The good folks at Mashable are firing up a special hangout this afternoon, all about The State of Android in 2014. Lance Ulanoff, Pete Pachal and Christina Warren will be joined by a special guest, our very own Phil Nickinson! So grab a beverage of choice, sit back in your comfy chair and follow along live at 2.15pm ET. 

If you want to join in the discussion with questions or comments, fire up the Twitters and use the hashtag #MashTalk! It's going to be a good one! 


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Catch Phil talking The State of Android in 2014 live at 2.15pm ET!


While I think mashables is wildly inaccurate and biased, I will give it a listen.... Phil will bring some sense I'm sure.

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The state of Android is going to be all Samsung. I wouldn't be surprised if Google one eventually sells the OS to them Koreans.

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Kinda Phil vs. Lance Ulanof. Lance all mad about Amazon not saying "Android". Not a big deal.

Sounds good, so long as you don't try to grab my guns through executive orders!

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I hope in 2014 your average person (or at least your average editor-at-large) realizes there's more to android than Samsung and a kindle fire

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You know this was written by one of the Brits on their team by the way they format the time! :-)

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that was kinda rubbish, it pretty much sounded like a few of them were Apple fans who don't understand Android and don't want to understand talk about where Android is going this year. Mind you I do have to step back and look at it as a standard consumer and agree with some of their points, Google could do better in many areas but for the most part it felt like a bunch of the sky is falling, fragmentation and no tablet apps talk about Android.