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Welcome to the start of another work week here in the U.S. In case you missed it last week, we recorded a special-edition Moto X podcast shortly after attending the launch event in New York City. It's all Moto X, all the time. 

We'll get back to our regularly scheduled podcast this week, so enjoy the saturation while it lasts!


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WTF is up with the gap/space between the signal strength icon and the wifi icon? And why are they different colors (blue vs grey)? That's so effing ugly. AOSP status bar does not do that, nor does any other status bar for any devices (except Motorola).

Does anybody have an explanation for it? It seems to be pure laziness (or bad taste) on behalf of Motorola.

False. On every other android besides Motorola, the gap disappears -- the wifi icon moves over to be right next to the signal strength icon. Motorola is the only manufacturer that has the gap.

Motorola is also the only one of which I'm aware that has the wifi icon be a different color from the signal strength icon. Yes, I understand that when it is connected to google services it is blue, and when it is not connected it is grey. But Motorola is the only company that allows one icon to be blue while the other is grey.

Yeah, I'm probably OCD, but it just looks ugly. Compare it to Nexus devices for example--the status bar looks much cleaner and nicer without the stupid gap and grey/blue combination.

My bionic keeps the 4g logo present but grays it out when on wifi. Don't understand the issue with that is great because it's inactive

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I'm not sure about the gap, but the colour on my SII changes based on the quality of signal/HSPA coverage etc. When it is connected, it's blue.. when the signal is weak and unreliable, it's greyed.