Clash of Clans has had one of its biggest updates in the infamous game’s history today. Now players can raid without any risk to their resources, shield, or trophies, and work towards two new achievements. This is done with a new system called war bases, where multiple players can lump all of their troops together in the same place and, once attack day arrives, they all head out to raid other war bases together. In the meantime, your village stays entirely separate from the whole affair. The full details on the update are available at the SuperCell forums.

Besides that, the Clan Castle level cap has been bumped up, allowing you to rally more allied troops, and is now lootable in combat. Gem boxes are spawning again, so keep an eye out for these precious rewards. Clash of Clans remains an insanely popular game, despite (or maybe because of) its fairly casual mechanics. We have any Clash of Clans players here? What level are you?

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Clash of Clans picks up biggest update yet with 'Clan Wars'


if you reach top level very soon you will get bored of this game very quickly. I play it very casually and build/attack once in a while. i remember hacking farmville 2 with unlimited coins and got bored in less than a week and ended up ditching the game. btw, Fv2 is a stupid game.

the wait is a psychological trickery but i never buy into that

I play the game because my brother got me started. I have never actually felt like the game was "fun" it doesn't feel like a game at all. It is more of a chore.


Great game, and it just got better! Patience is the key to this game...don't be tempted to spend real money on it! There is no reason to spend one single dime if you don't want to...a sign of a PROPERLY developed "Free to play" game! (also, I DID spend $10 on it, and it accomplished very little in the grand scheme of things...this game is ALL about being patient and planning your upgrades properly!)

I have been playing now for about 2 months, and just upgraded to a level 7 town hall. (still have a LONG way to go!) Simple mechanics, feeling of progression as you complete upgrades, and the ability to share replays of both attacks and defense make this game a must have (IMHO). Go play!

That's what the Google rewards app is great for. Level 78 here with th8 and lvl 8 walls
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hey guys, level 81 here. anyone want to join my clan? we plan to do the clan wars. WICKENDEN ELITE

Level 40 here. Love the game. Can't wait to download it when I get home!
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I'm currently level 43. It's a really fun game if you give it a try and since 3 fiends and I get together, we get to really enjoy it.

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If you think you're a noob, I am level 15 with town hall 4! Love the game, but it won't update!! >:(
Can't wait till Clan Wars!

Level 60 here. I only started playing to see what my son was so obsessed about, and here I am still playing it long after he got bored and moved on...

It's deceptively fun, and doesn't require huge amounts of time to play.

Level 39 here. Currently a Silver level one. Love this game. I treat it like a puzzle game and love rearranging things to better repeal attacks. Fun stuff!

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join catzzz attack!! we are very low but we need more ppl for clan wars we donate troops alot and we are very friendly we only are 7 of us counting me

Level 16, just started playing last week. Any tips?

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Yes. Build as many gold mines as you can and level them all up as far as can. You will need it. Also archers seem like a weak unit, but when leveled up a group of them can do significant damage. Finally if you haven't done so join a clan, put your clan castle near the middle of your base and ask for backup troops often. Again the archers make a great backup weapon as they come pouring out of your castle to defend your base. So ask for them!

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