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Clearwire has just released some interesting but understandable news today regarding its expected LTE rollout for 2013. Previously, the company's plans were to have 5,000 new LTE cell sites by mid 2013. Now that Sprint controls a majority of Clearwire again, the plans are changing a bit. Clearwire will be cutting its expected LTE rollout down to 2,000 new sites to fall better into line with what Sprint is doing in its own LTE rollout. Part of the change will come on the device side as well, as Sprint will start deploying data devices in Q2 and phones in Q3 next year that operate on the 2.5GHz frequency, which Clearwire and Sprint will both be deploying LTE on.

It's disappointing to see Clearwire cut its expectations for an LTE rollout, but if in the end it turns out that Sprint and Clearwire will keep their networks compatible and running smoothly, it'll likely be for the better of both companies.

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Clearwire cutting back LTE rollout expectations by 3,000 new sites


Does this mean a Sprint LTE phone bought today will have less LTE coverage than one of those released in Q2 or Q3 next year?

Not sure about all of the phones being sold today but a lot of them or maybe all of them do not have the frequency this article is referring too. At least I'm pretty sure about that anyway.

You would have preferred to wait a year for a new phone? This does not bother me at all. My wife will be getting a Note 2 soon. Guess what? It will still work next year.

I *think* this is something people using Clear would be more worried about. The wording is weird, as it says that Clear will be changing their stuff to work better with what Sprint will be doing. Key word is "will" not "is". That's what I'm concerned about. As in "Are they using this frequency now, or will they be later?"

My Galaxy Nexus runs LTE off 1900mhz, Sprint I believe is rolling everything currently out at this spectrum. They also are supposed to use 800mhz which my phone does not have the radio for. This article is 2500mhz so I'm not sure where this currently fits in. Eventually I would assume an LTE radio that can handle various frequencies.

I believe you are correct. And:

800 = iDen convert, which will happen somewhat later
1900 = their main deployment freq for LTE
2500 = Clearwire

Note that most of the LTE devices (the Evo LTE for sure) will only support the 1900 freq for LTE (although I believe it will support 800 for CDMA). But it is also my understanding that any tower that has 800 will ALSO have 1900 when the stuff is done.