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Page rendering performance and frequently occurring crashes addressed in today's update

Chrome Beta has been updated in Google Play this afternoon, and along with the usual (and often cryptic) fixes and enhancements, this version was specifically updated with an "Improvement to page rendering performance."  Here's the full list of changes, because we know some of you are into that sort of thing.

  • 179250: Black screen during load on Huawei tablets
  • 224379: Cannot scroll images after zooming in
  • 226193: Blue line displayed below the omnibox
  • Improvement to page rendering performance
  • Fixes for some frequently occurring crashes

We don't post every time a beta version of an app gets updated, but we know more than a few folks are concerned with things like improvements to page rendering performance -- we know we are. You can update, or grab the beta from the Google Play link above.

Source: Google Chrome blog


Reader comments

Chrome Beta updated with better rendering and bug fixes


Why do the updates not show up for my phone? I have jelly bean which should be more than adequate for the application which is already installed on my phone but no updates have shown up in nearly a month! Any ideas?

Do you have the stable version of Chrome or the beta? They're 2 separate apps and it's the beta that's getting the most updates.

Congratulations Google, now it's become even worse. Pages are loading a little faster I think but also terrible sluggish while scrolling. I hope they improve smoothness in final release.

Go to Google play and go to my apps. The update should show up.

I don't have the problems with scrolling either. I don't even use the stable version anymore.