Chromecast support comes to Rdio and Crackle

Whether it's the streaming music and playlists of Rdio, or Jerry Seinfeld driving vintage cars to get coffee on Crackle, you can now get it on your Chromecast. Both services announced today that they're bringing support for the Chromecast media stream to their services.

Rdio's Chromecast integration works with their Android and iOS apps, as well as their web-based streaming apps. Like everything else Chromecast, once you have the streamer plugged into your TV, all you have to do is hit the cast button in the Rdio app for Android to broadcast your tunes to the big screen and speakers.

Crackle, for their part, has also updated the Crackle app for Android to support Chromecast streaming. To quote their release notes in the Google Play Store: "CHROMECAST!!!" Though this does come on the same day that Sony-backed Crackle announced that they're shutting down in the UK. But at least US Chromecast users can now watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on their TVs.

Source: Rdio, CNET


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Chromecast support comes to Rdio and Crackle


Finally I can use my rdio account on Chrome cast. Google needs to keep proper track over what apps have support. I still see the same 15 apps on the play store.

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Shame the crackle service here in the UK ends April 1st (unless it's a prank)

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very cool. Crackle is a good way to pass some time with some lower quality movies/TV shows without a subscription. will come in handy for sure.

loving chromecast.

Have they gotten any better with where they insert commercials? Last time I watched them, they'd just cut to a commercial anywhere, even in the middle of a scene. VERY annoying and VERY unprofessional, especially for a service associated with Sony.

Really considering switching my recently purchased Chrome cast for the Roku stick that just came out. Yay or nay?

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