Clash of Clans for Android

The massively popular iOS game finally comes to Android

Clash of Clans, a massively popular game for iOS, has found its way to Android today. Players build up settlements, gather resources, train troops, wage war against goblins and rival players alike, and complete missions.

Like most casual games, you get rewarded for just showing up, but there are real-time strategy elements too, such as creating base defenses, and figuring out troop placement when launching attacks. The Android version even includes all of the latest Hallowe'en-themed content. Of course, you'll find the usual free-to-play trappings here, such as lengthy timers for completing tasks and premium currency to skip those waits. 

The developer, Supercell, is a pretty big deal. Despite having only two titles to their name, their mobile revenues rival EA. Despite being a two-year-old game, Clash of Clans is a top grossing title on iOS, second only to Candy Crush Saga. Why Supercell has decided to launch on Android now after having been so successful elsewhere is a tough call, but it's great news for gamers that have been itching to play Clash of Clans for so long. 

Hit the download link above to get started and see what all the fuss is about. Anybody play Clash of Clans before? Why do you think it's so popular? 

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Jdane07 says:


jfs101 says:

I've never played it, but know of some people that refused to leave iOS because they couldn't play this game elsewhere.

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Huntrowmar says:

Good news. I've played CoC, and it's VERY addictive. You find yourself checking your status, upgrades, attacks all the maybe this isn't good news since I'm switching back to Android next week. Very time consuming. Wife just LOOOVES it.

My wife also enjoys CoC

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Sarhore says:

Hi Huntro, I have been playing CoC for over a year on my i-phone, but really want to switch to the note III. Do you know if this is easy to do (without loosing my villiage?)Cheers S

Huntrowmar says:

This game reminds me a lot of Warcraft II and III. You build town halls, barracks, farms, etc. Upgrade them. Build your army to attack others. Build your base to prevent attacks, etc. Strategy very similar to Warcraft II & III. VERY HELPFUL HINT if you are going to try it. During the tutorial, they will tell you to spend money to automatically upgrade stuff instantly. Don't do it!!!!! You need that money to buy your builders (Peons). That's what you spend the most time on....using your builders to upgrade buildings.

mjmdroid says:

Wait a minutes, i almost made a big mistake by telling you that we already got that app by looking at the screen shots ...
It looks so similar to battle of dragons

mn1225 says:

This is Battle Dragons wrapped in a different skin. mjmdroid is on the right track.

I do believe CoC was around first. I play Battle Dragons as well and when i first started and noticed people joining everyone was saying "hey this is just like clash of clans"

My first reaction to CoC after playing Battle Dragons... Graphics look great, mechanics are really nice. I like the timer count down on training troops. I don't like how much it costs to clear things off of the field. 20,000 for some of those rocks and trees?!?! thats crazy.

I'll still play it for sure.


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Jaymil says:

Looks just like Samurai Seige...

LegacyEvoAce says:

Just started playing Castle clash when I got my LG G2 from the look of it this game is very similar probably where castle clash comes from o wellz not moving off to that now.

1ll1TERAT3 says:

Is it possible to play with iOS players also? Or is it only android?

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Matt Apo says:

It's cross-platform bud. You can sync your account between IOS and Android too. The game operates the same, regardless of the platform...although I must say that I've found it to actually be smoother & faster on my Android tablet, than my iPad.

How do I link them? I have a good town in its but don't want to start again on my new android phone?

1ll1TERAT3 says:

Is it possible to play with iOS players also? Or is it only android?

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Hand_O_Death says:

All play together. It is cross platform.

Bobhfx says:

i wouldnt put to much of your money into this game,they had a game on facebook i played and put a over 1000.00 in it,there were lots of people playing and spending then they pulled to rug out from under us to make this game,the money we spent on zombies online they used for this game

tasudomsiri says:

Now I can finally give up my iPad and move to android tablet.

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zippox180 says:

Been waiting for this. Now I can finally play on my nexus 7 2013 :)

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Stakoman says:

I've been playing this on ios but after two weeks it's pretty boring and you have to wait for a long time or spend money... But that's the point of this xD

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Vicky Sofyan says:

Nice, this game is so addictive!

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Alex.gomez says:

About time! So excited!

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atticus14 says:

I enjoyed this game for awhile but once I got to the higher levels, I just didn't care anymore.

Angel Lawson says:

Hay Day next then? Must be in the pipeline surely?

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techydavid says:

And this JUST came to your attention? I can list thousands of apps that have a(1 new game!) Ad that takes you there. For YEARS.

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DeathsArrow says:

There are already a dozen games like this on Android.

Hand_O_Death says:

One of my friends loves this game and just forced me to download it. Seems to be fun but you can only play for about 2 minutes at a time without paying for "emeralds" to speed things up.

Can someone explain how to load my iOS town for my android phone???
I wouldn't bother starting all over again.

Ah it was easy !!!
Link device and follow the prompts, awesome !!!