Chrome for Android

Get thee to thy nearest Android Market Android apps section in Google Play, as there's an update to the Chrome for Android browser. What's new, you ask? Bugfixes, says Google, including a bigun' that was keeping Chrome from starting up on some versions of Ice Cream Sandwich. (That's kind of a big deal because Chrome for Android only works on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Anyhoo. Download links are after the break if you need 'em.

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Chrome for Android updated with bugfixes


Changing orientation seems to be snapper at rendering the pages for me now too. Used to have a black bit until the UI update. But that could be my rom and kernel I guess

Change your DOWNLOAD LINK! your wrote an article reminding us that the Android Market name is gone, BUT YOU ARE STILL USING IT.

Wow. Really? Cause I look up and see this:


Which makes sense, because I also did this:


Clear your cache.

Any other questions?

I've cleared my cache. It still shows market...even on the ew angry birds post. I'm on the mobile site.

Seems faster by a bit. But, they still haven't fixed the issue with sharing. It successfully captures the u r l, but still fails to capture the title of the page and list it in the subject of emails or as verbiage in a tweet.

This is surprising because this must be the third or fourth version and this is not fixed yet. I realize that this is a beta still, but this seems major enough- and more importantly - easy enough to fix..

Still, I like it very much.

Chrome was unable to navigate the flash ui of home depots website, does this update fix that issue? Oh wait....

Seems to be transitioning smoother. However, I still can't figure out how to hide the battery/signal strength icons in the settings. On the old browser under settings/labs you change choose full sreen which hides the status bar. Anyone? Anyone?