?

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Cliq XT launching March 17th for $99


Again, is anyone actually anticipating this phone? With that small screen, they need to keep the keyboard. I played with one of these in the T-Mobile store, and the phone is just SLOW. Fine, I don't like it, so I won't buy it. What bothers me, though, is this phone as a first impression of Android.

I know Android is open and all, but it wouldn't be a bad idea for Google to restrict the OS to a minimum of hardware, or have multiple versions for different ranges of hardware.

I contemplated getting this one as a replacement for my broken G1. I quickly decided against it when I learned that it would have the same processor as the G1 and is STILL on 1.5, with no definite relase date for 2.1. Looks like it's time to make the move to Verison where phones like the Incredible are coming. I know there's a rumor about the Desire coming to T-Moblie but I'm not holding my breath.

Motorola Cliq XT looks really nice! It's very affordable also as if you won't be needing payday loans to have at least one. It's a very nice present to your love one this coming Saint Patrick's Day, it's the launching date anyway.