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While you've been perusing our snippets of Android news and device reviews and app reviews and, well, everything we do that keeps us the No. 1 Android site around, there's been a wee bit of work going on in our Android Forums as well. And we recently flew by the 2 million-posts mark.

So on this Friday, let us take a moment to thank our forum moderators and advisers and administrators, past and present. And if you've yet to do so, go register and take part in the friendliest and most helpful Android Forums around.


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Celebrating 2 million posts at our Android Forums


I Appreciate Everyone Involved With The Site! Dev's Too! This Is Where My Quest For Hardware Dominance Began After Realizing That The Blackberry Curve Just Wasn't Enough Anymore! Big Thanks From Pensacola, Florida!!! Keep It Up!

Attention all!

Celebrating 2 Million posts in the AndroidCentral "Streat".

Lets keep them posts coming.

Awesome! love it, thats why this place is the shizzle. I love coming in to get the scoop, and
drop a comment or few.