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Never be confused as to which of your 30 tabs is making a racket

The latest build of Chrome OS (in the stable channel) is bringing a whole grouping of new features to all Chrome devices, save for the Chromebook Pixel (for now). First up is a new window switching feature, which can be accessed with a tap of the overview mode button (F5) or a swipe down with three fingers on the trackpad. Just like Mac users have come to expect with Mission Control, you'll see a zoomed-out view of all open windows on your machine.

Further, build 32.0.1700.95 integrates the newest features that were brought to the Chrome browser for other platforms as well. That means you'll now be notified at the right edge of a tab if content on that page is being displayed on a Chromecast, if it is accessing the speakers or has control of your webcam. You will also see a more stern malware warning on potentially compromised sites, and can help manage another user's Chrome install with a new "Supervised Users" feature.

We're quite enjoying the new window switching feature, especially as we often find ourselves browsing in full-screen mode even when we have multiple windows available. You can catch a couple screenshots of the new features in action after the break.

Source: Chrome Releases; Google Chrome Blog

Chrome OS

A tab being Casted and one playing audio

Chrome OS Window Switching

New window switching interface


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Chrome OS adds new window switching, shows which tabs are casting and making noise


Sounds awesome. I'll be getting into Chromebooks with the new Toshiba one, probably, so this is good news for me. Personally I spend 95% of my computing time on Chrome so I don't see any reason why I'd need the other 5%, especially since it would be my secondary computer.

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Sounds great, but the option to start Chrome in Metro mode vanished completely from my settings menu with the newest update. Meh.

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Let me know when it prevents audio in ads automatically, and freezes them until I click on them.

Telling me which tab is annoying me is only half the battle, and wouldn't be necessary if they did it right. Why do I have to use browser add-ons for such basic functionality?

You don't...

Just go to settings, content settings, and allow plug-in's only ondemand.

Now you just click when you want to allow flash, and you have the added benefit of being able to reopen massive amounts of tabs quicker.

This. It also has the added benefit of helping to use less RAM as Flash isn't running unless you tell it to (helpful if you have and or keep a bunch of tabs open) and less bandwidth as said ads aren't loading and playing unless you click on them (but why would you do that ;P).

I like Flash Control. I don't like to use AdBlock, since I know free sites need to pay the bills somehow, but Flash ads with audio and video are fair game to kill, in my opinion.

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Adblocker now has allow non intrusive ads, which means just that. Ads that aren't pop ups or make noise, but those just on the sides that you need to click to access. You have the option for turning it on or off which is helpful.

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I literally just went into settings to check something just as I loaded up AC and it started downloading the update. Then I switched back to AC and saw the headline right at the top of the page! Here we go!

The Pixel has all this and more in the dev channel, but it's nice to finally have some of these features on my Chromebox, which I keep on the stable channel.

No icons on the desktop yet or ability to change resolution. Pity.. It's hard to train a neophyte user when they need a magnifying glass (literally, in my mothers case) to see the icons hidden at the bottom of the screen, and they're unlabelled - mouse hovering is not natural to the nontechnical.

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