Version 28.0.1500.64 has been promoted to the stable channel, now rolling out to devices via Google Play

Google is pushing out an update for the Chrome (stable branch) browser, with two very nice changes for Android users. The first, and one that everyone with an Android tablet will love, is full-screen browsing for Android tablets. This works the same as we've seen for phones, and the title bar disappears as you scroll down the page. Letting your tablet make full use of the screen real estate is a welcome change.

Also in version 28.0.1500.64 is automatic page translation via Google Translate. If your web surfing takes you to a page that's not in your device's native language, Google Translate kicks in and translates the page for you -- just like it does on the desktop. 

There's also a new optimized interface for RTL languages (including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew), and the ubiquitous stability and performance fixes. Grab your update via the Google Play link above.

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Chrome for Android updated with full screen tablet browsing and automatic page translation


Dangit can I please have some of these cool updates?

Yeah yeah yeah rolling out slowly blahblahblah

Does anyone else with a Nexus 10 still have issues with Chrome cause kernel crashes freezing and then rebooting the unit still? Even the beta is still doing it to me. Granted the beta does seem a bit more stable.

my N10 has never rebooted because of chrome. in fact i have had once once rebooted in 8 months because of some stupid game

Did Google add the new tab (+) button back in to the phone version? They took it out of the beta channel and there were lots of p/o'ed users.

I'm still waiting for the maps update. I guess I can expect the Chrome update to hit my phone this weekend. Booooo

My first time using Chrome since I brought my s4... Its much improved especially with this update

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Don't bother, it's awful. Google is making me loose my love of Android. Much more of the "updates" and I'll have to go back to a Nokia 1110 as the other smartphone alternatives are worse.

This is getting close to the Apple Maps disaster.

I hope so, chrome lags like crazy on my RAZR M. I uninstalled all the updates and I am using the factory version of chrome because of this.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

I find it frustrating the slow updates from Google. Skype had an upgrade and it was immediate. Google has an upgrade and it takes days if not weeks.

They really do need to smarten their act up.

I am currently using the new Opera which seems like a dream browser performance wise after Chrome

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And still no permanent desktop UA switch, right? I so don't get why it's so hard to put that darn setting in. On my tablet I just don't want to see gigantic mobile pages. (Okay, in general I hate mobile pages, but on a tablet I hate them even more.)