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Google has released the beta version of Chrome 37 for Android, which has some Material Design updates and more for the web browser.

The change log includes:

  • Material Design updates
  • Simplified sign-in
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements!

A quick reminder that you're not going to see tabs separated into individual cards just yet, unless you're running the L developer preview.

If you are interested in getting in deep with all of the changes in the Chrome 37 beta, you can check out the SVN revision log with all of the details. Will you take a chance and download the newest beta version of Chrome for Android?

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Chrome 37 beta for Android released with Material Design update and more


I really wish they'd give the option to keep the address bar and tabs from auto-minimizing. I think it helps with the real estate on a phone, but on a tablet I'd prefer them to be visible at all times so it's easier to switch between tabs, etc. Not sure why they don't make this an option in the settings.

I've developed a habit of casually pressing my finger between the power and volume-down buttons to take a ridiculous number of unnecessary screenshots. I blame the LG back buttons.

Can the tabs be separated into cards sometime in a future update for kitkat considering the fact that my phone likely won't receive L?

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I really wish that chrome (and all apps) would add an option to allow the address bar to be moved to the bottom of the screen, instead of the top. Phones are huge now and it's very difficult to reach the top of the screen with one hand.

well, it makes sense for that very reason.

you can swipe up and double tap and not accidentally hit the tab and search/web address bar if it's at the top, and need to actually use effort to get to the search bar and change whatever it is you're looking at.

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It might make sense for you, but people set up their phones in different ways, so I'd like the OPTION. Bigger screens give you more room, so swiping and tapping without hitting the address bar at the bottom wouldn't be difficult.

I don't get why they had to remove the number of open pages. It's just a blank icon now. It was actually useful IMO

And I thought it was a bug in my browser. Sometimes these idiots just change things for change sake.
I still don't understand why aren't they bringing the quick controls from the old Android browser? Those wete really useful specialy on large phones and with the full screen option it was perfect! I would still use it but since I cant sinc my bookmarks and history it's not always useful.

Like it so far. Changed my whole phone look to Material-esque looks.

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Looks great and seems noticably faster (not that it wasn't fast fwiw). Will see if that's placebo or not over the next few days.

Seems, on the surface at least, to be a better performing version of Chrome thus far. I like the Material Design styling that it brings (and it is decidedly better in the synced bookmarks department).

Big improvement overall IMO.

I really bought a 10" Android tablet so I could stare all day at all that whitespace. Thanks Google, you're making me more satisfied with my choice with each passing day,

I'm not seeing the different tabs appear under the app switcher in Android L. Is there something I'm missing?

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Weird, so I have the L preview on my Nexus 5, but even with beta version 37 that tabs work the exact same way. Did anyone else get it to work correctly? Do I need to do something to trigger that?

The only thing I am afraid of when I Android L is what is actually being changed from a functionality standpoint. I do like how Android L (I'm still calling it Lollipop in my head) looks, but I don't see a ton of things added that add/change functionally out of the box outside of the stock task switcher.

All that said, though, I'm downloading this update!

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