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We love it when a Chrome OS update brings some new features and UI changes. The under-the-hood fixes are always appreciated, but you often don't get that fuzzy update feeling unless there are changes you can see. Lucky for us, the 35.0.1916.116 update brings a couple great new features to the UI — folders in the launcher, and the return of the minimize button. Hooray!

The highlights of today's update:

  • The Chrome OS Launcher now supports folders - you can sort all of your apps exactly the way you want.
  • We updated the window controls based on the feedback of our users - the minimize button is back and the left/right tiling of windows can be done via long-press on the maximize button.
  • Hotwording (or "Ok Google") is now available on New Tab Page and for English (US) users.
  • We've implemented captive portal detection during a signed-in session, which will help you get online in cafes, hotels, airports, and other locations which provide internet connectivity via a captive portal.

The update is pushing now to all Chrome devices except the ASUS Chromebox and Samsung Series 3 Chromebox. We imagine a similar update is in the works for those and we'll see it shortly.

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Chrome OS updated with launcher folders, improved window controls, and more


Maybe we should love them on some companion website.
I really don't see what chrome OS hhas to do with Android.

Chrome and Android are both made by Google. However, if this update is for the desktop version of Chrome, and not the mobile version, I might tend to agree with you.

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That is true. I love my Chromebook and Android phone but it's gotten kind of ridiculous on this website. I think they should change the name to Google Central, so people understand the website is All Things Google not just Android.

Being an Android, Chrome OS, and Windows Phone owner I think your comment is not accurate. The one thing I enjoy about Mobile Nations sites is the lack of animosity or dislike between the sites.

WP Central has been on fire lately with all the great news for Windows Phone and Windows, they also happily report on the great advances from Google.

I have the Toshiba Chromebook and I love this thing. Battery life is great, awesome speakers and keyboard and nice 13 inch display.

I highly recommend you do so. We just got our second, the Acer C720, works like a charm. We were lucky enough to get one of the original Cr-47 (48?) 'prototype' Chromebooks from Google, and after about 3-4 years of use it finally started giving up the ghost; got the new one off Amazon, logged in, and all my stuff was there waiting for me :) Plus, the cost of entry compared to other laptops is considerably lower.

We also take it on trips with us vs. our 'main'/home laptop with all our documents and more protection-worthy stuff on it. Long story short, we went on a trip recently and our carry-on bag with our new Chromebook was accidentally taken from the plane we were on (the guy honestly mistook it for his which looked quite similar). We turned our accounts off from all logged in computers from our phones so at worst the guy would've gotten a new laptop but no access to our accounts. He got in touch with us and all was made right, but still a neat security feature that makes a Chromebook a unique player in the field.

I had no idea security was that tight on Chromebook. Just wow. I also have been reading that Chrome OS is starting to get more offline applications, too.

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Been enjoying these features for a while (gotta love the beta channel) but glad to see this update is finally hitting the majority of users.

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The launcher is starting to look more like the Android interface.

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I want one but I hate that I need to have a second computer running windows to print and adding the cost of a new cloud printer to the mix negates the reason for buying a Chromebook which is its low price. I wish Google could use CUPS or something like it which Linux uses for adding printers.

I may be misunderstanding your situation, but if you leave a Chrome window open on the computer that's currently hooked up to the printer, then you could use Cloud Print to print from your Chromebook (or Android device), even if the printer itself isn't Cloud Print capable.

The "OK Google" hotword detection on the New Tab Page is a game changer for me. Instead of having to navigate my way to to use it, I can just open a new tab. But what I really want from my Chromebook is to be able say "OK Google" at any time, no matter what page I'm on or even if the Chrome browser is closed. I want the feature to be built into the OS itself. I have no doubt that this is where it is heading eventually.

From what I've seen, it looks like it will work from the app launcher as well. Not quite the "hands free" scenario you describe, but you should be able to just press the search button on your chromebook's keyboard, and OK GOOGLE detection will be there.

I want one, but coding is not really feasible on it, Skype is not on it (friends I talk to use Skype), and there is not really a way for Minecraft to run on Chrome OS. I can do all of these things with a Chromebook, I'll just have to install Ubuntu on it.

NexusLogic - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

I code on mine all the time. It can also play minecraft. Installing linux is ridiculously easy so don't let that deter you, and switching between Linux and ChromeOS is a matter of key presses.

Which distro do you use? Also, does the Linux distro run smooth on your Chromebook? Finally, does this mean that you could run Steam through Chromebook if you use the Linux distro?

Every day, Chromebooks are sounding better and better to me. I honestly do think it's best to switch from Windows to Chromium when the opportunity rises.

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Beta channel is the way to go. I call it the Goldilocks channel because it's in the middle of stable and dev and it's just right.

From my Note 2 to you

I appreciate AC providing news on Android and Chromebooks as I have both. They are closely related and it sure is better than having to find a source for Chromebooks separately. Thanks AC

Jim Lloyd

Am I missing something in the "Ok, Google" hotword? I can say "OK, Google", but I don't receive an audio response, but a web search.