Chrome update

The stable version of Chrome for Android has received a major upgrade, from version 18 all the way up to 25 -- the version that was in beta until recently. Major changes include significantly improved scrolling performance, improved JavaScript and HTML5 processing speed and speedier pinch-to-zoom.

The new build is rolling out right now, so hit fire up the Play Store to update your devices. Alternatively, if you've yet to try Chrome for Android, you can pick it up using the Google Play link to the right.

When you're done updating, be sure to hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.


Reader comments

Chrome for Android gets major update as ver. 25 graduates from beta


Any other ideas? I would like Javascript or CSS to set full screen on my site only, or to set my site as a desktop app which automatically launches to Chrome in full screen mode.

This is critical to my site, since on Nexus 7 and the like, the browser tabs etc take such a huge vertical space.

major 'improvements' in text rendering. Text is blurry and unreadable on my Nexus 7. Thanks Google ! I'm wondering why is the beta channel for when they put something like this in production

And it STILL can't Reflow Text when you Zoom!

What's wrong with those guys? They can lift this feature out of Stock with no effort at all.

glad i wasnt imagining things, the text is noticeably blurry on my nexus 4.. will be making sure my 7 doesnt auto update chrome until thats fixed

+1. Just noticed this issue this morning reading AC. Don't like the "improved" text rendering at all.

Small bug that transitioned from the beta version with the search tools. When clicking on the wrench (search tools) you get Time and Result in a popup. Neither one can be clicked on. Sometimes clicking on the "e" in the word "Search" in the popup does bring up the Time activities (any time, past hour, etc.), but I have not found it to work each time. This is on the ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.1 stock.

Performance seems improved (Nexus4), but the text isn't crisp anymore, seems bolded and fuzzy. I really enjoyed how crisp the text used to be prior to updating.

I'm sure it's the ROM I'm using, but it's funny that one of the improvements is in the scrolling department. On this ROM it won't scroll, nor can I tap links. Oh well my Nexus will be here this or next week.

Missing the most important feature per number of requests... FULL SCREEN BROWSING... needed for Mobile more than desktop, and particularly for the 7" tablets with ever erroding screen realestate in Landscape mode from 1) Notification Bar, 2) Icons wasting big band, 3) Address bar, 4) Tabs... and having a narrowing aspect ratio Vs. iPads the landscape remaining realestate is a sliver of a screen...

I'm still waiting for a way to have it remember which sites you want to always view in desktop mode.

It's annoying to have to either open a new tab or go up and check/uncheck the box when you want to browse to a different site with a different preference.

OK, Im confused! Was playing with my gf's Galaxy s3 and noticed that she had chrome installed, but when went to the play store I was able to download and install "chrome beta" can someone tell me what is the difference?!?

Chrome final release is now at Version 25 (it was previously at Version 18). You can check by going to settings->Apps->Chrome

Chrome Beta will continue to update past version 25 and Beta testers will use it and provide feedback. When a stable version is reached through Beta, the Chrome final release will be updated.

(for the record, Chrome Beta is 25.0.1364.122 while Chrome is 25.0.1364.123 for the time being, but that will likely change soon)

Experiencing fuzzy text rendering on my Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) as well. Used to be nice and crisp. On the plus side, embedded fonts finally appear to be working properly. It used to be that embedded font styles would be ignored in seemingly random divs and page elements. This was really annoying when trying to design for the web.

So does it finally not suck?

All the previous versions were worse than the stock browser on my phone and tablet.

Text looks fine on my Nexus 7. Go into accessibility settings and check the text scaling. Mine is at 100% and looks fine.

I just got a Nexus 4. It still blows that I can't use "ICS Browser+" that I still love on my old Nexus S 4G. The thumb side controls are the best! Jellybean 4.2 uses this same idea on their camera.. Could you make a call and make them let us use ICS Browser+ until they incorporate the same gesture control into Chrome?

F&%%& me this is still damn aweful. I just don't understand. I'm running my S3 on CM10.1 and stock browser flies. Now, I switch to Chrome to test if it still is trash. I go to a heavy image page to test (www amazingribs com). This page is LITERALLY unusable for about 45 seconds(on wifi) while it tries to bring up all the little additional pieces (ads etc). Its like running Call of Duty on a 486 computer slow. Of course on stock it flies and I can zoom in and out and read the page while the little ads load etc. Trash, this is. I'm a big Google fan (Nexus 7, 2 EVOLTE, and S3) but this is GARBAGE compared to Apple or Stock in performance. I'm Ranting but man, how many years will it take them to catch up??

Now I don't want to say it is CM10 but on my stock Verizon S3, Chrome blasts through like the stock browser.

Hey thanks for doing that. I'm not sure why mine is so slow. The page is long loading on any of my browsers its just that while its loading, stock still allows me to scroll around smoothly etc while Chrome COMPLETELY is jerky, stuttering at best if the scrolling works at all. Never the less, a lot of people are seeing crazy behavior on AOSP Nexus so I guess I'll try it again after they patch things.

Well I am gonna RE download it...I SOOO MUCH want Chome on my S3...but Boat Mini is TO AWESOME. IF I STILL CANT choose my User Agent...FAIL!!!

The darned thing needs text reflow!

Why the heck doesn't any Google product have text reflow incorporated? The same goes fo Google Currents and Google Play Books.

Here are some other issues that need desperate attention:

1)Needs save for offline reading feature 2) Still lacks the most important feature any good browser should have- text reflow after pinch to zoom 3) Interface could be a lot more intuitive- take a look at UC browser. Google could learn from it's intuitive gestures. 4) Needs night mode 5) Needs option to permanently enable desktop mode.

>Audio in the new browser build will continue to play in the background.

how exactly does background audio work? how do i demo it?

exactly what i did. disaster of an update. it was fine except for the choppy scrolling. now it will sit in my app drawer unused.

I know there are still some issues and missing features, but THANK THE SWEET LORD the scrolling works better. Long pages and web documents were nearly unusable before.

Is this the exact same as the latest version of chrome beta? Because I've got both installed on my Nexus 7 and the chrome beta is definitely NOT ready for prime time. There are still some sites where random text that should be the same font size is rendered super tiny making the beta unusable for me. And the fonts definitely don't look as nice.

I just switched back to using chrome over aosp so I will definitely be holding off.

Glad I heard everyone elses experience before upgrading. I think I'll just keep this update and stay the version I'm at especially since so many report problems with Nexus 7. I switch between browsers without having a default one. It's annoying to choose each time but they each have good things. On Chrome, I love the sync with open tabs on desktop. I probably tend to use it the most. I like Opera for text reflow and Dolphin for overall page display.

The one thing that I was really disappointed in when I first got my Nexus 7 was the browsing experience. I tried all the available browsers out there and finally settled on the stock AOSP browser: This browser beats them all, in my opinion.

Chrome was, and still is, in last place. And that's a shame...