West Virginia

Some of us think it's "almost heaven," and thanks to Verizon it just got a little more heavenly with the announcement that Charleston, WVa., will be among the first metro areas to launch LTE.  (It's interesting that it wasn't a part of Verizon's LTE announcement at CTIA.) In addition, nine other West Virginia cities will also be part of Verizon's LTE network.  If one of those cities happens to be Martinsburg, listen for big 'ol YEE-HAW from someone who never thought he would see 4G in any shape or form in his neck of the woods.  Look for a full announcement Oct 27. from Verizon and West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin.

And I'm not even going to go into the politics, why's, or how's, except to say that Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) happens to be the Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology.  [Verizon, list of launch cities] Thanks to everyone who sent this one in!


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Charleston, WVa., will be one of the first areas to get LTE


If you pounded West Virginia flat, it would be as large as Texas.

Interesting place to roll out. With all the rolling hills and such I'm sure there are unique coverage issues to be addressed.

As a resident of Charleston, WVa. I am EXCITED! Currently an AT&T user with a Captivate. Verizon here i come!

I have never been happy with VZW service in wv. I rank it as the worst state for service. So this is shocking.

As a recent transplant to this area, I am psyched...but very surprised. This is not exactly a hotbed of progressive technology. And the terrain, as someone previously mentioned, would leave some concerns and challenges, at best.

Regardless, I am glad to see that good old WV has not been forgotten!

And you still can't buy a Verizon phone in Morgantown or sign up for service with a Morgantown address. Clarksburg and Grafton have Verizon "service", but according to their coverage map, no data services.

It's astounding that a town with a large state university and close to a major metropolitan area is so underserved by the cell companies. Not so long ago you only had Sprint. And Sprint without EVDO at that.

Fact: WVa allows 2nd cousins to marry.

Hey Uncle Daddy, can I go on a date with my Scousin (sister/cousin).

Im a student at wvu and Verizon doesn't even have 3g coverage here. So let them get to work on that first then talk to me about 4g.

+1 no 3g n frostburg we roam on 1x with us cellular... we're 10 miles from a Verizon tower that's in PA but we have to roam for whatever reason

Huh, interesting choice. Glad to see the rural areas getting some good connectivity.

By the way, your maps marker isn't near Charleston, that's closer to Charles Town.

Jerry, how's that new Hollywood Casino at Charles Town? I live in Richmond and have been thinking of checking it out. Ever go there?