Samsung Galaxy S Showcase

Rocking a Samsung Galaxy S Showcase on Cellcom of Wisconsin? (We know you're out there.) You've got a Gingerbread update waiting for you. The Android 2.3.5 changelog reads as follows:

  • Improved Battery Life: This update more efficiently manages the way your device uses resources while you enjoy your favorite apps, increasing battery life.
  • Downloads Management: A new downloads application provides easy access to view, re-open, delete, and manage files downloaded in browser, Gmail, or email.
  • Google eBooks: Read and enjoy books through the Google eBooks website. There's over 3 million books to choose from.
  • Improvements in Performance for: missed calls, screen freezing and black screen.

And Cellcom's doing something we've not seen before (though it's not terribly surprising given it's a smaller regional) -- phone support should you have issues updating. Very cool.

Source: Cellcom of Wisconsin; thanks, gmonkey88!

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nickmiller71 says:

Haha, oh Cellcom... They're so terrible.

MattRussNC says:

LOL yea, these little companies just can't keep up. Say anybody know the status of gingerbread on the verizon version ?

d-backs1#AC says:

or the sprint epic gb, or at&t captivate gb. Oh that's right none of them have the official update.

uranidiot says:


Big Z says:

Use your brain. Several non major market galaxy s phones have already been updated to gingerbread. Blame the carrier, because obviously Samsung had it ready for the galaxy s weeks ago (both radio versions).

MattRussNC says:

Yea i used to be ticked with samsung over the updates. Had actually decided to shy away from all samsung products for good considering a galaxy s phone on the largest american carrier wasn't being supported even from the start. But after some time i noticed that the international versions was being updated, only the heavily modified and sometimes stripped down versions made for america was being left out. But samsung was updating them still as seen from countless leaks, only our carriers never released them for whatever reasons. I know the argument over gingerbread not being that big of a deal to most users, on the american galaxy s at least it is. Gingerbread is a huge improvement over froyo on this particular device.

18901429 says:

How is it the carrier's fault? The carrier just programs their network information in, it's Samsung that has to release the software. You can install another carrier's ROM on the phone and it works just fine, minus stuff like MMS that is specific to the carrier. The carrier's going to do whatever they can to launch the update as quickly as possible, Samsung doesn't give a crap.

daveross says:

Sprint Samsung Epic Gingerbread?!?!? Where is it?!? Hello?? I should have listened when people said SAmsung takes forever and a day and is pitiful with updates...they were right.

Bullit says:

I got tired of waiting for my T-mobile Vibrant.... I now have CM7.1 and LOVE it. I had never messed with my phone like that before so it only took me 3 hours. Everything works. You will not be disappointed.

arcadelion says:

I'm where you were then. I have Tmo Vibrant, but I'm too scared to root my phone and brick my phone. :-\

I wish there was a service where I can pay someone to do it flawlessly.

Bullit says:

Send me your phone and a check for $20 made out to "Cash" and I will do it for you... lol But really, check craigslist for someone near you who does it. It's really not that hard if you watch all the youtube videos.

Mr.Froyo says:

MobileTechVideos on youtube, or his xda account connexion2005 i believe.

Bullit says:


PoppaWisco says:

This is great, but does anyone know how to update to 2.3.5 with a Mac? Is it even possible?

nickmiller71 says:

I believe Cellcom's official update page on their website explains how to do it on the Mac. Either way, you could always call tech support or bring it to a local store.