Cellular South Motorola Milestone

It's not the most cryptic of codes, but Cellular South slipped into a tweet today that it's going to offer the Motorola Milestone (aka the Droid to you folks on Verizon) as its previously announced "game changer." We've highlighted the important part above for those of you who aren't quite up on your word games. Cause we're givers. No word yet on pricing or exactly when it'll be available. [XL Tweet via Android Guys]

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GigabitDrew says:

I hope this is not the "game changer"... but instead, another good android phone. The "game changer" should at least have better than a 550 mhz processor... like maybe the 1 ghz snapdragon processor.

arussell13 says:

I'm calling shenanigans. Shenanigans!

jfa1 says:

the droid milestone processor is an 800+mhz processor thats been underclocked to 550mhz by Motorola for VZN's version.

Go Android! says:

You never know. It could just be a coincidence.

Nice to see CellSouth getting any thing new or newer

Madison1 says:

The Milestone is NOT the game-changer, it's the one coming after the Milestone.

hope so

scott4nola says:

I wish they would give us some kind of timetable for the release of these phones.