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An official release outside the U.S. may finally be about to happen

Ever since Google first launched Chromecast, those of us outside the U.S. have been waiting with bated breath for news of an official launch. Now, according to the folks at The Next Web, the UK might be seeing a release as soon as March 1. A spokesperson for high street electrical retailer Currys has provided the news, while a Google spokesperson added that March 1 is still a provisional date at this time. 

With the Google Cast SDK now officially open to developers, there are exciting times ahead for Google's low-cost HDMI dongle. There was no word on any possible UK pricing for the Chromecast, though other retailers have previously been selling imported versions for £35. Needless to say, March 1 is only three weeks away, so we'll be keeping our beady eye open for anything more official. 

Source: The Next Web

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Mayoo614 says:

UK is so much easier to get to than Canada ...

Good for them.

I had to smuggle one back from NYC last year. Google still hates us (almost) as much as Canada

Mayoo614 says:

Well you have complete Music features. We have none (Music or All Access).


Again, that's not Google's fault. Google doesn't own the content, they can only license it if given the permission to do so.

But, you already knew that.

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Acorns says:

Excellent. So been waiting for this

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Mayoo614 says:

You're right I know that. What I don't understand is why Apple and Microsoft have their own music system in Canada but Google doesn't. Why don't they get the damn licensing.

If others can do it, Google can too. Normally Google leads, this time they get punched in the face.

But I am way off-topic, UK got the Chromecast, I drink to that! Enjoy!

brendilon says:

Very possibly because Apple or Microsoft are giving preferred rates to content providers to keep Google out. Or they have exclusivity contracts.

Deeco says:

Finally some bloody news on this! I just know there will be a price influx for us in the UK!

MrSonicB00m says:

Finally! I almost bought one off ebay yesterday, Glad I didn't now :P

brendilon says:

It's "bated" breath. Fish have 'baited' breath.

Seriously guys, does anyone proofread your stuff?

WolfpacDAR says:

Take a deep breath, you'll be okay.

brendilon says:

I'm fine, I'm not the poor schmuck they have proofreading that can't do their job. Yeesh.

NoNexus says:

As much as I love AC, you and I both know that there is no such position here. Stuff like this just adds to the charm around here..

brendilon says:

Right... that's charm. Just like BBM calls it a 'feature' to not be able to log into multiple devices with a single account.

chris_havard says:

The cleverest of cats eat cheese; and sit outside mouse-holes, waiting with baited breath.

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brendilon says:

See, puns are clever and witty. When you write poorly, puns are impossible at best or a punishment at worst.

seanjenkins says:

"as soon as 1st March"! I bought 2 chromecasts about 5 months ago because I knew they'd take forever, you can bet it'll be at least £35 and have no netflix bonus.

However, hopefully it means they've agreed some deals with iplayer and, fingers crossed, sky go.

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Blucose says:

iPlayer would be awesome, and maybe some 4oD yet.
I actually think the chances of iPlayer are pretty high quite soon. Although their android app hasnt been incredible, its made huge leaps, and i cant think of any platform that iPlayer isnt on. Beeb puts pretty good effort into being everywhere.

seanjenkins says:

Sky go is what I'm really hoping for, not sure they'll do it though because the subscription is way cheaper, and redundant if you can then cast to a big screen anyway.

I think iplayer and 4od are a given. Hopefully tvcatchup will add it to.

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samxool says:

if you're watching it on a tv, what do you need tvcatchup on chromecast for???

seanjenkins says:

I've just cancelled my virgin so I have nothing at the moment. Barely motivated to get a freeview box but tvcatchup would solve the very rare occasion something is on live worth seeing!

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jlunardi says:

I guess zero chance of skygo I would say, they don't even let you use HDMI output bacusse they say they dont have the agreements in place with rights holders, I guess it will be the same for delivering the content via chromecast...

seanjenkins says:

Yeah, I think so. You can't cast a full screen tab while Playing sky sports, but wasn't sure if that was due to silverlight

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fuzzylumpkin says:

Hmm I'll wait to buy my second... Though I expect they'll be the same price or more than the US imports.

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brendilon says:

Considering how much higher taxes are in the UK, that's a safe bet.

Taz89 says:

Let's hope it's true cause it's been a long time already.. Also let's hope the UK doesn't get ripped off as usual

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HubyD says:

I bought one from the German Amazon and let it ship to my home in Belgium a few weeks ago ;)

Deeco says:

1 st of March ahahahahaha, FFS GOOGLE!!