WebRTC on Chrome beta

Support for live video and audio without installing any software comes with today's update.

Chrome beta for Android has been updated today, and while there are the standard performance improvements on-board, there's also a slick new feature or two -- support for WebRTC.

WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications capabilities via some simple Javascript APIs. It's been supported on the desktop in Chrome for a few versions, and is a joint project between Google, Mozilla and Opera.

What it can do for you is easy -- it let's you use the camera and microphone on your phone or tablet to video chat without installing any software. You're warned when you visit a site that requests the permission, and while using it a persistent notification is present. This way, there won;t be any funny business or snooping involved. Is it useful? Not yet, but when developers implement WebRTC on their site, it very well could be. In the meantime, it's very, very cool.

You can play around with this one yourself. Fire up Google Play and update Chrome beta, or hit the Google Play link above, then visit this link

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Chrome beta for Android now has WebRTC for video chatting


Mine was one I had open on my desktop to chat with folks who clicked the link. Was fun for quite a few of us.


Changed it to a generic one now.

I love the way chrome is heading.I never thought I would switch from dolphin to chrome

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Lost also. Have Chrome on my phone and windows desktop and haven't understood a word about how to do this. I go to the playstore and there is no beta. Only something called Chrome User Agent Beta which requires root. Then on my desktop I do not see how to use it.

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After clicking on the appropriate link to plat store I got it. Interesting.

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