Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

As far as power user features go, a remote desktop app is up there in terms of hardcore functionality. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of options even on mobile, and Google is getting ready to get in on the game with its Chrome Remote Desktop app that has just dropped into Google Play. Unfortunately this isn't available for just anyone — it's in a closed beta right now, and few people have access at this point.

We do have the screenshots from the Play Store listing, though, and a quick indication of how it's working. Remote Desktop functionality has been built into Chrome and Chrome OS for some time, and actually works quite well on the desktop side of things. If Google can bring that experience over to mobile, we can see more than a few people taking advantage — especially on larger devices with 7-inch or higher screen sizes that can manipulate a desktop environment. The best part about Google getting in on the game is it provides another great free option to choose from.

Unless you're one of the lucky few who was invited to the closed beta you'll be waiting a while to see this for yourself, but at least we know it's coming.

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Chrome Remote Desktop enters closed beta on Android


I've been using Chrom Remote Desktop for quite a while and requested to be included in helping with it so I hope I see an invite soon.

I need this in my life. I don't mind waiting for the official release, I'm just excited it's coming soon!

Jerry nailed it. There are also work scenarios where a Remote Desktop app is quite useful (for say, editing a document with tracked changes already in the document). Haven't been able to do that from a Chromebook or my tablet.

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When I'm on vacation I use it to program the DVR settings of my MythTV PC. I'm using over-the-air so it only sets up three days worth of TV listings. So every couple of days I remote to the unit, pick the shows I want to record and wait for them to show up in Plex while I'm on vacation. If I need to run an app I have access, though as you said, a lot of what I do these days in in the cloud.

If I have a single user license of a specific software I can install it at home and use it from work or anywhere.

finally! now they need to add monitor selecting support so my huge dual screen setup isn't sent to a single remote monitor.

This is important too. Currently, I have to disconnect my second monitor for the weekend.

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If you're on windows, just hitting Windows Key + P will allow you to turn off display to the additional monitors. its the only way I can effectively use Splashtop without apps opening on one screen or the other constantly.

Excellent, I'll be looking for an invite since I remember taking that survey.

Now if only they would release a background service for Linux. It was supposedly "coming soon" almost a year ago.

I have a Linux server that I remote into from my Chromebook to do video editing or run virtual machines. As it stands I have to connect via VNC and then share my desktop from Chrome. After that it asks you to extend the connection every 10 minutes. Very inconvenient.

So what's the difference between this and Microsoft's official Remote Desktop Connection app for Android?

Microsofts version only works if you have windows 8 but im hoping that Chromes version will work with Windows 7.

I've yet been able to find a way to get Remote Desktop to work on my wins 7 home premium edition.

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