Cellular South Milestone Plus

Regional U.S. carrier Cellular South today announced that it's carrying the Motorola Milestone Plus, which by no small coincidence looks exactly like the Motorola Droid Pro (read our full review) we've come to know and (mostly) love on Verizon.

The Droid Pro Milestone Plus sports a 3.1-inch touchscreen, running Android 2.2 with a 1 GHz processor. And because of that smaller screen and beefy CPU, this thing flies. It's also got 4GB of on-board storage, plus a 5MP camera with flash.

The Motorola Milestone Plus is available today for $199 with a two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate.

Source: Press release


Reader comments

Cellular South gets the Motorola Milestone Plus (aka Droid Pro)


I came very close to getting this device (well, the XPRT). In fact, it is the only device for which I was willing to overlook Motoblur and Motorola's tightly-locked bootloader.

Unfortunately, I found a huge usability flaw on this phone. There are no arrow keys and no trackball/trackpad/d-pad for cursor manipulation. It is extremely hard and annoying to position the cursor at the right location for text editing by using your finger on a touchscreen. Obviously, whoever designed the Droid Pro, Milestone Plus and the XPRT doesn't give a crap about text editing!

I don't find that is a flaw. In fact, editing on the XPRT is very easy. You move the cursor and a magnifying glass zooms in the area you're editing, allowing you to move the cursor exactly where you need it.

Better than when I was on my EVO with 2.2. I could never get the cursor where I wanted it.

I gave that a try and it is not TOO bad -- TOO being the key word. The caret sometimes lands one character off from where you intend, but it works most of the times. Still nothing beats hardware cursor manipulations keys though.

Not a big fan of Motorola phones (still scarred from the Cliq XT when I was with T-Mobile), but it's a good look for Cellular South to get this phone. Hopefully, it'll work out well for the users who pick it up.