The Motorola i1 Direct Connect

Chirp! -- whether you find it annoying, or rely on it every day at the workplace, when Push-to-Talk (or DC, or chirp, or beeps -- whatever name you tag it with) made it's debut on Android you know we had to check it out.  You've seen the first quick look at the Moto i1, and while we're waiting for Jerry to get in gear and give it a proper review, we can have a peek at one of the phone's biggest draws.  Check out the video after the break.

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Chirp -- testing the Direct Connect functions on the Motorola i1 [video]


The thumb --

About a month or so ago I was removing a lure from the mouth of a big chain pickerel, and got bit. If you've ever seen the mouth of a pickerel, you'll know that many stitches and even a bit of outpatient surgery was needed.

Then I was lucky enough to smash it with a hammer while hanging new cabinets in the kitchen.

Some of us actually go outside and do things :)

work?, outdoors?, NEVER! Although, having heard your voice for the first time today, wasn't expecting that, but then again, you ARE in WV. As long as your thumb isn't infected and useful, display it proud!

Push to talk is nice but I just use tikl touch to talk a good chunk of my friends have android phones thanks to me I even got a few iPhone converts. Its as cheap as it gets since the app is free and we all already pay for data.

Are you using tikl for android to iphone ptt, or are you saying you got a lot of your friends to convert from iPhone to android. The reason I'm asking is I was looking for a ptt app the goes from Android to iPhone if there is one available?

It sounds like likwidsould is saying they got iPhone users to switch to Android. You could always ask your iPhone friends if they have tikl in their app store. It should work between the two since it goes by phone number.

NASTY SHIT. Come on Jerry, only joking around. The people on this forum love you. I listen to you on the podcast all the time. Yes Jerry I also work hard for a living, contractor out of Massachusetts. My hands are worse then yours. Can't say I was bit by a fish.

If I weren't owned by T-Mobile I would get this phone. Im an original Nextel user and I kinda miss the Direct Connect communication.

1. i despise that chirp and the morons who constantly use direct connect with speakerphone and make others around them listen to their dumb conversations.

2. jerry - lay off the booze.