HTC Sensation Chrome

Not a huge fan of the subdued look of the HTC Sensation? Wish that it stood out a bit more, and was more eye catching? So did the folks at Whitesites Blog, and so they took sand paper and metal polish to the device to give it an all-new chromed-out look, as you'll see above. You'll also find full instructions on their site if you'd like to trick out your Sensation in the same way. It involves a little time and elbow grease, but the results are worth it, if you're a fan of shiny things.

Let us know in the comments if you're planning on chroming out your Sensation, or if you've tried your hand at any cosmetic modding in the past.

Source: Whitesites Blog; via: Engadget Mobile


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Chrome out your HTC Sensation, let it shine bright


I've never really thought about it much, but my Samsung Fascinate is actually really stylish. But as for most of the other phones on Verizon, I agree.

I bet this could be done to the Droid Incredible 2 and I may just do it. Probably any color you want to. Less metal on the Dinc2 but its on the screen side of the phone so I think it would look sweet.

Looks absolutely great. Wish that could be done to the EVO 3D and I had the time to do it.
Great job.

I'd rather coat the back with a rubbery paint so that it's easier to hold onto the phone. I feel like it's a bar of soap half the time.

I hurried and grabbed a TPU case just for that reason. TPU cases offer a ton of sturdiness and grips a lot better without the added bulk.

Won't that effect the antennas attached to the battery cover (aka the Unibody)?
Chrome requires allot of heat to dry , enough to melt plastics

They didn't actually chrome plate it; they just took it apart and sanded and polished all the black enamel paint off the metal part until it shines like chrome. No heat involved. They took off the plastic parts that hold the antennas first as well.

Another device this is easily accomplished on is the MyTouch 4G. I had mine for quite a while and the paint (For all intents and purposes) was startin to peel off the back of the battery cover. After a while I noticed it had quite the nice shine to it underneath and decided to scrape the remainder of it off. Came off fairly easily and in all honesty accomplished it like you would an instant win ticket with a quarter. No noticeable scratches or anything.