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Chromecast reportedly hitting the UK as soon as March 1

An official release outside the U.S. may finally be about to happen Ever since Google first launched Chromecast, those of us outside the U.S. have been waiting with bated breath for news of an official launch. Now, according to the folks at The Next Web, the UK might be seeing a release as soon...
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Dayframe 2.0 refreshes UI, adds Chromecast support

Streaming, other features require $2.99 'prime' upgrade A quick heads up that Dayframe — which quickly became one of our favorite image viewers last year, showcasing photos from the likes of Faceook, Flickr, Dropbox, Google+, Instagram, 500px, Twitter and others — got a pretty major refresh...
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Rdio and Beats Music looking at adding Chromecast support

Meanwhile Spotify doesn't seem too interested We're going to hear about a ton of apps with added Chromecast support in the coming weeks and months, but a couple of big names have already shown their interest. On respective Twitter accounts, both Rdio and the newly launched Beats Music both...

Google Chromecast SDK released to developers, Google Play Services updated as well

Devs now able to start making 'Google Cast-ready' applications on Android and iOS Google has announced the availability of the Google Cast SDK for all developers, opening the floodgates to devs wanting to incorporate Chromecast support into their Android and iOS apps, or web content through...
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Chrome OS adds new window switching, shows which tabs are casting and making noise

Never be confused as to which of your 30 tabs is making a racket The latest build of Chrome OS (in the stable channel) is bringing a whole grouping of new features to all Chrome devices, save for the Chromebook Pixel (for now). First up is a new window switching feature, which can be accessed...
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Cast ye olde yule log this Christmas

It's just not the Christmas season without streaming a roaring fire on the telly. Or, more specifically, using Chromecast! And the Chrome YouTube channel has put together a sweet playlist of fireplaces, burning wood, and Nerdist lasers.  Yes, lasers. Enjoy. Cast all the things.
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Chromecast now works with Google Play Music, Movies & TV from the web

Google Cast Chrome extension still required Building on its recent expansion of supported apps, Chromecast will now interact with Google Play on the web for Music, Movies and TV shows. Similar to what we've seen happen in the new Youtube player, you'll now find a "Cast" button in the web...
Nexus 7 and Chromecast

Buy a Nexus 7 and Chromecast from Google Play, get a $35 credit for content

Free shipping for both thrown in as a bonus Just in case you were looking for yet another reason to pick up a Nexus 7 and Chromecast, Google Play is running another deal on the devices. If you buy both at the same time, you'll be offered $35 in Google Play credit to spend on apps, books, movies...

Google announces new apps, local content streaming for Chromecast

VEVO, Plex, Songza highlight list of 10 additions Google this morning announced a new cadre of apps for its Chromecast streaming appliance — as well as the ability to cast local content to your TV. The new apps include the likes of VEVO, Red Bull.TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3 and...

Walmart now selling Chromecast for $35, too

Free shipping or in-store pickup available Walmart is now the latest in a long line of retailers that have started selling the Chromecast streaming HDMI stick. Just in time for the holiday crunch where Google undoubtedly plans to sell a whole boatload of Chromecasts, Walmart now has the...
Chromecast app

Chromecast app gets a redesign

There's not much reason to open the Chromecast app once everything's set up, but that doesn't mean Google's still not paying attention to it. the Chromecast app got itself a bit of a redesign tonight, adding the pull-out drawer that all good apps should have. A link to Chromecast-compatible apps...

Verizon the latest retailer to begin selling Chromecast

Listed as an online-only accessory for now The days of constrained Chromecast supply are long gone, as Verizon is yet another retailer selling the $35 TV dongle. Coming in right behind Motorola which just started selling Google's accessory and long after both Amazon and Google Play have offered...

HBO Go Android app updated with Chromecast support

OK, Chromecast fans. Add another supported app onto the list. HBO has just updated its HBO Go Android app to support Chromecast.  And ... well, that's about it. Fire it up just like you would any other Chromecast stream, and you're watching HBO on your TV, through Chromecast. You'll still need an...
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Motorola now selling the Chromecast

Motorola's online store offering Chromecast devices, so when do we see the Moto X at Google Play? Motorola wants you to believe that they have no plans to become Google. Acting as a separate company, releasing their own devices with their own take on what Android means to them, they are...

UK retailer Zavvi offering Chromecast for £40

A slight premium over U.S. pricing, but it's in stock and ready to ship While Google's Chromecast app for Android broke U.S. exclusivity, the dongle itself still remains M.I.A. At least, officially, anyway. There was a brief time when Amazon customers could get their hands on them, but if you're...
Chromecast on Pandora

Pandora now officially supports Chromecast

What a difference a day can make, apparently. Just 24 hours after Pandora unveiled a new tablet design for its Internet radio app, it's flipped the switch on Chromecast support. The sharing icon (which I swear wasn't there yesterday when I was kind of going off on a rant) is now live, and it...

Samsung to include 'Chromecast' style sharing in their smart TV products

No dongles required Your new Samsung smart TV may have a familiar bit of UI baked in, as the new screen sharing features are a lot like the Chromecast. The concept, as well as the user interface, is familiar to just about all of us. Using your mobile device, you can choose to send the data...

Chromecast Android app now available internationally

But the device itself is still U.S.-only Good news for anyone outside the U.S. who's managed to import a Chromecast into their country. We're hearing reports that the accompanying Android app can now be downloaded through Google Play by international users, and we've confirmed that that's the...

Chromecast now supports 64-character passwords

An update to the Chromecast app tonight takes care of those who trust no one.

Amazon clarifies 'error' selling Chromecast outside U.S., existing orders still shipping

Chromecast wasn't supposed to be available internationally — but if you've placed an order you can still get your device A couple of days back we reported that was shipping Google's Chromecast streaming gadget outside the U.S., giving international buyers an easy way to get hold of...