Xoom bootloader

Heh. Hot on the heels of Motorola's 6-week Ice Cream Sandwich prediction on Twitter, the manufacturer has dropped a couple of websites to watch if you care about updates or unlocked bootloaders. They are:

Those pages, and Android Central, natch, are all you need, right?

Source: Motorola blog


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Care about bootloaders and Ice Cream Sandwich updates on Motorola devices? Read this


It appears the Droid X info on that first site is a little out of date! Or, does that mean I can go back to 2.2 so I no longer have the problems I currently have with 2.3?

DROIDX MB810 Upgrade to Android 2.2 available (Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates)

I know the Photon will get the update, Motorola has been great with updates for the Photon since its release. I just got mine this past friday and have been loving it. Very smooth and fast, downloaded i think 3 updates back to back the same day and have found the phone to be extreamly fun.