Chrome for Android has an update on the way. The new update is said to add "support for some multi-window devices," which sounds like a method to fully support devices with multi-window features — like the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 — without a second "helper" application involved. We've reached out to Google for full clarification. Other improvements include full screen video playback with HTML5 controls and subtitles, and an "undo" function for closed tabs. Of course bug fixes and stability improvements are part of every update.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Undo Tab Close.
  • Fullscreen video with subtitles and HTML5 controls.
  • Support for some multi-window devices.
  • Support for casting some videos with Chromecast.
  • Other bug fixes.

Look for your update soon, as Google says the new version starts rolling out in the next few hours.

Source: Google

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Glenuendo says:

So many updates. So little time. :)

TheDu9du says:

Been having this updates for a while on Chrome Beta.

Liquidretro says:

Will it get any faster? Chrome runs like a dog on my Note 2. Seems to work very well on my Nexus 7 though.

blazer236ix says:

That's because you have a Samsung phone

VAVA Mk2 says:

Runs decent on my Nexus 5

Sent from my Nexus 5 :-D

SpookDroid says:

I really hope that means TRUE multi-window support is now possible. I've been able to use it on my Note 3 and Note 10.1 but not with multiple instances. I can open two different stock browser windows, but only one Chrome on either side of the screen.


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FutureKix says:

I kinda got around that by using Chrome and Chrome Beta side by side.

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SpookDroid says:

Ah, that's clever! Do both versions sync tabs? That's mainly why I use Chrome rather than the stock browser (save for a few pages that, for some reason, won't work on Chrome).

FutureKix says:

Yes :)

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nbell978 says:

Chrome is a bloated piece of crap on my Nexus 5. Just switched to Firefox. So much more stable.

eahinrichsen says:

Yeah, Firefox runs a little more smoothly on my Nexus 5 as well. I still use Chrome, though, because tab and browsing history sync is just too valuable to me.

Yaotly says:


BB_Bmore says:

Still waiting on g+ update but I'll bolo chrome. Updates are evolution in the palm of your hand ✋

Posted From a smart device.

udazavlanje says:

Chrome was the slowest browser ever , so let's see if they finally did something about it.

VZW Moto X

WolfpacDAR says:

Doubt it... normally "improvement in speed/performance" is listed as a part of an update almost every time... and it's not even mentioned here.

wicketr says:

I just want to have the option to ALWAYS SHOW the tabs and URL bar. It's like being forced into viewing stuff on your desktop under full screen mode (F11). Give me the option so I can leave that stuff up there on my tablet.

thunderup says:

Agreed. I would love this option as well.

And a simple request of edge swipe to switch between tabs can't be fulfilled

eahinrichsen says:

Swipe across the URL bar. That switches between tabs.

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fasthair says:

Thank you for that tip! What use to be as simple as swipe across the screen got hidden in some "see if they can figure this out" move.


Citrik says:

You, sir, are my savior.

mclasser says:


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Jay Holm says:

Fullscreen video is very important!

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gatorboi352 says:


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pattavino says:

Chromecast support please...

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icebubba says:

Jeez I hope it's faster! Really slow up to this point.

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Seamus6971 says:

Don't see any difference in chrome or Gmail for that matter.?? Both updated on the 20th.

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LightaDroid says:

Finally.. Tabs all day. Lol

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bigga85 says:

How do I use the multi screen? I wanna see a demonstration on how to do this things

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Ian Barnes says:

Chrome fails to start since update on my Xperia z1
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